What If Imran Khan is knocked down?

  • Centre of gravity in PTI is IK. Whole story is about him, he is larger than life. His crime or credit is to challenge to forces of status qou, taking establishment head on, proving world' super power America wrong, mobilizing youth, giving Pakistanis a hope, attacking oxygen supply of N$ etc etc

    Apparently, he does not move with massive security, what if these forces decide to take him out or he dies of natural cause (merey muneh mey khaak) What is succession planning for him? Will arif alvi lead the party or mian Azahar??

  • Then some one like fatima Bhotto will take over... I think PTI is still in building process and will take time to set up a full working team

  • @EP, has fatima joined PTI?

  • Jamima would be the party head and thats all about it

  • i hope she can kick start PPP of her own... she got potential

  • Let us see and wait if he ever gets knocked down. Being neutral means I would be intellecually dishonest. Imran is on an upward rise in popularity while all others are on a steep downward slope towards decline....

    My comments for PMLN were taken as a token to cover up a smear campaign going on against me since long, that this particular mod is biased towards PTI. Not the case in favour for the purple lot doing their best to isolate me.

    PMLN has been close to me since a long time (their history) cus I know some like Khawaja Safddar and Khawaja Asif as far as I know them...........Similarly I do know a lot from other sides like PPP and MQM. So let's keep up intellectual honesty while comments of all sorts do flow in.. and that's what pkpdiscuss is known for.............

  • Mirza Sahib, "Lets wait and see if he ever gets knocked down", far sighted people plan for future. Dont you think he is facing real threat?

  • Nooners are in their own world, and don't even remember which lies they have used. Nooners tried to disrupt PTI's jalsa by holding a mini jalsa themselves. When they saw PTI's jalsa they were burned inside and started to make all kinds of ridiculous excuses about chairs etc. and that NS was not the one who would speak at their "jalsi" and next time when the physical heavyweight NS would speak they would gather many more people. What does that mean? That Noon is also a one man show? According to yourself you cannot hold anything but a patwari jalsi without NS? What if NS is knocked down?

  • Family politics has been a curse from hell on Pakistan since Ayoub-Who took over (and lost) to a politically dishonest Pakistani (the bhutto, who till 1952 was not even a Pakinstani)politician of his times. That curse still lingers on...

  • May Allah protect Imran Khan. Concerning the point raised if something happened to IK, PTI at the moment I feel are not strong enough, without IK it will be a major blow. If PTI win next elections, then within 3 years they will become a strong instituation, because when people see the work that they are doing for awam people will put faith into PTI.

    I agree IK requires security, because the more his poularity grows the more system quo parties and US will pooh themselves.

  • I suggest, the way he has institutionalized shokat Khanam hospital, he should prepare next layer of leadership who would take care his "Inqilab".

  • "Imran Khan is the only hope"...You guys are totally wrong, today people are more aware of their wrights, we have better leaders than IK, you will see them just in case if that happened you mentioned above, credit goes to Pakistani channels,

  • Nooners are so shameless that I am sure they would be wishing IK's death. But well, death can come anytime, a leader should only take a minimum of precaution, and no more.

    The fact is, if IK dies (God forbid) then it would be a national tradegdy for Pakistna.

  • @iamsowise,

    Where are your leaders hiding? Why are they waiting for IK's departure? Free media cannot create leaders.

    IK IS the only hope in the current scenario. Currently you have NO leader of his caliber in ANY sphere of life in Pakistan.

  • @ S.E. Mirza,

    Family politics has been a curse from hell on Pakistan since Ayoub-Who took over (and lost) to a politically dishonest Pakistani (the bhutto, who till 1952 was not even a Pakinstani)politician of his times. That curse still lingers on...

    If I am not wrong Mriza Sahib you somewhere said that you voted for Bhutto in 70s ????

  • Correct, pakistani47 and I am ashamed of that deed of mine, until date.

    And what put me off was that myself, my father and my grandfather voted when as per the voters list I was listed 20 years older than my father...what a shame on PPP playing with voters list. I hope you got my point because that particular polling booth was manned by people from our community and they knew my grandfather, my father and myself quite well cuz the main road and a connecting street are named honouring my peers.

  • ہزاوں خواہشیں ایسین، کہ ہر خواہش پہ دم نکلہ...

    اب تک نہ تو نواز مرا، نہ زرداری ، نہ الطاف،نہ گجراتی چودری، نہ ہے اسفندیار ولی خان، خبیث سیاسی مولوی بھی خوب پھل پھول رہے ہیں، تو بھائی صرف عمران خان کی پریشانی کیوں ہے لیگیوں کو ؟؟

  • @Dusky, Bhai woh to status qou key addmi hein. Imran is different.IK to unki rozi toti per laat maarney laga hey to jaan ka khatra to hoga. wesey bhi her Insaan faani hey.

    Hum to aapkey kheyr khaah hein, warna pata hey na Quide Azam key baad kia hua Pakistan ka...

  • the founder of any party is very essential to the cause of the party.... Imran Khan's party is technically still not on the map yet, May god forbid if something happens to Imran Khan, his party will be over...

    if god forbid something happens to Altaf Bhai, then things will be different, his party is established and has solid structure... MQM will continue under someone else. but it will be a huge shock that one of their main leaders is gone.

  • فانی تو ہم سب ہیں، وہ بھی جو جمود کو برقرار رکھنا چاہتے ہیں، اور وہ بھی جو جمود کو توڑنا چاہتے ہیں، لیکن سب سمجھتے ہیں وہ عمرے خضر لے کے ےیہ ہیں.

    اور جہاں تک بات ہے جان کے خطرے کی ، تو وہ تو جممودی سیستدانوں کو بھی بوہت ہے ، ان میں سے بشتر کا حفاظتی انتظام عمران خان سے کہیں زیادہ ہوتا ہے