Nawaz Sharif & Zardari Should Stop Corruption: Dr. Abdul Qadeer

  • The problem is that twin brothers N$ and Mr10% cannot stop corruption, they think it is ok for them to loot the poor, these twin brothers need more than some psychological help.

  • Zardari and NS+SS are members of mafia gangs called PPP and PML-N, and to come out of a mafia gang is almost impossible for for "ordinary" members. How can it not be impossible for those who RUN these mafia gangs? They are too much involved in all kinds of shady deals and are caught for life in these gangs.

    If they admit their faults they will end up in jail hence they will not do that. They must have made their mind that they will fight until they know for sure they are not going to be a political force in Pakistan. Once they realize the stark reality (very soon, inshallah) they will try to flee the country alongside their ill gotten wealth and their cronies like Pervez (rasheed).

  • Dr. Sahab is day dreaming if he thinks Nawaz Sharif and Zardari can stop corruption.

  • @insaftak

    I don't think he is day dreaming. He is just high lighting the issue the brothers (AAZ, NS and SS) will NOT do anything to eradicate. In fact "Corruption" is their middle name!

  • The hero of Pakistan has made it clear that N$ and Mr10% are corrupt. Cannot see what the problem with this is.