PMLN's Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan, 25th December

  • PMLN has planned to hold a jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on 25th December.

    The fact that PMLN is staging this Jalsa in response to PTI's Jalsa, it is a slient admission of their defeat in Lahore.

    Bhatti Chowk didn't do any good for PMLN. That's why the need to have a Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan. Wasn't it Bhatti Chowk vs. Minar-e-Pakistan already?

    However, let me note something very important. If PMLN could not manage to hold as big a jalsa as that of October 30th at Minar-e-Pakistan, it will demolish any lingering doubt as to where Lahore (and consequently, a large part of Punjab) has tilted. So this a do and die, desperate attempt on the part of PMLN, which is at the moment not fighting the battle for Islamabad, or "go Zardari go" as they say, but for salvaging their diminishing position in Lahore from the onslaught of PTI.

    The fact of the matter is this: No matter how hard PMLN tries, and it will try everything - legal and illegal, no matter how many patwaris, policemen and civil servants in plain clothes, paid laborers and poor people from different constituencies of Punjab, it manages to gather...

    ... can it fool the the public in this age of independent media? Can PMLN hide from the eye of the camera, which has already exposed the Bhatti Chowk drama?

    You can buy participants, you can buy numbers, by misusing governmental funds, harassing and bribing public transport, etc, but you CAN"T buy enthusiasm, genuine feelings and passion.

    All the media will be watching and observing very closely. They will interview the participants, they will compare it with PTI's jalsa step by step, and isn't PMLN in for another biting of the dust?

    What do you say about this desperate attempt to salvage Lahore? Which is actually to paint a fake picture of Lahore based on another drama of patwaris and paid participants.

  • That would prove to be another EPIC FAIL again for PMLN...I said it, loudly and clearly, right here right now, almost 50 days before...have my words for it people. :)

  • Yes, it would be a failure most likely. In which case, PMLN is digging its own grave, as this is do or die for them.

  • I am already looking forward to the jalsa that will not be. Be ready for the "noon confusion games" with change of date, venue, jalsa or not jalsa ;)

  • Is PML-N insane?

    Parties in government dont do jalsa unless there is a reason. Why dont they dissolve Punjab assembly and call elections?

    A clean sweep by PML-N would put pressure on Zardari not a stupid jalsa!

  • They main competitor and focus should PPP but again they focus is on a party like PTI, they are most welcome, but too me they are blundering and bringing PTI into the limelight again and again, which is like free marketing by one of your main nemesis.

  • I do not think they will do the jalsa in Minare e Pakistan, it's just topi drama, but if they will it will be intersting how many they can get.

    They should resign from parliament if they are serious about "go zardari go", but the problem is the IK factor, which is requiring them to see psychologists.

    To counter attack this PTI should do a jalsa in one of the other ex- strong noon league towns on December 10th, and just shut them up, once and for all.

    Or just sit back and watch this comedy show.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think nooners are going to use a hell of a lot of energy to get through this. Be ready for a lot of LIES, disinformation, use of public as well as personal funds to get non back on the map. Chotey MiaN to shorou ho gai....copy karna.

    Showbaz and FB ;)

  • I hope this time N$ will not do the [**Rent a rally

    ](<a></a>using public money through Govt. of the Punjab and Patwaris<a></a>** after This transfer of Money<a></a> on relatives name.<a></a>

  • After next election, Noon league will be demolished. Only PTI and PPP will be two main riwal parties in Pakistani politics. Most Noon leaguers will leave party to join PTI or other parties.

    Noon league is dictator Zia-ul-haq party. It was built by dictatorship against PPP by artificial way. It will not survive after next election when Noon leauge will loose election and future hope in Punjab.

    Loosing Future hope will be very important in distruction of Noon league.

  • N league will bring patwari's all over punjaab and will say, dekha lahore hamara hai........not a single lahori will go out on there jalsa.........coz

    "sab ko establishment nahi janay day gi"(bawa ji)

    ahhahahha khisyani bili khamba nochay :)

  • is it official that noon league will do a jalsa in minare e pakistan?

    or were they just blowing wind?

  • I dont think PML(N) would EVER do this mistake UnleSS they have completely missed the point. Let's say they use all their force, resources, transport, pathwaris, $$$ etc and are able to gather around 500,000 people, they would still lose because they will never be able to gather:

    1. People who WANTED to come to the jalsa - media will easily highlight this

    2. The silent educated class that cannot be lured using pulao/qeemay waalay naan

    3. Students/Youth

    4. the charisma and the excitement which was a byproduct of 'hope' that the PTI Lahore jalsa had

    If PML(N) actually does this, it will be the 2nd biggest blow to their existance after the PTI jalsa. Their fan following will be down to the no. of likes Shehbaz Sharif has on his FB page (refer to image Scandinavian posted).