What do you say about this PTI fan club? IK interview

  • In the beginning I had admiration for IK and NS and I really wanted him to form an alliance with PMLN but slowly as he started to attack NS unjustifiably , I drifted away from him realising that he and his touts like HR are intellectually dishonest.

    They always lie about NS' RS5000 tax. Even though NS clarified this in 'In Session with Asma Chouhdry' that this

    is what he pays in his personal capacity. What they pay through their businesses equates to millions of rupees.

    He has little tax liability in personal capacity because he disassociated him self from the family businesses when he became PM.

    IK always talks about undeclared assets of NS but does not challenge them in the courts that are now operating freely. If the declared assets of Sharifs are incorrect then why does IK not challenge them in the courts? Isn't this the judiciary that PTI marched for? So why not take this issue to court?

    IK has always lied about NS going in to the elections in 2008 without his knowledge.

    Ahsan Iqbal clarified this on Kashif Abbasi's show the other day. The same show in which Haroon Rasheed 'cursed the liar'. Ahsan Iqbal said, NS tried to persuade IK for almost three hours in a meeting to participate in the elections because if they didn't, it would give PPP an open field.

    In my opinion, the correct decision was made by NS. Just look at how this government of ZPP has no shame. How they are looting the country and defying the judiciary. Do people really think that if PMLN had boycotted the elections it would have mattered to these corrupt parties? Would the world really have demanded a free and fare election? Surely not. such a government would have been perfect for America. So quite frankly, I see IK as some one who is mislead into thinking that he alone is the virtuous leader who can bring change and in his criticism of other popular leaders, it matters to him not, whether what he speaks is fact or fiction. The video below shows IK's 'honesty' and I'd like to see how PTI defends this.


  • I am bit perplexed here, maybe someone can help me out. If the 2nd richest person in Pakistan only pays 5000 rupees personal tax, then to me it say's that the people who make the tax laws have completely wasted they time and efforts in making such a tax.

  • @short life endless plans

    You sound like a supporter of NS but your points are valid regarding Imran. No one is Mr. Clean in our political system; they all are casual employees waiting for green signal from army GHQ. NS has not been in goof book of army these days; his brother is acceptable to army but NS is not. In my view, in order to survive and do their politics, all political leaders have been loyal/obedient servants of army. ISI runs our political show and decides who to select for country's top job.

    Our leaders are simply pawns, army is king maker; these days army is favouring Imran but in the past they gave 2 chances to NS. Let's see what political alliance ISI will form this time to bring Imran into power. Imran Khan and his party will struggle to win seats; ISI will help PTI win at least 20-25 seats to give Imran some justification.

  • @short life

    What about noon league attacks on IK?, taliban khan and yahudi lobby and recently pagal khan, sita white etc.

    IK attacks have benn justly speaks against corruption, mis management, issues relating to country such as drone attacks, with foreign media also, as for N$ to busy boot licking US.


    5000 tax is true, just with N$ spitting out of his mouth don't make it true. Even A Q Khan spoke about corruption relating to twin brothers N$ and Mr10%.

    hahahahahahhaha 5000 rupees tax


    ZPP government has no shame but also neither does N$ dirty group of crooks, they are two sides pf the same coin. What about when noon league were in power and they way they treated CJ, by sending there goons round and causing havoc, to me that is shameful.



    But it is 2011 maybe he has changed over the past 3 years, but wait a minute what about noon league goons going into police station and taking one of there goon friend, was that not defying the law?.



    Surely u are not saying N$ 3 years of friendly opposition, has made a massive difference, or maybe u think by them sticking with Mr10% has made a huge amount of difference. Mr10% was corrupt then and so is he now.

    What difference has it made?

    Or maybe it was u have first 5 years and then I will have mine

    N$ stated that if everyone leaves Mr10% I will stick by him.

    N$ only reall aim was sit on his back for 5 years until he get's his own turn, however the IK factor disturbed his sleep. If he knew that Mr10% is corrupt surely he should have not accepted it. All it was butt licking each other for over 3 years.

  • @aftab


    Tax issue is simple, I can't understand why PTI is perplexed on this issue.

    Here is the video response on this issue.


    As far as your videos on Aqeel Anjum is concerned, can I ask you, how did the PMLN leadership responded to this? It said to Aqeel Anjum that he should comply to the law authorities and that is what aqeel Anjum did.

    PMLN has also clarified that attack on the court was the doing of Choudharies of Gujrat.

    You mentioned PMLN's attacks on IK but who initiated this war? It was IK. Also, things that are hurled at IK are a historical record such as Sita White. Although, I don't believe in hitting below the belt.

    All the videos you posted above are just allegations that have been denied and responded to by PMLN but what is your response on the apparent contradiction of IK that can be seen in the video in my original post?

    Is IK lying or is he not?

  • Everybody comes to 90, they have to. Thats the power MQM has given to middle class people of this country :).

  • I totally agree with Assets declaration demand of IK. In this way, we can ask our leaders abt the source of these assets. Yesterday in a program, Cheema Sb of PTI was clueless about the land of 500 acres which IK owns and received as a gift from someone. IK also declared this piece of land to worth at Rs. 8 lacks only :).

    Now, i am not critisizing IK but the beauty of this demand from IK is that everyone will have to be answerable abt sources and true worth of his/her assets and which will help in making the system more transparent! NS and SS were shown to own a total assets of billions and billions inside and outside Pakistan :) Now, people who support the fact that NS shd continue paying 5,000 in tax as he doesnt not own anythying in business now ... Do NS whole family pay taxes liable for having billions of assets. The payments which NS was referring to with Asma were related to Sales Tax and excise tax etc. Bhai,,, this has to be given by every industrialist and it is passed on to the public as well.. so he is not doing any thing new here :)

  • @Pakistan Lover

    can you tell me which tax exactly it is that NS is avoiding under Pakistani tax law. Tax usually is on income or savings. Assets are usually taxed when transferred such as capital gains tax etc. NS is an industrialist so why do you find it odd that he pays sales tax on his produce?

    Also, when people say he only pays 5000RS they usually forget to mention the millions of rupees of sales tax that the Sharif family pays so they make it seem as if the biggest industrialist of Pakistan only pays 5000RS in tax.

    Also, the issue of discussion here is, is IK lying?

  • Also, what about assets of Generals, civil servents etc?

  • hey, short life

    you should go back to school and start right from KG1.

    Nawaz-the-tax-thief has come up with this ridiculous plan to show sales tax as his own. He is hoping to make illiterate voters like short life fool by declaring sales tax as his blessing to this country.

    Its you and me, the consumer who pay sales tax not the bald-tax-thief.

  • I don't understand why no one appricaites the fact that Sharif family is paying billions of ruppes tax to PAKISTAN ????

    Problem with PTI supporters including Haroon ur rasheed is PMLN Fobia

    Imran Khan cannot even count 670 Crore rupay all his life and this is what Sharif Family has paid to Paksitan Governamatn as tax.. Still no appreciation by Imran Khan or PTI workers is nothing but ignorance and closing eyes from the facts.

    For all those sensible persons reading this, Please For God sake don't be ignorant, Nawaz Sharif on media cannot present any fake documents.

    Still if PTI people think its fake then why Imran Khan does not go to court as he says courts are now free.. so go get justice why wasting nations time?


    We should encourage more businesses in paksitan paying huge taxes instead of discouraging them, the baseless criticism only results in discouraging investment in Pakistan and forces them to invest abroad. When they invest abroad again such people (loosers) ask why they invested abroad not in Pakistan..

    simple such people can never be happy so better to avoid this foolishness.

  • @Rohail Taqi

    watch the video again he said exsize duty, sales tax and INCOME TAX for one year paid in 49 Crore .. if you missed that part watch again.. its not only exsize duty as you are claiming from your own baseless understanding.

    stop fooling yourself, better listen carefully and then write

  • @pakstar

    First of all this bald-tax-thief is a liar so nobody gives a rat's a-s what he saying because it may be lie too.

    Secondly this clown has come up with this absolutely ridiculous idea he will give a figure of 49 crore and everybody will believe it without asking how much of it was INCOME TAX because sales tax is paid by the consumer.

    May be out of this 49 crore 489,995,000 was sales tax and 5000 was income.

  • @shortlife

    Should not Anjeem Aqeel and the goons that freed him face punishment, with boot out of the party?

    Attack on court, one side we have media and the other we have some crap about Chudries doing it, wherby most people know the history of what happened.

    That is very easy send someone to do something, then later either condemn it or blame it on someone else. In other words what ever comes out of N$ mouth believe it.

    The bad language war began early when jemima was around, which they targeted him as yahudi lobby. The other came Taliban Khan where he spoke against drones. Now this happened way way before IK started his one-liners agint Nawaz Sharif. As for Sita White, can we on this grounds remind u off antics of Nawaz Sharif concerning Kim Barker.

    Now here is some more allegations:)






  • Totally agreed with Saladin and Rohail Taqi. Bhai jaan... property tax bhi hota hai Pakistan mein... And Sales tax is paid by consumers not the industrialists... The point which i am making right now is that the existing system of Pakistan allows people to show worth of 500 acers land at Rs. 8 lack only. Can u believe it???? And if u think that i am opposing NS to support NS then the aboe land dispute is linked with IK man!

    I support IK in demanding complete change in system of Pakistan. Today, Ahsan Iqbal pointed out that police should not be used for political purposes and making fake JIT's. Buddy... look whose is talking. We all know that the whole Punjab Police supports NS as they are in the force thru illegal appointments :)

  • Bhai Saladin... i am also supporting IK in this point that all politicians should declare the true assets and after that people can ask sources of those assets and also the true worth of those assets. I am not saying that IK has declared false assets. My point is that existing Pakistani system allows people to declare 500 acres of land worth 8 lacks only!

  • It looks like Ummat is changing its favorism with NS as PML-N is talking of alliance with JI now. They have made allegations against IK that he has not declared true worth of his properties :)


  • Look JI would not join N$, after bad mouthing noon league for over 2 years, it will be political suicide for them to associate with noon league.

    Now if JI has joined N$ and his lootere gang that would be a good move by Nawaz Sharif. But it is not end off. Let's see if this alliance is to be made.

    Who have made allegations that IK has not declared all of his assets? Not noon league troll is it?

    Well people have to walk with the times and the times are swinging with PTI.

  • @Pakistan Lover,

    Please note that Fareeha Idris, the ignorant and reckless anchor (can you really believe she deserves to be an anchor person hosting political debates?), provided WRONG asset declaration of IK.

    Maybe she was fed by PMLN for this.

    The real assets of Imran Khan were 8 CRORES in 2007 - as proposed to 3 crores presented by Fareeha. It was reported in Dawn Newspaper.