IK bringing "CHANGE" via Mian Azhar....How Funny

  • IK change is being discussed so much on this Forum..."Innocent Youth" bleiving that IK is bringing a change...

    But how funny is that IK bringing that change via Mian Azhar....

    Oldies on this Forum may know Mian Azhar even better.

  • I know why I support PTI. The promise of reform in taxation. a move towards direct taxation instead of indirect taxation that mostly target poor/ middle class.

    To me that is change other parties PPP, PML(A-Z) believe in indirect taxation and hence I could never support that or isn't changing anything at all.

  • October 30th should have been proof enough of the change but it seems u nooners are still in denial. Media has been like a rash concerning Minare e Pakistan and the kind of people that turned up, which basically were from all walks of life.

    Mian Azhar will bring some help to PTI. And should congratulate mian saab for making right decision to be a part of PTI.

    Keep it up bro

  • Mian Azhar is a clean politician - this is what I heard from ALL the independent analysts speaking about his inclusion into PTI, from Hassan Nisar to PTI's critics, Nusrat Javed.

    Just because someone has been in different parties, does not mean one cannot correct himself and change their direction for the better.

    Major point is corruption, no compromise on that.

  • @Change IK.

    The second joke that you declare Hasan Nisar an independant analyst....lol

  • @Insaftak.

    This poor nation is giving direct tax already....Think u never purchase groceries....otherwise you will not made this point....

  • Oh, take Nusrat Javed for that matter. No one has called Mian Azhar corrupt.

    Secondly, Hasan Nisar is VERY independent. He used to be a supporter of PTI, then a time came when he used to mock IK, and now again he is correcting his direction.

    But nonetheless, he is independent. Though I don't agree with him always, as he has psychological issues.




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