7 Reasons why the West wanted Gaddafi dead

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    1. Gaddafi wouldn't bow down to the Rothschild central reserve banking cartel.

    2. Gadaffi Proposed $400 million African Satellite - gadaffi alone came up with $300 million for this project.

    For those ask whats the big deal in it, it's really a huge set back for European western countries, because they get paid by Africa every year $500 million per year in rent for the services European satellite provides to Africa.

    Africa being self sufficient is definitely a set back for western economy.

    3. AMF: African Monetary Fund - No more borrowing from Rothschild Central Bank for African countries, AMF was planned to produce its own currency for Africa, backed by Gold standard.

    Interest free.

    4. Libya's $300 Billion Gold reserves.

    5. Libya sits on Africa's largest oil and natural gas reserves.

    6. Gadaffi planned to free the entire African continent from the clutches of Western imperialism.

    7. Libya's Blue gold - Libya's priceless water basins.

    • In Libya there are four major underground basins, these being the Kufra basin, the Sirt basin, the Morzuk basin and the Hamada basin, the first three of which contain combined reserves of 35,000 cubic kilometres of water. These vast reserves offer almost unlimited amounts of water for the Libyan people. *In the 1960s during oil exploration deep in the southern Libyan desert, vast reservoirs of high quality water were discovered in the form of aquifers. * thus Gadaffi, started the construction for the Phase I of the $25 Billion "Great Man made River Project" in 1984.

    The Great Man-Made River (GMR) is a network of pipes that supplies water from the Sahara Desert in Libya, from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System fossil aquifer. It is the world's largest irrigation project

    As of now, almost all three phases has been finished by the Libyan administration .

    It carries more than five million cubic metres of water per day across the desert to coastal areas, vastly increasing the amount of arable land. The cost of one cubic meter of water equals 35 cents. The cubic meter of desalinized water is $3.75. Scientists estimate the amount of water to be equivalent to the flow of 200 years of water in the Nile River.

    Here is the $70 trillion Blue Gold in Libya, that caught the most attention and Love of Bankers.


  • These are very interesting facts, thanks for sharing.

    And there is one thing more about Gaddafi that made Europe and USA tremble,he supported Pakistan in the Nuclear project with money.He gave the Idea to spread this Nuclear power to Muslim countries so that westren lobbies would lose courage to interfere in Muslim countries.

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    Great topic. Thanks.

  • (As expected, Libya turned into a US puppet state).

    New Libyan "PM" is Big-Oil Goon

    Meanwhile, rebels turn guns on each other turning Tripoli into a war zone, again.

    Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer

    Activist Post

    Associated Press recently reported that Libya's rebel militants have named a new "prime minister" this week. AP depicts the latest unelected Western proxy, Abdurrahim el-Keib, as a progressive academic who has spent decades in the United States teaching at Alabama University and leading the local Muslim community. Mentioned briefly as a "former employer," however, is the Petroleum Institute, based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), Shell, France's Total, the Japan Oil Development Company, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. El-Keib is listed as a "Professor and Chairman" in his Petroleum Institute profile which also describes extensive research conducted by him sponsored by various US government agencies and departments over the years.

    Photo: And so begins the farce that is Western "democracy." One corporate-fascist puppet, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, steps down, another, Abdurrahim el-Keib, takes his place. In reality, it is NATO-states and their corporate sponsors that now determine Libya's fate.

    In essence, el-Keib, like his predecessor Jalil, is Libyan in name only and has been working for Western corporations, governments, and institutions for decades. Like Jalil, or Egypt's Mohammed ElBaradei, el-Keib is yet another agent of Western interests masquerading as an indigenous leader in a foreign land. That his rise to power was paved by thousands of NATO strike sorties in a 7 month military operation spearheaded by the United States and at the cost of tens of thousands of Libyan civilians makes his ascension to power in Libya ever more a desecration of Libya's sovereignty.

    Meanwhile, the London Telegraph reports NATO-backed rebels turned their weapons on each other yet again in Tripoli, with hundreds of fighters exchanging fire near a hospital after one armed faction tried to murder a patient they had injured the night before. The report also cites a growing list of atrocities being committed by rebel fighters before noting the "unprecedented" nature of NATO's "victory" in Libya.

    While the corporate media attempts to plea ignorance over the growing body of evidence suggesting indeed both NATO and the rebels committed the very atrocities they accused Qaddafi of committing as a pretext for their half-year long murder spree, it has been well documented since fighting began in February that the rebels, far from being pro-democratic fighters, were actually Al Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) militants with a long history of terrorism and barbarism. It has also been extensively documented that these rebels have verifiably killed US and British troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 10 years, as noted by a West Point Combating Terrorism Center report.

    Despite this, US representatives, including Senator John McCain, have personally met with LIFG militants praising them as heroes who have "inspired the world." Alarmingly, McCain made his remarks in Tripoli even as rebels publicly declared their intention to purposefully cut off supplies and medical aid to the population in Sirte to admittedly "starve the city into submission" with NATO assistance - a grievous war crime.

    Words cannot describe the injustice being brought upon Libya, the level of duplicity it was carried out with, and the flagrant looting the nation is now being subjected to by NATO's member states, facilitated by the latest unelected, decades-long servant of Western interests now masquerading as the nation's new "interim prime minister."

    Tony Cartalucci's articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer Report.


  • There was an easy way for him.

    He should not have fought against his own people. There won't be any NATO interference.

    The manner of his demise is a lesson to those who kill their own people for clinging to power.

  • If Qadafi couldn't achieve about in 42 years, probably he needed another 420 would have been sufficient :)

  • i know lebyan people will suffer because they were provided free electricity where no one have to pay electric bills during gaddafi regeme but now western influence will come and will be burden on lebyan people.

    west has been playing double/dirty game creating uprising in middle east because British government has spent tens of thousands of pounds training Yemeni security forces and supplying equipment to the suppressive regime over the last five years, a governmental report reveals.


  • There was nothing wrong with Libyan people in Gaddafi's regime except they were not free.They have no freedom of speech and freedom of act.Gaddafi was so proud and ignorant about the people that he was sure that all of his doings are the manifestations of orders of Allah almighty.

    He had provided his people every facility that any European can have, but not the freedom that even the third world countries have.

  • Many people express that Ghaddafi was a very wrongful person. The question then arises, 'Why did NATO help the rebellions?"

    Explicitly, Ghaddafi became a victim of a Western conspiracy like Shah Faisal,Bhutto, Reza Shah Pehalwi and Anwer Sadaat.

  • salam


    now this was the propaganda by the neocons that gaddafi was killing his own ppl, u know how. when that uprising began in feb this year, all the western media started propagating that gaddafi was killing his own ppl so on and so forth. a bbc reporter interviewed saif ul islam gaddafi, she asked him y ur regime is killing protestors, he (saif ul islam) openly challenged her and he said i ask every media person who is in libya, just show us one single case where we killed innocent civilian, we r just fighting with those who r challenging the writ of the state with heavy arms and weapons. having heard that bbc reporter had no answer to that.

    this was the fact that those rebels were provided with heavy arms and weapons and on top of that even during first 3 months nato carried out more than 6000 air strikes in libya which killed many civilians including rebels, so just tell me whether gaddafi was killing his ppl or nato was doing that. the unfortunate thing happened to gaddafi was that half of his army defected to rebels, that thing dented him alot.

    when gaddafi came into power in 1969 as a result of bloodless coup, he lifted the standard of lives of ppl seven times. the libyan ppl used to live in villas not in normal houses. they enjoyed every benefit even during embargo. whenever a country is in embargo, how difficult for it to survive but even then gaddafi gave everything to his nation because it was an oil rich country. it was not the victory of ppl of libya rather it's the victory of zionists. they once again succeeded in their conspiracy.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • Evidently, NATO's support was not on humanitarian basis. NATO support is always believed to be based on satanic basis.

  • Was Late Gadaffi and his son the only two people in Libya who could hve brought peace, propserity and freedom to Libyans. Why Late Gadaffi had to rule for 42 years without going back to his people for endorsement that he is has their support to continuing the rule?

    International conspiracies have existed in this world before, do exist now and will continue existing. Sometimes these conspiracies are hatched by West and sometimes by East, but what makes a person rule for 42 years, put people behind prison in the name os safeguarding country's interest and yet get killed by his own people

  • Ghaddafi had his merits also, but the new leadership that has come into power with the help of NATO can't be expected as holy cows.

  • Even though Gaddafi did a lot of good things for his people but 42 years is too much for any leader to be in power that long, but would that have saved Libya from this destruction, i don't think so. The Libyans had a good thing going but now it will be gone and the dodgy NTC will rule with the backing of NATO.

  • if he was really that clean, i wonder why he had a special royal servants made of only women... this man had an addiction for women and he bought them with his money. power had made him blind

    i dont think his interests were aligned with the people... he ruled them for 40 years, but you cannot rule a people singlehandedly by keeping them quiet for so long... even in kingdoms, kings keep changing. this guy was true dictator which means kill anyone who speaks against u

  • @quaidkamazaar

    i agree, things needs to be more opened about qaddafi rather than just showing two extreme sights........butt i do think time has come before the upcoming of dajaal....read hadiths and u will come to know all the world is going on the way lead to his emergence.....May Allah save us all...

  • @ChangeIK

    There's no evidencee he was killing his own people.

    Libyan people were far better off than the people living in your Western countries. Tell Obama to stop killing his own people and stop torturing innocent soles in Gitmo. The only force that killed Libyans were NATO terrorists.

  • The man is dead. Let us not talk about him. But let us remember that whenever we drift away from Islam, Kuffar pounce on us based on false pretexts-Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia. Just before the uprising, NATO leaders were entertaining Qaddafi's son in hopes of lucratve contracts. Now they killed them to get more lucrative contracts. It is same story from Saddam to Qaddafi. They patronize and use phychos and then dispose them off at their whim.

    Lesson for all:

    Never beg Kuffar for help. They come in with regime change, democracy and other pretexts including killing "terrorists" and we unfortunately fall into the bait and help them "occupy" and plunder.

  • Abdul Rehman;

    "But let us remember that whenever we drift away from Islam, Kuffar pounce on us based on false pretexts-Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia. Just before the uprising, NATO leaders were entertaining Qaddafi's son in hopes of lucratve contracts."

    You are kidding yourself again. Once you remove your favourite argument that distancing ourselves from Islam (which ever version you hold as the only true version and it is obviously the only true version) is somehow the root cause of all our ills, you will notice that the causes are quite complex and require an intelligent and rational response.

    Don't go for the easy and the most impractical option, aim higher if you are truly interested in a solution. I believe, you won't have to compromise or dilute your belief in Islam in anyway to look at the problems we are faced with today in an objective and rational way.