Tribals refuse Jemimas cameras

  • Tribals are smarter than we think, they know the reality of immmi and company.

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    Imran Khan is the most popular leader in tribal areas and the tribes only trust this man of all the national politicians.

    I don't know about this incident but there might be forces at work who want to hide the atrocities resulting form drone strikes.

    ISI and army are also active in hiding the atrocities of drone strikes, because they give tacit approval to these drones.

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  • @outspokenloud

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  • I wonder about one thing. Imran is a big supporter of Talibans, but his lifestyle is so different from the people he thinks are right in their doctrine. Will Imran like to grow a yard length beard and put shuttle cock burqas on the ladies of his house?

    Imran's lifestyle is good. I myself follow a similar lifestyle. I just wonder why is lifestyle is so different from the people who believe in killing bay-purdah women and killing clean-shaved men?

  • IK's liking of Taliban or Tribals is not due to religious or ideoligical reasons but his (IK) ethnical background. His mother hailed from South Waziristan while his father was a Niazi Pathan. IK is more secular and westernized but a true nationalist unlike our dollar worshiping pseduo secular freaks.

  • Tribals won't lose any of their traditions, their self respect or honor if they whole heartedly go for education provided to every male and female in PKP.

    Signs are that it is being accepted and done but at a very slow pace. Main obstacle is the traditional Mulla being followed blindly. I am not being disrespectful towards our Moulanas our Ullamas but the 'short sighted Mulla' only.

    Pukhtoons have their history containing much revered trends and traditions (pukhtonwali) that should be part of thier society by all means.

    I don't think tribal culture has to do anything with their refusal to accept cameras. Might be a show of lack of trust towards the west and their ideologies that are not at par with theirs.

  • I am frightened of PKP traditions they are using name of Islam but they are not acting according to Islam. When tradition of pashtuns challenged they bypass the Islam and priority goes to men made traditions.

    Khan wali khan daughter got married with her servant legally according to Islam but tribal opposed and asked khan wali khan that you are big leader and how is possible that your daughter got married with her servant which is against the traditions of pashtuns. Both legal pairs arrested by tribal and got killed in front of khan wali khan.

    What a shame that one father killing her daughter because she married with servant legally and broken the pashtun tradition.

    They oblige dignity of their artificial traditions.

    No one following proper lessons of Islam.

    Every one should see in their own collar then ask himself that how faithful he is with Islam then blame others.

    If our mullah change their attitude and follow proper message of Islam then I am wonder half of west could have embraced Islam but hate and these things kept non Muslims away from Islam and now west became openly enemy of Islam due to some fake mullahs attitude.

  • You are frightened of KPK or PKP traditions?

  • @sem

    today u can correct my spelling and sentences becuse i came from night shift feeling sleepy but unable to sleep so that sitting on pkdiscuss but too tired from imran khan fan club they have no job except talking against Mian nawaz shareef and there is no one in pak politics that they can talk against them......

    at least miaan sahib 75% better then all.

    with apologize it is not pkp but kpk.

  • Hussain Farooqui

    "Imran is a big supporter of Talibans"

    No, he is not especially those who believe in mindless violence to get their own way.

    ".... but his lifestyle is so different from the people he thinks are right in their doctrine."

    Yes, his version of Islam and his lifestyle is very different from the Taliban but he does NOT support their doctrine (I assume you refer to the killing of all the non-pure to establish a tyrannical peace and happiness for all.

    Imran does not believe in extra judicial murders (drone attacks) because they are counter productive and he believes in negotiating with all the stake holders in peace especially the Taliban as the Americans are already doing. This obviously does not mean he supports the Taliban in their methods or principles but simply that the senseless murder of Paksitanis by both sides must stops as a preamble to peace.

    Imran is also at pains to make the distinction between the Taliban and Al Qaida.

    Whether the tribal Waziris agree or not to help collect evidence of murder via drones, the fact remains, it is happening and innocent people are dying as a result. The moral imperative to do everything to stop it is undiminished.

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  • @safshan

    Character assassination is not appropriate from either side; private life and politics should remain separate. please discuss policies instead of private life.

  • To collect evidence of the destruction caused by drone attacks is important if ever there is going to be a small chance to present a credible case in the International Criminal Court perhaps sometime in the future.

    Failing to collect evidence would be tantamount to dereliction of duty by all those who hold the opinion that drone attacks are extra judicial murder and are utterly reprehensible.

    Get the evidence properly collected be it that it may never be presented in the ICC but at least we will have some credible source material for our history books. The lessons will then, I hope be learnt by our children.

  • @stingingnettle

    Failing to collect evidence would be tantamount to dereliction of duty by all those who hold the opinion that drone attacks are extra judicial murder and are utterly reprehensible.

    Very well said. I hope our tribal brothers understand and accept cameras on offer, for this purpose.

  • sting

    JUI, JI and Imran never criticize the suicide bombers who blow out in schools, colleges, mosques and shrines. They have legitimate right to defend the stand of the Talibans on their war activities, but their silence over the killings of innocent people in schools, colleges, mosques and shrines is inexcusable.

  • Irshad

    Good narration of a true story. This story reflects how widely our customs have deviated from the teachings of Islam. We have numerous traditions which are absolutely against the teachings of Islam. A lot of things being done by Talibans during their rule over Afghanistan were also not in conformity with the teachings of Islam.

  • Hussain Farooqui

    "....Imran never criticize the suicide bombers who blow out in schools, colleges, mosques and shrines."

    He has condemned the murder and the murders on every single occasion. He has done so unequivocally and unreservedly.

    You are confusing his demand to hold talks with the Taliban as a lack of condemnation of violent murder. These are two very different things. The rejection of violence as means of achieving political goals is something that Imran has repeatedly demanded.

    PTI has always consistently condemned acts of violence committed against innocent people no matter who is committing them.

    If you are asking him to condemn some vague, generic enemy, so yes, he doesn't do that. Some of the children and adolescents who are brain washed or pressured into blowing themselves up are as much a victim as many of the others they kill. It's the bastards who plan these acts of murder that are the real evil enemies of humanity.

  • @HF

    "JUI, JI and Imran never criticize the suicide bombers who blow out in schools, colleges, mosques and shrines. "

    I am not going to answer for JUI and JI since I have no knowledge about their condemnation, but if you drag PTI into this I will say it is BLATANT LIE. On numerous occasions PTI and it's leadership have condemned the killing of innocent people - also the killing done by the extremists.

    I am very disappointed. It was no less than a malicious attempt to malign PTI on a matter which has been cleared MANY times - also on PKP. I am sure you have read it and still choose to "forget".