Zameer frosh Adlia, Besharam CM Punjab and helpless Samara Nasir.


    Since restoration, present judiciary is protecting those, whom played key role in their restoration, including Lawyers and Noon league criminals.

    It is big propaganda that this is independent judiciary but in fact they are acting like slave in the hand of Lawyers and Noon league criminals.

    Chief justice and chief minister Punjab have their own daughters, if they care and respect their own daughters then they should feel pain and feeling of this poor helpless girl who is suffering injustice because( Zameer Froshi) of this judiciary and (Begairti) of Punjab government

  • Care to post some bayghairti of your leader Zardari, Federal Government, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK governments as well or you are the effects of PML N Phobis has still not diluted.

  • @siddiqi73(Ahsan Iqbal)

    Chor Zardari is not my leader, I will post same way if anybody, including Zardari show this kind of Zameer froshi and begairti as doing present Judiciary and Punjab government leadership.

  • @S73

    Very poor answer by you!

    Never will ALL parties be free from such criminals. It will happen in EVERY party - the only difference will be the number of people which can be brought to a minimum by dealing honestly with such creatures.

    Your answer reflects a traditional, corrupt and poor mindset. At least you could have condemned the issue and asked your leadership to investigate the issue and provide justice to the lady!

  • Callous society.

  • Pmln siyasi taout sialkot lawyer raped a girl

    Sialkoti Lawyer Amjad Malik who raped a girl in his office, he is front man of Rana Shamim ( MPA-PMLN) and his Son Rana Sattar MNA-PMLN.

    They win election because of this Amjad Malik, he is their financer and main representitave in their area,

    some one need to show mirror to PMLN, Please confirm from any one from Sialkot, He is Siyasi Taout of RANA SHAMIM-MPA PMLN


    Sialkoti Lawyer Amjad Malik who raped a girl in his office, he is front man of Rana Shamim ( MPA-PMLN) and his Son Rana Sattar MNA-PMLN.They win election because of this Amjad Malik, he is their financer and main representitave in their area,some one need to show mirror to PMLN, Please confirm from any one from Sialkot, He is Siyasi Taout of RANA SHAMIM-MPA PMLN SHAME ON PMLN LEADERS

  • Woman suicide attempt foiled

    Sialkot, The lawyers and people present there in Sialkot district courts on Wednesday foiled a bid of suicide by a married woman, who tried to commit suicide by climbing down from the second floor of the local lawyers chamber, after allegedly being raped by a local lawyer in the upper portion of his chamber in district courts Sialkot.

    Reportedly, village Raipur-Sialkot based victim Sumaira Bibi (28) had gone to Sialkot DPO office for submitting an application against an old property dispute by her rivals, when she was asked by the local police officials to submit a new application in this regard.

    She went to the chamber of local lawyer Malik Amjad Mongar Advocate for getting her new application written by him there. He asked him to go to the upper portion of his chamber and wait for him, as he would be coming soon there to write down her application.

    She told the police that she was sitting there, when the accused lawyer forcibly raped her there and advised her to zip her lips.

    She jumped to the roof of the other chambers of local lawyers with hues and cries there. She said that her clothes were also torn.

    From that roof, located at the second floor of the recently constructed chambers for the local lawyer in district courts. There, she tried to commit suicide after being raped forcibly by the said accused lawyer. Some local lawyers and people present there on that time got her entangled into conversation and reached there and saved her by foiling her bid of committing suicide, in this regard.

    After that incident, the senior police officials rushed to the spot and took the victim Sumaira Bibi into police custody.

    On her report, the Civil Line police have registered a case (FIR NO. 456/2011) under section 376 PPC against the accused lawyer Malik Amjad Mongar Advocate, with no arrest, in this regard. The accused had managed to escape after that nasty incident.

  • Committee formed to probe female’s rape case by lawyer

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    SIALKOT, -Taking serious notice of nasty incident of female clients rape by local lawyer in his chamber, Sialkot District Bar Association (DBA) has formulated a three-member facts finding committee to bring the culprit to task.

    The committee headed by former district attorney Syed Liaqat Ali Shah comprises senior lawyers M. Azhar Chaudhary Advocate and Chaudhary Ilyas Advocate, which recorded statements of the victim and accused.

    The committee will submit its facts-findings report before the DBA within three days.

    President DBA Khalid Ali Chaudhary, while talking to the newsmen here on Friday, said that the said nasty episode had left a black stain on the face of lawyers sacred profession, vowing that the stern legal action would be taken against the accused lawyer.

    It is pertinent to mention here that on duty female doctor Shumaila has confirmed rape with victim Sumaira Bibi (28) in her preliminary medical report, saying that there were several wounds on her body, who was also a sign of her forced rape.Sumaira was forcibly raped by accused lawyer Muhammad Amjad Mongar Advocate at his chamber in Sialkot district courts in front of the offices of DCO and DPO Sialkot on Wednesday.

    After the nasty incident, the victim had tried to commit suicide by climbing down the fourth floor of the building of the local lawyers chamber, as her bid was foiled by the rescuers, people and other lawyers on Wednesday. On the report of the victim, the Civil Line police had registered a rape case against the accused lawyer Amjad Mongar on the same day, but on Thursday, Additional District & Session Judge Sialkot Asif Majeed Awan had granted a pre-arrest bail to the accused.

  • I am clearly not happy with your tone and the way you adress having overtones of racial triats as:Sialkoti Lawyer!

    You started from zameer frosh adlia, besharm cm punjab and helpless samara nasir but ended up fighting for a rape case in Sialkot, Punjab reported three times by you....What is your point and whom do you defend? Kindly come up and state so.........Do you defend the victim or are you staying in the lime light as an indirect message for the victim to stay away and never to go for justice? Who are you?

  • Has the CM of Punjab taken any action as of yet?, if not then the title of this thread is correct.

  • سمیرا نصیر کی بد نصیبی کا یہ پہلا واقعہ نہیں تھا. اسکی بد نصیبی کا دور کوئی دو سال پہلے شروع ہوگیا تھا. اسکی تفصیل کچھ یوں ہے

    The night of 14 september 2009 Sumaira left the house of her parents with her own will and went to house of her paternal aunt Farhat (Hammon Gakhar).In order that she can survived because of her parents forced her to marry against her wishes due to their own ego and contingent interest.While Sumaira wanted to marry with Naseer Ahmad of her own village.After when she gone to paternal aunts home,Taking advantage of her absence her parents registered F-I-R U/S 365-B crPC against Naseer Ahmad.And bringing her from her paternal aunts house,placed her in other paternal uncle Jeera who is addicted to drugs and Aslam of (Hammon Gakhar) tie her in the house and fustigate her with the baton.And spurred by the violence that she will be explained to the police that was kidnapped.Jeera put gun in her mouth to kept harassing her.However in order to rescue,Sumaira accepted to the Jeera and recorded false statement.Based on that false statement Naseer Ahmad went tToday, most of our society has so much fallen to the limitation of humanity that the society of fifteen hundred years ago has given baffle too.Now a days in our country infinite innocent girls are becoming victims of physical,sexual and mental violence from their own relatives and criminal people.The thing worth sorry,These girls are persecutioned from their own relatives.But often such that the local police does backing o jail and Jeera sold his daughter in law Sumaira to Mohsin,Javed and Anwer of Moonger village.When Sumaira was gone to Moonger then she came to know that she had sold to criminals Mohsin (etc.)by her uncle Jeera.She protested but in vien.No anyone had listened Sumairas sigh and wail.Put to Sumaira in captivity there and she was played evil game every night in the Moonger.After spending fifteen days in the Moonger in severe torture,A night in october she had been able to escape from Moonger.She reached an other village to decide distance three kilometers hiding in darkness of night.As early in the morning, women of that village gave her shoes and blanket,And at the behest of Sumaira two youngmen left her (on a motercycle) house of her third paternal aunt Mussarat.Sumaira went there in the hope that “this paternal aunt Mussarat will help her”,But paternal aunt had been intention evil,And aunt Mussarat put her incarceration.Son of paternal aunt Summer Ashique involved in keeping Sumaira in the private prison.Including Sumairas parents anyone unaware of the fact that Sumaira was in the custody of Mussarat and Summer Ashique.Sumaira was being razed by Summer Ashique for four months,And she had addicted to filled opium smoking by Summer Ashique.

    Finally after four months once again Sumaira had been successful in getting rid of.She went home of her parents, Where infelicitously again Jeera and other relatives aaclaimed her.In this time Naseers court trail was going on,Which Sumaira wanted to get married.Finally Sumaira left her parents house and got marriage with Naseer Ahmad.Sumaira had recorded again her statement in the court of Sardar Ahmad Khan Maiken with her free will.The court acquitted Naseer Ahmad cum laud.But unfortunately the story did ot end here.Sumaira shows that now besides my parents and other relatives,relatives of my husband Naseer Ahmad also have become the enemy of our vitality.And my previous buyers of Moonger have started to give threats me that we will quickly catch you,break your legs,hanging up side down with power mushroom in front of the world will make a sign.Besides this when court ordered respect my husband acquitted,my family did not accept this decision and become our enemy which are include Muhammad Tayab,Tahir Ahmad and M.Ahmad Awan of Rae Pur Sialkot.To get opportunity they will kill us.So we are forced to change our where-abouts.We are being humiliated ad degraded.My husband can not work independently.Due to evil threats of those felonry our live is forbidden.

    I appeal to Chief Justice that pay me and my husband`s live security be assured.and take action against those who tortured me and to help us

    ایک سال پہلے اس نے چیف جسٹس، انسانی حقوق کی تنظیموں کے علاوہ روزنامہ جناح اور مختلف ویبسایٹس میں بھی اپیلیں شائع کروائیں کہ ملک چھوڑنے میں اسکی مدد کی جائے لیکن کسی نے اسکی مدد نہ کی اور ایک دن وہ انصاف کی فراہمی میں مدد کرنے والوں کی درندگی کا ہی شکار ہوگئی

  • @BAWA

    Thanks for such a thorough account!

  • ماریہ بی بی

    یہ ہمارے معاشرے کا المیہ ہے کہ گھر سے باہر قدم رکھنے والی لڑکی کو کٹی پتنگ سمجھ لیا جاتا ہے اور ہر کوئی اسے لوٹنے کو دوڑتا ہے. کوئی یہ نہیں سوچتا کہ یہ کس مجبوری میں گھر سے نکلی ہے. کوئی یہ نہیں سوچتا کہ یہ بھی کسی کی بہن اور بیٹی ہے. بظاہر ہم تمام مبلغ ہیں لیکن اندر سے ہم سب کھوکھلے ہیں

  • @S.E.Mirza

    Sir, I am sure, it is not only you. May be many peoples not happy with my tone.

    But if somebody watch this video and Know details of this case, any person who has his own sister and daughter and have ability to feel pain and helplessness of this poor girl Samara Nasir, will react like this.

    This is not first case that judiciary ignoring brutality of lawyers and other criminals, whom were standing with them for their restoration. But on the other hand, they are showing extraordinary interests and actions where they have their personal grudge and motivations. I am sure, you may be know many cases like that. (es ko zameer froshi nein tao aur kia kahain)

    CM Punjab,Shabaz Sharif ko es liay besharam kaha ha keh woh raat din, naam naad khadam-e-alla ka propaganda karta rehata ha. laiken usay etanay din baad bee es poor girl kee awaz sunai nein daiti.

    wesay jes tarah ka salook enoon ne apni bahu Aisha Ahad Malik ke saath kia ha, us ke baad en ki besharmi khul kar samanay aa gai ha. en se kesi gairatmaindi ke umeed bee nain rakhni chaye.

  • Very sad story! It is shameful example of our society.

    Women in our society are vulnerable in alomost every walk of life. Working women face harrassment day in day out in our male-dominated society.

  • This post is deleted!