Imran Khan tax evasion?

  • Ik has paid 18 lacks tax, and your baby faced Nawaz Sharif paid 5000 rupees tax. As for Mr10& pays nothing!

  • Ik is allowed to declare his assets based on the purchase price (no matter even it is of his grandfather's period)which is just a fraction of the actual market prices but all other politicians are asked by this credible leader to declare their "Asal" assets. I like the pick and chose type of rules as set by great IK.!

  • He said that he sold London flat to buy Bani gala land and at the same time he said that he borrowed money from Jamima. Then he said that after divorce he paid back the loan money to Jamima. Then how come still he is showing this property as gift for which according to himself he has paid back to Jamima. His statement is full of contradictions and is evident from his face impression (watch at 14.14)!

  • @HKA,

    You can't understand him becuase you are used to corrupts like NS. Let me WALK YOU THROUGH THIS:

    Since the Bani Gala land was transferred to him as a gift, it needed mention as such. It was legally CORRECT to mention it like that.

    Secondly, even while he mentioned it as a gift, its worth was declared.

    The selling of London flat, the earnings from it, the money transferred through banks, the Bani Gala land price, all this is documented and declared, as mentioned by IK. EVERYTHING IS DOCUMENTED.

    Now get your NS to declare his assets in London who he is rapidly transferring to his children names. How did they got all these assets and businesses in the last 10 years? How were assets from Pakistan transferred to UK?

  • Assets are declared at purchase price - Ansar Abbasi also made this clear in the program.

    The problem is NS has NOT declared many of his foreign assets at all, or has transferred them to his children's name to hide form accountability.

  • Man this is guy is such a non-serious douche bag....who wants to take him seriously except for changik.