Debate Between a Pakistani Army Soldier and Taliban Mullah

  • Hey guys this is a very interesting debate that took place between a Pakistan army Soldier and TTP scholar. Furnish your comments who you think won the debate?

    Part 1

    Part 2

  • Debate between Soldier and a scholar??

    You mean debate between the one who devoted his life for learning, and other who did not had the opportunity to educate himself at any level so as a professional become solider/sipahi.

    Debates happen between two more or less equally educated and in command people.

  • I agree with you Dusky that it was an uneven match. The Foji Guy did not have good quranic arguments and was weak in presenting hadith in his favor

  • waseemca

    Falsehood is always weak against truth -- Soldier seems to keep repeating one question in first video --- Why did taliban take help from american and pakistanis against russian war -- and Taliban representative had given him a satisfactory answer many times --- Pakistani army is preferring its own interest than interest of muslims and islam -- This is the way by which each soldier is brainwashed --

  • The fact is that the afgani's have the right to fight back, there is nothing special with us. WE supported the US and allowed them to use our bases and sold many innocent people to US!

    The only thing is how they fight, killing of innocent human beings should be condemed, especially when someone is directly targeting them.

    They both are muslims, so I disagree with the mufti what he said to the soldier, but I do agree that Pakistan at the moment is a jhoota polisher of US!

  • This is ideological war, can not be won through arms and ammunition. Taliban mulla outclassed ill knowledge "Soldier". He should have been argued by a knowledgeable scholar like Ghamidi sahib or Zakir Naik or any other reasonable aalim.

  • Mr Oblivion I totally agree with you.

  • Totally uneven discussion!!!!!

    But the army Soldier had no arguments and was quiet lame.

    I am actually surprised with this taliban Aalim's way of discussion. Very composed and Knowledgeable ..

  • Am horrified with thinking of such people taking over Pakistan. But, wont be surprised, they will enjoy big support in Pakistan. Can somebody comment how to tackle with menace?

  • Take Political Asylum in UK or Canada........ I am sure, there are many who can help you.. lol

  • @KS, Yes that is an option. I had read somewhere, only two types of people are living in Pakistan, one who dont have resources to leave the country or dont have skills to survive in developed countries?

  • Just surprised, no hue and cry on this? Mullah claiming to looting the bank, abduction for ransom, killing of innocent children and women, Jihad against Islamic republic of Pakistan, and no condemnation from self claimed saviors of country?

  • Don't you worry my dear. All the known political parties in existence and active till date have done this and only this..What is wrong if a mulla has done so.? Now listen..

    Isn't it a shame, even our clergy has fallen prey to the trap of making a quick buck by looking at and taking an example (through induction) portrayed by our sold out traitors. What a shame!....

  • socho zara socho,

    Just because you say it is Islamic Republic does it become one? It is more like a banana republic.

    Banks are based on Riba and hence to be closed (not looted)

    Jihad against corruption that has now become hallmark of government under any party is mandatory.

    Abduction and killing? First let us talk about thousands of innocents that were abducted and ended up in Guantanamo and other jails.

    Innocent children. Is there any proof? Is is only thing to be condemned but the target should be parents if they send their kids to get brainwashd by secular education.

  • @Mirza sahib, Name one politician who acknowledged his wrong doing in the name of Allah?

    @AR, what is your argument? does failure from governments to carry out their duties entitle Taliban to carry out heinous crimes in the name of Allah? innocent children? what proof you are asking, during debate he is claiming to kill innocent children and women and intending to continue.

    BTW, do you have school going children if Yes, which school are they attending?

  • Yes, they are attending home schooling free from decadent environment. They follow the curriculum of the state but home schooling can keep them safe and sound and impart a solid foundation to go for any higher studies.

    For most people, homeschooling is a great option, and it definitely works wonders. Here in Pakistan, most well-off families’ kids go to “trophy” schools (most notably, KGS, LGS) that the parents can proudly proclaim in their social circles. In addition, they attend private tuition centers in the evenings to do their homework or pass O- and A- levels. I know of a lady who has been tutoring neighborhood kids for years, and her whole apartment complex vouches for her excellent abilities to make kids pass exams. Yet, when people mention homeschooling in Pakistan, jaws drop. “Tuitions” are just another word for homeschooling, because the teachers basically take extra classes at their homes (even if they are not the kids’ parents; still, the learning is taking place in a private set-up with a smaller attendance). My friend’s mother has been tutoring children at home for years, and she does it on her dining table.

    Home education or homeschooling is actually the best way to make kids learn, in my opinion. But, I would reiterate that it should be done responsibly, and the intention should not be to make one’s kids outshine other kids or to outperform them before time.

  • @AR, do you have option to send them to proper schools? Any way, so you dont run risk of loosing your children while studying in traditional schools, hence Taliban mullah is not your problem? But what when your children will be attending higher education, Taliban Mullah will not spare them?

  • socho, It was madrasa education that led to the golden age of Islam and later propelled the rennaisance and the industrial revolution. We need to revamp the education on that model. We need to hit the middle ground between secular and madrasa system. Secular education has banned God Almighty in text books and madrasa education has less emphasis on worldly sciences.

  • Waseemca;

    "The Foji Guy did not have good quranic arguments and was weak in presenting hadith in his favor"

    So that invalidates all his arguments? Have you ever considered a dialogue outside your comfort zone of quotations and quasi-historic references? Would you feel like a fish out of water? How long would you survive? Do you know if you came live in the glorious circle of the pure because of a happy accident of birth or was it a deliberate and conscious adult decision? Did you ever think about why you conform? Have you read other Holy texts?

    Don't start punching the air triumphantly because of a pointless debate between two nobodies, try thinking about your own life and how has it come to pass that you are they way you are.

    Abdul Rehman;

    Home schooling is a far more preferable option if the other choice is indoctrination via any other kind of school system. The way schools are in Pakistan at the moment, I can understand why you might home school your children and I don't blame you but in a changed Pakistan, this should not be necessary. And no, I have no idea when that will happen.

    There are grave dangers associated with allowing schools to preach religion to children. Schools are meant to teach religion/s and not preach. A tolerant society should result from this, a society which does not fear difference but celebrates it. I imagine it is nearly impossible to find parents who have the ability to teach all the necessary subjects to their children at home without the help of tuition from subject specialists. We must remember, a school is not just a place for learning but it is also a vital meeting place for children where they interact with each other and learn social cohesion.

    Anyway, I respect you decision and your reasons for home schooling your children.