Time for a showdown in Sindh!

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    After an historical beating of noon league in Punjab, there are rumours that PTI will test the waters in Sindh, to me it will be the right decision, allow noon league to try to prove themselves at Minare E Pakistan, and we should do one in Sindh!.

    Has the wind of change gone through Sindh?

    All I can say is Bring It On

  • get ready for another general pasha's production, in lahore ppp, q-league & families of armed forces were specially brought alongwith musical groups for the success of "greatest show on earth",

    now the second episode, could be named as: "comedy circus ka naya daur", where mqm will be called for help...

    advance congratulations for our pti's kiddoz for its success, i bet there will be more then 2 million people to welcome mr. clean...

  • @safshan

    Tsunami coming through Sindh soon.

    Establishment? any proof

  • dear its a blasphemy to talk something which is against the farman of dharna khan, u will be killed for that...

    zaani khan ka farman hai kay tsunami aa chuka hai...

    and u r saying it is coming, tauba tauba karo meray bhai...

    otherwise if people know ur phone number u will be doomed by our (sponsored) pti kiddoz...


  • No bro the Tsunami has come on October 30th shaking the whole of Punjab, now what we want to know is that has the shockwaves of this Tsunami reached Sindh and Karachi.

    The tsunami has definetly come did u not watch October 30th

    Maybe these fools are really cheering General Pasha:)


  • fasten your seatbelt honey!

    the change has arrived

  • We have seen PTI real power in Karachi with weak dharnas at the port couple of months ago, that kind of crowed can not fill quarter of Nashter park let alone MA Jinnah road or Shahrah e Qaideen.

    PTI can make some inroads like Lahore in Karachi only if Jamet e Islami agree to provide PTI their mussel power. On their own they can not gather much people in Karachi. But I will be surprise if Jamat e islami help PTI as this will eliminate them from Karachi political landscape.

  • ^^^^^^^^

    That's what they said concerning Minare e Pakistan Jalsa, but even the party themselves were surprised by the outcome.

    The Tsunami has come.

  • @saladin89

    Your optimism is commendable but pragmatism should prevail.

    Will IK be able to tackle this?



  • @saladin89: Lahore is IK/PTI home town, Karachi is a different beast all together. In Lahore it was PTI vs. PML -N, in Karachi it will PTI vs. PPP/MQM/ANP/all religious parties and many more. So yes, fasten your seat belts even before you think about diving in human jungle.

  • It will be interesting to see how IK converts his support at ballot box.

  • I shall support Ik only if he keeps up with this:


  • Its good sign, he is coming to Karachi. Sindh and Karachi dynamics are different then lahore and Punjab however what Imran says is the voice and need of every citizen of Pakistan. Good luck to him.

  • I really hope that PTI will move on to Sindh, but they need to continue to gather further support in Punjab. Noon will try to make a come back through every mean, and that is mostly dirty tricks. In other words we need to keep the momentum in Punjab by especially membership campaign, being visible all the time for everyone!

    In Sindh and KHI it will be very difficult since they are in even worse condition than Punjab. These areas have been dominated by armed gangs and hence it is very difficult to make inroads, but that should not prevent PTI to give it a serious effort to gain support. PTI should test the waters by an active membership campaign first. Pakistan need to get out of the grip of the armed gangs!

  • @Scan, you dont get it totally right that KHi controlled by armed gangs. Khi is not sheep of some wadera or jagir dar, its most politically awakened city. If you start with false assumptions, you 'll fall in deep hole.

    Identify real issues facing by People of Khi and sindh and try to give your solution.

  • As things are being talked about Sindh. I have question. Is there any prominent Sindhi speaking politician or activist member of PTI??

  • @safshan

    dear, would u please listen to my one argument and then give a solid answer to it.

    kiya establishment itni bachi hai, k un ka khel hamray tumaray jaisay aam keray makoray awam k zehan may asani say sama jayee???agar aisi baat hai tu my dear u and same friends like you should be part of think tanks and establishment.

    tum jaisay logon k pass sirf aik saaathi soch hoti hai, jo establishment establishment kar k apni frsutration nikalti hai. kia tumray mian/zardari/or chudrion k establishment say rabtay or un ki sar parasti proof nahi???kiya KAPTAAN ka establishment say kisi rabtay ka proof hai, agar wo establishment ka banda hota tu woo 2002 may prime minister bananay say inkar karta????

    i know now u have just a baseless argument. May bhi jalsay may tha, baqool tumaray mujhay bhi ISI waloon nay kaha tha k jalsay may jaoo, what a pity on you, u should provide proof or feel ashame of yourself.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sochopakistani

    Then please explain all the violence we are experiencing in KHI?

  • Sind is run by 2 puppet political parties of ISI; so there is no need for Imran to do jalsay in Sind or Karachi.