Credibility of current goofs policy

  • At WTO ( World Trade Orginisation ) meeting Bangladesh Showed his concerns about Pakistan. So this is called the compelete failure of our foreign policy + diplomatice policy. So if Bangladesh can show his concerns to you, so it is time to call shame on you. The so-called public elected representatives.

  • yeh bhi establishment ki saazish to degrade current politicians and promote imran khan........(golden words by bawa ji)

  • Speaking of shame, I think not so long ago Sudan was giving us advice as well. The credibility of our system quo parties is zero, and too many people on these forums use establishment to blame. What a joke we have become.

  • @ cutenice62,

    You got it right friend...mujhay bi yeh establishment ki sazish he legti hai. ;)

  • Oh please stop this practice to blame establishment in all unsolved below the average performance of current professional and profit originated politicans. Would any one can deny the fact,that this ugly and filthy crop of politicans are from establishment nursery situated in GHQ.