Must be tough being a PMLN fan....

    1. Degrade PTI by claiming their jalsa will be a failure. Spend time counting chairs…have to eat humble pie when hundred of thousands turn up.

    2. Try to claim establishment sponsored Jalsa, but can provide no proof.

    3. Call PTI internet party, facebook party, but when lots of faces turn up at Jalsa, PML-N become a wanna-be internet party

    1. Claim PTI is small party and no threat to PML-N, but then are desperate for an alliance with PTI….

    Thread title edited-'nooner' replaced by PMLN fan.


  • Confusion my friend.

    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's Book Myth of Independence can really help them get out of this confusion but I don't think there is anyone capable of reading in PML(N).

  • I do not agree with your thread title. There are no nooners. Yes there are PMLN fans.,

  • Fair enough, will use "PML-N fans" in future.

  • Thats good enough.


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  • @sandman

    All points you mentioned are related to jalsa, real hard task for them is to defend corruption and other allegations on Nawaz Shareef

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  • It is tough being a supporter of noon league, as the only way to defend them is through lies.

  • On top of that Doctor...ha,ha,,,,ha...sorry couldn't stop laughing at "doctor" sb. is giving a helping hand to his noon brothers.

    The above doctor sb. is claiming that PTI's Lahore Jalsa was attended by borrowed people.

    Degree jaili hi sahi-lekin degree to hai ...What a curse these people are.

  • The main criticism of PTI against PMLN is assets declaration and taxes, here is latest official FBR documents presented by Nawaz Sharif.

    Hope Imran Khan will stop putting allegations on Sharif Family, if Imran Khan thinks these documents are forge, why not go to Court and get the justice as talking would get him nothing for the nation.

  • @pakstar

    U see the perception amongst people is that nawaz Sharif is corrupt and looted the poor, and built an empire with awam money.

    Do u really think that perception will change with some fake documents?

    If Nawaz Sharif is serious he needs to go to court and sue IK for slander, that is what is required, then only then would there be something to dicuss.

    Fake Votes, Fake degrees and now fake document.

  • No doubt the documents are correct. But its not what they show that is important, but rather what they don't show. For example, they don't answer any of the allegations in this article: sharif 1991&st=cse&pagewanted=print

  • @saladin89

    Its not PMLN which is targeting PTI day and night but it's PTI which is doing propaganda against PMLN 24/7. PMLN will go to court but at the moment I think PMLN does not feel it necessary to hit hard PTI.

    Secondly, If PMLN wins against PTI in court, the nation won't get nothing by knowing that Imran Khan lied.

    In contrast If PTI goes to court and wins against PMLN, then the so-called looted money (allegations) will come back in Pakistan. Good for nation right? So Isn't it more important for PTI to go court against PMLN in best interest of Pakistan and so to get the looted money back?

    instead of PMLN goes in court against PTI just for party's sake.

    hope you get the point

  • PML-N does not feel to hit hard at PTI, because they are wanting an alliance with PTI (see link in my post further up this thread).

    Before/If PTI go to court, they need to gather the evidence, which is what they are in the process of doing....

  • @pakstar

    Give me a break it was noon league propaganda that called IK Yahudi lobby, Taliban Khan etc, If IK targets noon league it is for corruption and friendly opposition. Which both to me are justified, and a couple of one liners by IK for fun.

    If noon league wins against PTI in court, I don't think that looted money can come back into Pakistan as long as noon league runs Punjab, do u remember what happened to CJ at the period when Nawaz Sharif was PM. Recently the noon league cronies broke out one of there men out of prison, what did courts do then or police? So therfore not a single penny will come back ( all PTI are doing is letting people know before the street movement, we will go to court and bring forth evidence concerning both noon league and Mr10%, so that then there are no arguments that we did not go to court)

    This is the problem that people have a perception of Nawaz Sharif as corrupt, that is why so many ended up coming into PTI jalsa. and noon league were left exposed with patwari people. If Nawaz can prove that IK is a lier and he actually is not corrupt then that would benefit him and his party. So that is good NO?

    If Nawaz Sharif himself goes to court it will benefit him, why would he be sticking up for IK where the noon league propaganda machinery has began already concerning IK.

    The main aim for Nawaz Sharif to come on TV and talk about tax was to show that he has been paying them. However would it not be better for him to clear this perception by going to court?

    By going to court he clears his name, and makes IK a liar, that is what noon league want. Is it Not?, so if that is so go to court for slander!

    But to be honest even courts will not help, as over the yaers a lot of people have come to the conclusion that Nawaz Sharif is in fact corrupt. So in a sense I will agree with u he should not bother and just wait for PTI cell to file a case, because it will not make a darn bit of difference even if NAwaz gets the favour from courts.

    All I can say to Noon league is Lage Raho

  • If only the big jalsas were critaria to win elections then Asghar Khan and Qazi Hussain Ahmad would not been a history. What really matters in politics is winning the elections which occur at the polling stations across the country instead of Minar Pakistan.

  • ya very good point wasimibr,

    you have hit the nail in the head for me.

    even after such numbers in jalsas, it is not for sure one will do well on election day. for that you need an organization that spreads itself well down into the grassroots and to make such an organization you need to be a true leader.

    PMLN has existing support, while PTI has to create new support. as far as internet politics is concerned, PTI is clearly ahead, but on the ground, i dont know.

  • @quaidkamazzar

    On the ground, did u not see the October 30th jalsa?

    In fact what did u see, in numbers and kind of people that came?

  • If the number of folks attending the jalsa are your supposed electoral strength...than god have mercy on your party since a typical urban constituency in Punjab polls more than 100K votes in a general election...your party managed around that much from the entire Pakistan.