Imran Khan gets special security cover - Disinformation or What?

  • ISLAMABAD - A special security cover has been provided to Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan after successful show of power in Lahore, it has been learnt reliably.

    Though nobody in authorities have confirmed that a special traffic route was placed for Imran Khan on his return from China, interestingly he was provided with clear passage from Benazir Bhutto International Airport to his residence in Bani Gala, Islamabad, although he had used busiest arteries of the city including Rawal Road and Benazir Bhutto Road.

  • ایزی گو صاحب

    اس ملک کے سب رہنما صرف عوامی رہنما ہیں

    غریبوں کی بھلائی کا نام لینے والی پیپلز پارٹی ہو یا

    عوام کا دکھ رکھنے والی مسلم لیگ ہو

    یا پھر تبدیلی لانے والی تحریک انصاف ہو

    میں شکر گزار ہوں کے مرے ملک میں عوام کا دکھ رکھنے والے اتنے رہنما ہیں

    سادہ لباس، سادہ گھر، سادہ زندگی، سادہ طرز عمل

    بسوں میں سفر کرنے والے، روزی روزگار کے لیے نوکریاں کرنے والے، اپنا سودا سلف خریدنے والے

    اسے لیے تو ان کو ملک کے عوام کے حالت کی اتنی خبر ہے

    میرا خیال ہے کے دنیا کے باقی ممالک کو بھی ان رہنماؤں کی اشد ضرورت ہے جو ان دوسرے ممالک کے عوام کی بہتری

    کی خاطر اپنے شب و روز وقف کر دیں

    کیوں نہ ہم اپنے کچھ رہنماؤں کو کراے پر دوسرے ملکوں کو دے دیں

    ہماری آمدنی ہو جاتے گی اور دوسرے ممالک کی حالت بھی ہمارے ملکوں جیسی ہو جاتے گی

  • Well, after so much propaganda and false news/alegations in the media, I've decided to research each and every news before completely believing it. Here is what I found out:

    There was no special route provided but it was predetermind and Imran did not go to his Bani Gala residence from the Airport but went to the Islamabad Secreteriat of PTI through Murree Road Rawalpind in a form a car rally. There were a lot of people gathered at the Airport to welcome him which I am assuming might have caused a bit of discomfort to other travelers.

    But the fact of the matter is even if he was given a special security cover, is it a news worthy?? It was car rally that went through one of the most sensitive area in Pakistan. Rawalpindi has been under constant attacks from extremists and I have myself gone through many check points in Rawalpindi and felt a little uneasy wondering what if something happens at this check point.

    But People can judge by themselves if there was any thing out of the ordinary or not in the pics below (facebook account might be required to view the pics).

  • Is it a sin to have security cover for such a politician?

    I wish he be given a whole brigade ; we cant afford to have another lame rhetoric

    "کل بھی عمران زندہ تھا آج بھی عمران زندہ ہے

    تم کتنے عمران مارو گے ہر گھر سے عمران نکلے گا."

  • ہپو کریٹ صاحب

    آپ نے تکلیف دہ باتیں لکھی ہیں جن سے اختلاف نہیں کیا جا سکتا

    خان صاحب ہمیشہ سے ایلیٹ کلاس کے ہیں اب تھوڑا مزید اضافہ ہو جایے گا

    عوام ہی بیچارے ہیں جو ہروقت تیار ہوتے ہیں پھر سے نعروں پر اعتبار کرنے کے لئے

  • Imran Khan is for poor. He has proven that practically as compared to some verbal '' khalifah'' getting VIP protocols from poor tax payers money or arriving through Lahore airport's old terminal as VIP.

  • @ExPosed

    I wish what you say about Imran Khan is true and remains true in the time ahead when and if Khan Sahib flies high.

  • @EasyGo

    Only Allah knows about future.

    I believe IK will do far better as compared to all others. We have seen many PMs, CMs saying that he will convert PM/CM housing into Universities etc but they never did that even having the power to do so. Instead of doing this they are using billions of Rs. from tax payers money for their families, relatives security and rallies.

  • I don't know why the sufferings of poor has forced the awami leader to move his residence from close to the awam in Zaman park Lahore to the outskirts lavish living in Bani gala palace away from the awam. May be like all other politicians, the new awami leader also wants to serve the poor but without living closer to them.