Do you think Imran Khan is being controlled by Establishment?

  • Why do you think or not think so?

    I kindly request everyone to remain polite

  • No.

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  • لا ریب فیہ

  • Absolutely not, Imran cannot be controlled by anyone!!!

    Establishment cannot afford to have such an impulsive, reactionary and brave leader as their man in Pakistani politics. Establishment could not control a person with mediocre intelligence like Nawaz Sharif how can they bet their money on Imran.

    Personally, I think establishment is closely watching Imran because they know if Imran can garner enough support to form an majority government than he might be dangerous to establishment.

  • He can't be controlled by anyone. Jo Allah se darte hain woh establishment ya us ke hawaryoon se Kabhi control naheen Ho sakte.

  • Wrong question rasheed.

    The real question should Nawaz $harif really anti-establishment or only a topi dramay baaz...considering how he was conceived in the test tube of military establishment and general Jilani...and could a child (Nawaz $harif) be anti-mother (establishment)?

  • ^Ahem, Ahem!!

  • Lagah Roh Dosto...sometimes we are Jew sponsored, sometimes we are tile smugglers, sometimes we are Taliban Supporters and then we are internet fan club and now we are Establishment supporters...but what ever we are, the golden days of 2/3 majority are most certainly over...

  • ^ Noon league after been badly exposed now, will definitely be struggling to win a few seats in even Punjab, in the next general elections, let alone 2/3 majority or even a simple majority.

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  • How funny these babies from noon league ;) Now they have started to refer to FB "analysis" of deeply grave situation. Well done Pervez (rasheed). Good to see you back after counting the chairs at Minar-e-Pakistan ;)

    The answer to your question is a big NO. Imran is controlled by principles and not by army, establishment or ISI.

  • Another question ... Whom would you vote for if you have the following two options in your local constituency?

    1- An MNA/MPA who has history of changing political parties for power and his support of dictator, even when dictator is sacking all of superior judiciary through PCO?

    2- An MNA/MPA who has corruption allegations with no conviction, but he stood against dictator for last 10 years and fought for independent judiciary?

  • There is propaganda going around from system quo party supporters and some media that Ik is controlled by establishment. To me this story has been began by noon league factions, and now some PPP are using the same rhetoric.

    In the beginning it use to be yahudi lobby, then it became Taliban Khan and now it is become establishment stooge.

    Now let me make it clear the supporters of Imran Khan are genuine supoporters who mainly think that Imran Khan can get us out of this mess that we are in. FACT there is no doubt about that. Video evidence and speaking to people myself suggests this is the case that it is genuine, and nothiung to so with the influence of establishment.

    What do establishment want?

    To get a correct answer u will have to speak to them directly.

    But this my take on it

    Establishment is sick and tired of this so called war on terror, there would rather be concentrating on India. Secondly be government being strong that also would mean more money for them. With the present government as they are corrupt to the core, economy in tatters, this will be not beneficial to them. So I would think they would want a change from these incompetent, musical chair leaders. So i would think they would want Imran Khan, unless they are crooks to the core like our hukumran, then they would not want IK. So my opinion is that they would be pro Imran, as to them as well he is the best option.

    To awam and establishemnt it should be PTI.

  • nooners want establishment arrange an "IJI" once more so that N$ can become Ameer ul Momineen.

  • While we are talking about facebook, here is the latest from Abrar ul Haq:

    with reference to omer farooq and many others lovely friends I want to ask that should I make my own party or join PTI to save Pakistan ????? wot do you people want ?????

  • @rasheed

    Let me make it clear for u:-

    stablishment or noon league?

    For me it would be army. Not saying that army can get us out of this crisis in Pakistan, but compared to noon league it is the better option.

  • @Rasheed: Ali moeen Nawazish asked "which one supported" and you twisted it to "control by".

    Talk about twisting the words;)

    From same logic, is it right assessment if we say "Nawaz Sharif controlled by Saudis, since he was supported by them"??

  • This is the time to stand with someone who has given new hope to the people of this country as compared to those who have looted this nation on different names. My vote and support is for Imran khan and his candidates after testing all other parties many times.

  • @dusky

    I would disagree with in this context I would say Nawaz Sharif under the thumb of US!