Imran Khan 300 kanal land exposed

  • Ansar Abbasi is one of the honest journalist in Pakistan. Indeed, what ever he said is aboult truth about Imran Khan. Imran Khan is not a corrupt politician, if he is then he would not strongly insist for declaring of assets(in true form). WE DON'T NEED ANY EVIDENCE, WE THE YOUTH TRUST IMRAN KHAN AND HIS HONESTY.

    Moreover, you think you people have to grow up now, PML-N and PPP pointing a finger on a person(Imran Khan), who was never been to Power. Imran Khan never been a minster or adviser. He got the offer of prime minister-ship once in 1988 and then in 2002, however, Imran Khan rejected.

    No body can challenge his honesty or credibility.If he is not honest then no one ever him single penny for Flood reliefs and for Shukat Kanam Hospital. People pay him donations because he is honest and credible.His honesty is indisputable !

    Moreover, the one who is accusing Imran Khan for so-called corruption is itself PML-N MNA, and he is son in law of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. So how can you trust such a crappy guy who got no political portfolio and whose family is itself engaged in massive corruption.

  • Everyone knows that Ansar Abbasi is the establishment's bitch. He is the biggest taliban supporter in the media. It is no surprise that he is fully supporting Imran Khan.

  • Dude -- kiddie junaidahmed90---Imran Khan was playing cricket in 1988---what are you talking about that he was offered prime ministership. Grow up man. He was never offered PM and he is dying to be PM. Don't believe everything Imran says.

  • Well Imran Khan is not known to be a liar, so I do believe him, I think it was offered to him during MUsh days!

    But the problem is that people who are known to be compulsive liars 24/7 u think they are telling the truth.

  • Hahahahahaha....on the contrary it was Holier than thou Pope Imran himself who had run ragged Gen. Bay-Zamir and Tariq Aziz by constantly pestering them to make him PM by engineering at least 50 seats in 2002 Parliament which would have helped him become a PM.....Lol, the dude was only good for ONE seat!

  • What about that 7.5 Million rupees given to him by agencies for Lahore Jalsa as alleged by Ch. Nisar Ali Khan in today's show with Kashif Abbasi? Can Imran Khan tell the truth?

  • give it a break gujjar talwar, bring some proof if u have any otherwise what is the point of all this?

    the topic in hand is 300 kanal land

  • @junaidahmed90----"Ansar Abbasi is one of the honest journalist in Pakistan. Indeed, what ever he said is aboult truth about Imran Khan".

    I wonder If Ansar Abbasi holds same stature now!!!

  • Ansar Abbasi has come out many times against every politician, establishment representatives. Just a few years ago he was questioning why Kayani was given extension and why the budget of the army isn't checked...... How can you idiots call him a bitch of anyone?

    Some of you paid supporters will do anything to call an honest man a liar if it serves your agenda.

  • @Gujjar Talwar

    aap nay agencies say 10 lakh liyay hain yahan pay N league ko support karnay k....dain mian sb is baat ka jawab....

    sir ji jis banday ka sacha hona ka sara zamana aitaraf karta hai....aap us ki sachayee pay ch nisar jaisay paltooo or jhotay k bayan ko tarjee day rahay hain.....yeh standard hai aap ka sachayee k liyay????

  • @zardaro

    You should only read Ather Abbas as no one else will be fair to you except him.

    خوش رہو اپنے خرچے پر!

  • Abbas athar is really a sathya howa budha...... :d.

  • No comparison between Ansar Abbasi and the likes of Athar Abbas, Nazir Naji. The latter have "for sale" sign on them whenever new gov't come into power.

  • Oh please gujjar, give it a rest.

    PML-N is desperate. Since last 24hours Nawaz league is hard at work. Very hard to find anything they can.

    Today only we heard acquisitions again Imran Khan about

    About the 300 kanal zameen

    Imran Khan's income

    Shaukat Khanum hospital

    Imran Khan receiving 7.5 million rupees.....

    Does Ch. Nisar realize 7.5million pounds in $83k? $83k in a jalsa of 1000 people is meaningful. But it is pennies or paisa's when 200k people show up to a jalsa.

    His leadership would sleep easier if he would just come out and give the proof.

  • Nawaz Shareef, A leader of pakistan should limit his political activites to Rawiand Farms. He is no more fit to represent all Pakistanis, specially Khyber-Pukhtunhwa, Baluchistan, Sindh and most of Punjab.

  • @Maria,

    Yes, Ansar Abbasi is still an honest person. Criticism is his right, and Imran Khan is the last person to fear criticism and takes it head on. Did you see the last Capital Talk in which Imran appeared?

    On another day, he will clear Ansar Abbasi's doubts. In fact, the last part of the news report is interesting and Abbasi has actually explained the partial reason for Imran's careful remarks. No need for Imran Khan to be a hard liner.

    On another note, I do believe that Ansar Abbasi is too far to the right, and a bit of a religious fanatic. I say this because he even kind of supported and explained the murder of Sulman Tasir.

    However, he is honest and this is a fact. IK and he might not agree on some points for the rest of their lives, but they will both respect each other for their honesty.

  • Imran stance on Indian TV was rite. No need to get your knickers in a twist but I do have a reservation against the old corrupt n hypocrites joing IK's bandwagon.

    If IK gave tickets to these old, well tried corrupt people than he won't be much different than the other parties.

  • @Gujjar Talwar,

    The simple reply to you is that Ch Nisar is a LIAR, a shameless one at that.

    There's a way for him to put an end to all this. He should go to Supreme Court and file a case against Imran Khan. After all, many N-league leaders are heading to Supreme Court on other matters. So why not this one?

    What I am suggesting is what was done by Asghar Khan against the establishment's stooge of the day, Nawas Sharif. Ashgar Khan filed a petition against NS, which is still pending in the Supreme Court. NS does not have the guts to face it.

    One day that petition will come out and NS will be busted at least on this issue.

  • UnchangedIK,

    Asghar Khan's petition is not against NS but against ISI which is propping your leader these days.

    What about the petition in California Superior Court, State of California vs Imran Khan Niazi.