NA 124 - Lahore-VII

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  • Pmln or pti fight will gave ppp great chance to win from here

  • Aitzaz ahsan has been usual PPP candidate and barring 2002 , he/ppp hasn't win this seat since 1990.

    I belong to this constitunecy but away :). Don't see much for PTI in this constituency. Sheikh rohail Asghar ,current pml-n mna, has a strong footing himself in the constituency.

  • If the lowest vote getter is declared winner, then PPP will certainly win this seat.

  • Adonis bahi,

    Aisa tu naa karain . PPP has either won this seat or has been second.

  • Even in 2002 when PML-N was supporting Aitezaz Ahsan and did not field its own candidate, PPP managed only 27000 votes and PPP barely won.

    In 2008, PPP votes were 23000 and it lost by a margin of 50,000 to PML-N.

    This time around, hell will freeze over before PPP gets more votes than it got in 2008. In fact, even 20,000 votes will be a miracle.

    Now, even though there are not many burger strongholds in this constituency, PTI should still manage to get more than 20,000 votes.

    So for all means and purposes, the best PPP can hope for here is number 3.

  • Adonis ,

    If u r predicting more than 20k votes from this constituency for PTI then , PTI is up for grabbing some seat from lahroe like ( Na-125 , 126 , 127 ) which are burger nature.

    As u said very rightly , its a non-burger seat, if PTI can manage something like 20k , then i should admit that i have been away for too long and dynamics have changed.


  • PTI will be a major factor on every single seat in Lahore, as per my information Waleed Iqbal grandson of Allama Iqbal will the candidate of PTI on this seat. PPP is only a player in NA 130 the rest of the seats are out of their reach.

  • @ Lahora Bahi

    PPP is strong on 2 seats in Lahore .... Na 118 and NA 129... Na 130 PPP can not win this time ....

  • i have heard a lot here that pPP is strong in Na 118. Just wondering that. PPP has not won this seat since 1977 .

  • @ SA bhai

    AsalamuAlikum dear how R u ?

    Actually its not PPP strng here its Syed Asif Hashmi who is very strong here .... he can win in his personal capacity... and may be may be Out of No where he also can join PMLN near elections .... there r 25% chances that this might be happening .. But most probably he will remain in PPP and thus PPP has chance to win this seat...

  • Ch Bahi,

    i m fine . Thx for asking.

    Whats Asif Hashmi's back ground ? I don't remember him winning even any MPA seat.

    And secondly , being chairman of Evacuee trust party , won't he be ineligible ?

  • @ Sharif aadmi

    You do seem to have been away for too long. PPP vote bank that has been steadily declining in cities has now really hit rock bottom.

    Most of PPP's traditional urban voters had stopped voting at all due to their disappointment with their leadership. But now most of them have shifted support to PTI thinking that it is the only party that can compete with PML-N whom they have always hated.

    PPP has ceased to exist in urban areas as a significant electoral factor. It has become just like Jamaat-i-Islami, having a small group of vocal workers but not a competitive vote bank.

    So at least in urban areas, it is mostly PML-N vs PTI.

  • THE MNA Shkiek Roheel Asghar is my neighbour...his house and my house wall is combined,,,HE has two sons...(both are not brave)..he has great chance of winning because PTI has nothing noticeable in this constituency...PPPP has 10000 to 15000 votes...they wiil get nothing more than that...Hafiz younis Azad (jammat alal hadis) and Norani group has 10000 personal votes...right now they are supporting PML N...

  • Mian Naveed Anjum MPA in last election 1st time fight the election he is a jenuine PML N worker...During Musharraf time the only PML N Nasiz of UC-33 remain loyal to PML N...Further a hafiz a healty fit man...with number of schools and madrasas running.... Further, this area does not include burgers...PTI perhaps nominated waleed Iqbal...none in the constituency knows who is waleed person among 1000 people 1st time has listened the name waleed iqbal...All chudary's are supporting MPA anjum further he is from base...but he and Roheel Asghar has basic differences they never like each other...they ever print the picture of name of each other on a single banner...but both are loyal to PML N and works hard to show that i am stronger than other...Roheel wants MPA ticket for his son instead of MPA Anjum...(that is the only issue)

  • Adonis

    U r right , i have been away for quite long.

    And i totally agree that PPP has a declining urban vote bank and its obvious since 93. In 93 , PPP won urban seats from gujrat and then all the way down to Sahiwal ,it wasn't able to grab any urban seat. Thats a reality and i can imagine that with the non-delivery in this tenure, PPP is bound to be in shambles.

  • MuazzamAli

    R u roheels neighbour in defence or his old home in daroghawala ?

    And Mian Nadeem is from ppp 118/144 from where Haji imdad won in 97 and then her sister won in 2002

  • I have from his center of politics...Mian Naveed Anjum is from PP-144...Amdad Hussain our neighbour too but he has lost all... because he do not know how to fight election further he do not invest at elections...further top Lotta he is....he will be the joint candidate of PML Q and PPPP...and he will be the big time last election i voted for Imdad and Roheel...when i was at pooling both it was very hard for me to decide b/w imdad and Naveed Anjum...i gave to imdad as our nearer one...(at that time i was sure he will be the looser)...PTI is far behind in this constituency...having no office or any one representing them....

  • I pray PTI do some thing in this constituency....its good to see PTI in Politics because it helps our will eradicate PPPP and then Both right wing parties PTI and PML N do can see Performance of Punjab is much better than any province...we need good opposition in Punjab...not like PPPP and PML Q...because Opposition is also the beauty of the system......