PMLN getting ready for another Jalsa using Govt. Employees and Public Money

  • After Imran Khan's announcement to finish patwari system in Historic Jalsa in Lahore<a></a>. PMLn has given the task to patwaris to bring people for Faislababd Jalsa after the D G Khan <a></a>and Lahore<a></a>

  • Well They will have to beat this. Not sure if you can beat this. Dhobi Ghat was jam packed so they will have to pack it up again just to show the same strength.

  • Another source of tax payers money to be used for PMNL rent a rally is Here<a></a>

  • hahahaha se 4 guna barra jalsa nawaz sharif ne dhobi ghat mei kiya tha during the governor raj when he had no govt machinery....aur faisalabad ppp ka shehar hai wahan aap ppp se mukaable kar len pehle...their corrupt mnas are joining pti and will lead to nothing but defeat for pti

  • Lol once again my post is deleted from this thread.

    what are mods/admin trying to do here. I just posted a picture of PTI jalsa in Dhobi Ghat recently.

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  • what is going on?

    Insaftak could u please put the picture of dhobi ghat please.

    Concerning Faislabad jalsa, they will go all out to prove themselves, the patwari will be in full force. PTI should also give them a surprise and do a jalsa on the same day, and put these crooks to sleep permenately.

  • @ insaftk,

    I think the PML(N) jalsa shall be very big otherwise they wouldnt be taking the risk of holding this jalsa. The difference, however, will be exposed by the media when it will interview the 'rental crowd'.

    Imran's jalsa was special not only because of the count of people, but also for the enthusiasm and spirit they brought along with them. This cannot be replicated by renting a crowd.

  • Yup, it surely can't be replicated either when you have support of the establishment and crowds sent by PPP and PML (Q).

  • PPP could not even hold there own jalsa they had to use MQM to hold one for them. PML Q either they are ready to join PTI or the rest are too noon league.

    Give it break siddiqi73, it was a genuine crowd u know it as well as I.

  • PML(N) should ask PPP their brothers in crime for ground support instead of using government employees.

  • so this is the reality of Mian bradran,pmln

  • iss jalsay ka per head rate kia lagaya hai PML-N nay?

    should be more then 28th oct. jalsa


    Bhaijaan, app kitnay mein biqoo gai? Apni price batao aur jalsay mein hazari lagao.

  • Lahorians get ready for another day without transport

  • @siddiqi73

    app ko munh mangi keemat mili lagti hai....

    moot ka khu hoota tau zarror jata.

  • @TVIRUS,

    Haan bhai, waisa hee moot ka khu jahan "Imran Khan" naami joker nay Strings aur Shahzad Roy kay saath mil kar khoob mauj masti ki thee.....right? ;)

  • PML-N using govt machinery for

    public rallies: PLF

    Staff Report

    LAHORE: Peoples Lawyers Forum (PLF) Punjab Senior Vice President Malik Nasir Awan and Additional General Secretary Rana Sufyan Arshad said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) rally to be held in Faisalabad today (Saturday) would be a failure since the people have rejected the confronting politics of the PML-N.

    The PLF officials said this in a statement issued on Saturday, adding that the chief justice should also take notice of the use of government machinery by the PML-N for its public meetings. “The local police and administration has been appointed with the task of bringing people to the rally, which is against the political values,” they said. They added that the Sharif Brothers were responsible for the worsening law and order situation and rampant corruption in the province.

    Daily times

  • faislabad jalsa tommorrow, what do u think will be outcome?

  • I don't know how many people they=nooners+patwari+police waley etc. will be able to force/lure. IMO numbers doesn't matter in such low class gatherings. I am also sure that the media will expose them,