After Notorious Lota xMNA of Lahore Another Fake Degree Holder Ex MNA Joins PTI.

  • Notorious Lota of Lahore Zaheer Abbad Khokhar First MPLN PMA then PPP MNA became PP Patriot Lota of Mush then Looses on PMLQ ticket in 2008 , refused ticket of PPP to contest By-election in Lahore Joins PTI and now its spokesman on TV.

    Faiz Tamman Renowned Fake Degree Holder who had to resign as PMLN MNA last year Joins PTI.

    hahahaha Lahore ka jalsa..

  • PTI is open to everyone but the vast majority of tickets would be given to youngsters and people that are able to declare their assets and tell their source of income.

    I have full confidence in Imran Khan. There are thousands of people joining PTI everyday and you can't stop them from joining your party.

  • LOL .....

    So now PTI is open to everyone?

    Previously it was being claimed that only the 'honest' will be allowed to join PTI. Imran Khan himself used to say that anyone wishing to join PTI will have to declare his assets. We have yet to see any declaration of assets either from any of these new entrants or from Imran Khan himself.

    When PML-N expels fake degree holders, then it is blamed by fan club for being full of bad people. But when PTI accepts fake degree holders in its ranks, it is touted as a great feat. So now it is OK for PTI to accept crooks as members, but they will not be given party tickets in elections? Come election time and these crooks get tickets, then surely the flock of fan club sheep will find some justification for this as well.

  • INsaf Tak ... what an argument ,,,,, hahahaa

    same thing I joind Mush oh I made mistake...

    Now give ticket to Lota and expelled Fake Degree holder ....

  • Ex-lotay zindabad

    Fake degree holders zindabad

    PTI is open to everyone zindabad

    Insaf is coming in our soceity

    Inqilab zindabad

    Now fake degree holders will now bring revolution in Pakistan.

    Inqilab aaway hi aaway

  • Opportunist politicians always changing like the weather, in ka koi deen man nahee hay. I mean if Faiz Tamman Lied and presented a bogos degree as genuine, then what does this say about his character and more importantly do PTI want these kind of people in the party.

  • @Adonis,

    You are certainly not that naive?

    There are tens of thousands of people who are taking PTI membership on daily basis, can all their assets and background be checked?

    Do you ask only "clean" people to vote for you? Hasan Nisar has a very good argument on this in his latest Meeray Mutabiq on Geo.

    BUT, when you give someone an important portfolio or a ticket for MNA or MPA, then everything should be scrutinized, and it will be scrutinized as stated by IK in his latest press conference.

    Ticket and portfolio - that's where you should have an argument. And no blame game, just because someone has left your party, doesn't mean he is corrupt.

    And your leader himself, Nawaz Sharif, has tons of corruption charges against him.

  • @aftab,

    There would be opportunists politicians joining PTI, no doubt, but it is about tickets and portfolios where things should be scrutinized, not at membership level, because scrutinizing everyone entering PTI is impossible. However, as IK has stated, a complain cell will soon be built (the same committee who will investigate politicians' assets), and anyone can file a complain against a particular person there. Plus, PTI has an existing disciplinary committee.

    However, there are many people also joining PTI now because while before they did agree with PTI's stance and respected Imran Khan, they used to think that PTI cannot come into power in this corrupt system. Masood Khatak is one such person, who resigned from PPP when BB was alive and only joined a party now, PTI.

    Just because someone has been associated with politics before, it doesn't necessarily make him disqualified from PTI. This is nonsensical.

    The enemies of PTI will put up this kind of nonsense because PTI has its foot on their tails. Simple as that.

  • Propaganda and cant aside, I think that restriction of Jaali degree was illegal and totally implausible in country like Pakistan where majority of the population is illeterate. Not to forget, it was put in place by dictator and all legislation put in place by him must be declared illegal.

    Tamman, Dasti and Nazeer Jatt etc hd the support of their people and we have all seen Dasti getting re-elected which shows that his constituents don't care about a degree, they rather want someone who works for them.

    Degree is not prerequisite for being honest and this is proven by the fact that almost all corrupt and incompetant politcians are highly educated. And just look at wall street which is a nexus of corruption in the whole universe.

    In my views, financial corruption should be the main cause for writting off politicians not personal life and I think degree falls in the category of personal life!!!

  • Definition of Lotas:

    A lota is a person who wins an election on a party's ticket and then joins another party in power.

    A lota is not someone who changes his party before election and contests elections on the new party's ticket.

    Lotas are the forward block in Punjab which has been embraced by the Lota League (PMLN). These lotas won elections on PMLQ ticket and are now putting their weight on PMLN's side.

    If lota is simply one who changes his party, then Nawas Sharif is a lota himself who started his politics from Tehreek-e-Istiqlal.

    Hanif Abbasi is a lota who was in JI and joined PMLN before 2008 elections. Pervaiz Rasheed is a lota who was in PPP.

    And there are many more examples. In fact, PMLN is a party created by the establishment and many politicians form different parties were bribed to join it.

  • @ ChangeIK

    I take your points on board, but would like to say if there is an outstanding question mark on a person who is of a 'high' profile, then a clarification must be made forthwith, so that any negative propaganda is dealt with and nipped in the bud before it is mixed with other half truths and propaganda.

  • Personally I would give all tickets to educated people. No to People with no education.

  • I like this notion of "anyone can join PTI", it is nice one. PTI has now become political Qibla of Pakistani politics; any fake degree holder corrupt politician of any party can now join PTI and their past sins/record will be washed away.

    What a party it is!!

  • @insaftak,

    I kind of agree but it's difficult if you have such a low literacy rate as in Pakistan especially in villages. So at village level, I would put first emphasis on good reputation and clean track record.

  • O bhai there many mpa's of PML N are trying to jump into PTI almost everyday politicians from every party are joining PTI in every constituency evry ppl from every political family are joining but it doesn't mean k in sub ko ticket b milay ga ticket to akhir aik banday ko he milna hay.and i believe that PTI will choose the best man from every halka inshallah.

  • The politicians who are joining Pti is not for having a picnic, definately these politicians are being promised for the party tickets for the coming election.If IK wants to bring Inqilab with the same tested politicians then he should be ready for his downfall which would not take much time. Why he does not trust his party youth who are working for the change since last 15 years.

  • PTI is open for everyone, but not everyone should be allowed to be a voice on behalf PTI. BTW. I don't know much about this fella. Does anyone have credible links?

  • Congratulation to PTI for joining the "Jaali degree club" along with ppp and Pml(N). By accepting Faiz Tamman, Pti has lost the moral right to criticize both main parties on the issue of fake degree holders. Does IK wants to bring change with the help of “Jaali degree holders and with the help of politicians who are notorious to change the parties with the flow of wind to safeguard their own personal interests.

  • @wasimibr

    brother in my constituency there are three political families all of them are in PTI and every family will try to get ticket from PTi but its up to the PTI's board to decide which is the best candidate aakhir ticket aik admi ko he milna hay, so PTI will have the choice to select a good person.

  • @aayelleye1,

    Brother amen to these political families in your constituency. Hope they have heard the names of Ijaz Jazi and that poor soul who got 1,300 votes in Sahiwal By-Elections.

    Riding on Establishment's coat tail Khappay

    Pop Music Politics Khappay

    Betting money on a cricket match to pay off debts..khappay khappay khappay!!!