After Notorious Lota xMNA of Lahore Another Fake Degree Holder Ex MNA Joins PTI.

  • I am sure this newcomer will be out of contention if it is proven that he has been cheating. Right now so many people are joining PTI that it is impossible to check all of them properly. So.....have a little bit of patience:)

  • If you cannot corruption from day one, it will never be eradicated. Faiza Timman is Lota, fake degree holder and now he has been accepted on the promise that he will be awarded a ticket. What a shame....i always say vote for Imran is vote for Zardari.

  • @paktech,

    As they say:

    Mafahimat Khappay

    Establishment ka kartoos hona khappay

    Imran aur Zardari kay alliance hona khappay khappay khappay

  • The new comer Faiz Tamman is not unknown person. He defeated Ch pervaiz on Pml(N) ticket from Chakwal/Talagang constituency in 2008 election. But later on when Ch Pervaiz challenged his jaali degree then Faiz Tamman resigned from NA. I don't think that Ik is so saada that he does not know about the politicians who are joining his party. In this particular case he has himself welcomed Faiz Tamman in the party.

  • Rubbish, no party can avoid crooks. It's a fact that some traditional parties works as magnets for crooks. It's also a fact that in between some crooks will be in good parties too. The difference will be that in decent parties crooks will be thrown out if there is evidence.

  • Now open for everybody , it reminds me of kings party which Musharraf formed before 2002 election , interestingly Imran was part of game at that time as well :)

  • @siddiqi73

    By accepting fake degree holder in pti, now at least there will be no moral justification that ptian will raise the jaali degree issues of the two main parties. LOL

  • If I comment on this being neutral then yes it is a good move.

    After all PML-N was also harboring him despite fake degree.

    Now there is no condition for graduation so whats the big fuss?

  • Interestingly the lot of politicians who joined 2002 King party i.e. Q-leaque from other parties, now same lot have started to join the new 2011 king party i.e. Pti.

  • @siddiq

    bi elections say andazay nae lagatay and PTI didn't contest in sahiwal.

    PTI doesn't need establishment may b establishment needs pti.

    what do u mean by musical politics aj tak kisi PTI k jalsay may koi love or romantic i mean typical song chala ho to batao?

    but masla ye hay k koi faida hay raat ko 2 bajay damagh khapanay ka imran khan nay aana he aana.

  • I have another question. After standing up to the USA, is IK's policy to lick India's boots? We need to normalise relationships on all levels, and that will make them gift Kashmir to us? JuD and other organisations are all now certainly terrorist organisations that IK is planning on destroying?

    I'd be grateful for clarifications...

  • Maybe you think that Pakistan is in a state to make demands or wage war. The time has come to give peace a chance. Enough violence has hit both sides.

  • @Scandanavian, that's my problem - there's no peace in Kashmir!

  • I am all for peace with india, but without sacrificing kashmir...Imran Khan stance on Kashmir is a lil' soft for my liking...he should have told Karan Thapar (anchor) in CNN-IBN interview that we still consider UN resolutions relevant, valid and support Kashmiris right of self determination...just like he said that in his today's interview in Capital Talk with Hamid Mir...I actually wanted Imran Khan to said the same in the face of that indian anchor, which he didn't said for whatever reason I don't know and left me a lil' disappointed.

    But I agree with Imran Khan that our support to Kashmir cause should be through peaceful means only. NO to violence, militancy and terrorism, which has actually damaged our Kashmir cause.

    Now that Imran Khan political stature is growing with the each day passing, I expect him to be bold and more vocal on our principled stance on Kashmir, i-e, the right of self determination for the Kashmiris, as also promised by the UN resolutions.

  • @pk.revolution

    there is no peace in Pakistan either!

    To be honest we cannot do much for Kashmir apart from pray.

    Pakistan state at the moment is as bad as Kashmirians maybe even more worse. When a country cannot give insaf to it's own people, how can we expect it to give it too others. We have the likes of mosad, raw and CIA working inside Pakistan, and what exactly they are doing here is suspicious. We have issues relating to terrorism and US breathing down our necks, to Do More! As if we have not done enough boot licking. Recently there were discussions between Zardari and US concerning with the help of US to dismantle ISI/army. We have Indian agents in Boluchsitan, finacially we are in the verge of collapse, look at the present leader's we have, do u suggest that we can fight under them?

    IK policy towards the Kashmir issue is going down the right direction, it is realistic, not flying in the air and making false promises.

    We have to save Pakistan first from system quo parties and US influence, after that we have to give insaf to our own people, once we are financially strong and flourishing with education and justice, then brother I believe India will give us Kashmir on a plate.

    We have to become a country that is economically strong, and not only strong but way stronger than India. PTI can bring a system of some kind of justice, and that is where India lacks, we can become a party for poor, and that is where India lacks, we can become a party that is 90% corrupt free from political corruption, and that is where India lacks.

    PTI can bring Pakistan to a state of economical superpower, then the foreign elements who are against the betterment of Pakistan will pooh themselves.

    Also i think the a war with India will not solve kashmir, unless it is a bloody one, u also forget that both nations are nuclear powers, do u really think that India will allow us to take Kashmir? Do u think the present state of Pakistan, we can get Kashmir out of the hands of INdia?. We need politics, I do not know how far IK can use his political skills in regards to kashmir, but he is far far better than our present corrupt hukumran.

    Delhi is too far away from us now, we have to Save Pakistan!

  • I do not think that IK should accept any jaali degree holders. However if he has done good by his people then it is something to think about!

  • @saladin89

    Then you will have the same logic for the corrupt politician who joins Pti that "if he has done good by his people then it is something to think about!"

  • @saladin89, thanks, but if this is what Ik will be doing vis-a-vis Kashmir, then I can continue praying under Zardari. He isn't stopping me from doing that. Why elect Imran then. Let's wait for mano salwa as the whole nation has done for the past 60 years.