Civil suit against Chaudary Nisar


    ISLAMABAD: The Chairman of the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) Ali Arshad Hakeem filed a civil suit in the Islamabad High Court on Monday against opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. Hakeem claimed that Nisar has damaged the credibility of Nadra and is claiming damages worth Rs10 billion. He said that Nisar blames Nadra officials for preparing fake identity cards for the employees of the housing society of a real estate tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain.


    I have noticed that Ch.Nisar is always accusing others of this and that, but hardly ever produces any proof.

    Just yesterday he was saying he will bring proof that PTI jalsa in Lahore was sponsored and supported by establishment.

    If he is unable to provide proofs in this case, it could get very costly for him…

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  • highly irresponsible comments by Chaudhry Nisar.

    Nadra is one of few institutions that are actually functioning well in pakistan.

    Good on Nadra Chariman for taking him to the court now it's all up to chaudhry Nisar to provide evidence or pay up.

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  • @Insaftak,

    NADRA working well?!!! Bro, please be for real. NADRA has frauduently issued thousands of fake ID cards to Afghans, Burmese and Bengalis. On the basis of these fake CNIC's, Afghans go on to have their Pakistani passports made, travel to Gulf with drugs stashed in the soles of their Peshawari chappals, get caught, have their heads beheaded and eventually bringing shame to the green Pakistani passport.

  • چلو دس ارب تو خزانے میں اہے گا اور آپ کو کیا چاہیے.

  • ch nisar ki politics samjh say bahar hai.........olad US nationality holder hai and siyasat woo Pakistan may kar rahay hain.......yani aisay mulak k karta dharta banana chahtay hain jahan un ki olaad he nahi.........yani in other words

    dard sahien be fakhta(Pakistani awam) or mazay urayein kaway(politicians k bachay)

  • Please stick to the subject which is NADRA, Civil Suit and Ch. Nisar. Refrain from brining in kids and other irrelevant aspects of a politician which would sidetrack a perfectly erudite debate. Afterall, there was a certain Sita White, Tyrian and DNA tests, you know ;)

  • @siddiqi73

    sir may nay Pakistan or nadra k hawalay say he baat ki nisar kis munh say is idaray pay tanqeed kar rahay hain????

    or 15-16 saloon say tu aap prove nahi kar sakay sita white case......ilzam tu mian sb pay shayad is say bhi ziada he hain.........lakin aap ki choti si aqal may yeh baat kaisay ayee gi :)

    (sorry for irrelevant post)

  • Tu kis say muun say kisi idaray par tanqeed honi chahiyeh? Oh, I get it....jis muun par Botox kay injection lagay hoon, right?

  • @siddiqi73

    meri baat ka jawab nahi dia aap nay........? sirf apna aik baseless comment day dia hai........ :)....koi baat nahi aap nay apnay leader pay he jana hai......

  • Mr Beans was never so vocal when, on occasional visits, he used to wander about aimlessly in the streets of London. At that time he was nothing more than a personal courier of Nawaz for delivering essential parcels to Edgware.

    Now, the effect of too much limelight has turned him crazy that he has started yelling so much. It could be even due to the fear of submersion under the deluge of PTI, which has frustrated him too much.

    PTI should strictly follow the course of justice and must contemplate legal action against any idiot who wilfully malign the party.

  • No offence isn't Ch Nisar the same person not so long ago was exposed by being an American stooge. And what grounds has he got to point figures at nadra, when he is from a party of jaali degrees and jaali votes.

    Nadra have done the right thing by taking Ch Nisar to court, the question is what will noon league influence courts actually do?

    Will the noon league badmash come into action like they did recently when one of there members was in police station or when N$ was in charge and sent his goons to cause havoc in Court.

    Do not expect anything from this, but at least nadra man is trying, but unfortunately this is noon league land, the police in there pockets, judiciary influence, not expecting much out of this.

  • saladin89

    "No offence isn't Ch Nisar the same person not so long ago was exposed by being an American stooge. And what grounds has he got to point figures at nadra, when he is from a party of jaali degrees and jaali votes."

    Bro, now Pti has joined the club of "Jaali Degree holder" as well after IK has accepted Faiz Tamman who had to resign from NA due to jaali degree.

  • Malik Riaz of Bahria has 30,000 employees working for him. He asked Zardari to send NADRA to his society, so that he can change the address on all ID cards of his employees and defeat Chaudhry Nisar from his constituency.

    Zardari asked NADRA chief to send a mobile registration van to bahria town so that this process could be completed quickly. Chaudhry Nisar came to know the plan and blocked the NADRA van and the case went to the court, where he won. One senior official of NADRA was also sidelined in this process.

    Malik Riaz, his son and his entire senior Bahria management who were busy in parallel in land grabbing in area near GT road got caught red handed and arrest warrants were issued for them. The senior management of Bahria is already under arrest for this big land scam and warrants are issued for Malik Riaz and his son.

    This story was only broadcasted on news 1 channel live, then a week later, tribune published this story while entire "Free Media" of Pakistan remained silent.

    Let me know if anyone wants to know more details on this issue.

  • @sandman

    Brother, you can easily find the background behind the rift between Nadra and Ch Nisar. Just read the below judgement of Supreme court against Nadra illegal action of issuing Cnic cards to Malik Riaz Bahria town employees by showing them as resident of NA 52 so that Malik Riaz could benefit in the election against Ch Nisar.

    ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday directed the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to close down its office located near Bahria Town after hearing a suo motu case against illegal issuance of 20,000 Computerised National Identity Cards (CNICs) to Bahria Town employees.

    The applicant Muhammad Hashmi told the court that 4,100 CNICs had so far been issued, adding that temporary addresses of these cards had been changed with addresses of the NA-52 constituency to turn them into voters of the constituency. This illegal exercise was taking away the democratic right of people of NA-52, he said.

    Hashmi said the government had set up a NADRA office in the courtyard of Bahria Town to give CNICs to employees easily, adding that the office had now been shifted outside Bahria Town in an area called Sawan Town.

    A three-member SC bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Amir Hani Muslim and Justice Ghulam Rabbani said issuing CNICs at someone’s doorstep was against NADRA’s decorum.

    NADRA’s lawyer Raza Kazim told the court that he had not examined the applicant’s plea and needed time to file a reply. He said NADRA was an institution which had no concern with any influential person, including Bahria Town Chief Executive Malik Riaz and Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Nisar Ali Khan. He said the case was spoiling NADRA’s prestige.

    NADRA Chief Administrator Tahir Akram denied issuance of 20,000 CNICs to Bahria Town employees and said only 2,000 applications had been received from Bahria Town till last year. The chief justice said the NADRA office in Swan Town should be closed down. Later, the court adjourned further hearing for three weeks.


  • @saladin89,

    Why are you posting same link that was posted on the top of the page? What are you trying to prove now after the Supreme Court judgement in favor of Chaudhry Nisar?

  • @rasheed

    what I am trying to prove is that Nadra Ali hakeem has filed a civil suit against Ch Nisar!

    He is basically saying that the reputation of Nadra is on the line, he disagrees with Ch Nisar and saying that he lied.

    Now let's wait and see what happens!

  • @saladin89,

    We already knew that from the top post by 'sandman' in this article that NADRA is opening a defame case, so therefore there is nothing new here. Now you are copying/pasting same thing that one guy said in top and repeating it at the bottom trying to portray as it is something new.

    Secondly, Supreme Court already declared NADRA at fault and Supreme Court ordered NADRA to shutdown its office in that area. After this order, the same Supreme Court would most probably dismiss the case of defamation as SC already found NADRA guilty.

    What I find amusing that the case has just been filed by guilty NADRA against Chaudhry Nisar, and you PTI kiddies have started jumping with joy on this thread like you have found something big against PMLN.