Sheikh Rashid Ahmed (AML) and JI has finalize Alliance for Election

  • Jalsa at Liaquat Bagh on 11th Dec.2012..

    whats going to be politics of Sheikh Rashid in pindi.../

  • Same as before....without the support of PML (N) he is and would always remain a sitting duck.

  • But JI is not making any sort of Alliance with PML-N i think it will be like this

    PTI+AML+JI+Sunni Tehreek.....

    Sheikh Rashid is playing good shots....

    PML-N is getting down no more PML-N in Pindi..

  • Such establishment sponsored alliances don't work my in point, The Islamic Front in 1993, only managed 3 to 4 seats despite a lot of hullabaloo and cacaphony.

  • I dont understand this Shaikh Rashid. He has been given so much time on TV a rejected politician. He keeps on beating about bush and I am surprised that everybody listens to him. Very strange.

  • @pakistani47,

    I can guarantee that the moment NS throws a bone at Sheeda Tulli's direction, he would wagging his tail and licking the feet of NS and SS.

  • But he is a Symbol of pindi he worked for the people of his area.I think he has good chances of wining in upcoming elections.

  • NS is gettin down its PTI or Sheikh Rashid every in Pindi so ur in BIG mistake that NS will get this seat or in other place in pindi...

  • Pakistani47

    "I dont understand this Shaikh Rashid. He has been given so much time on TV a rejected politician. He keeps on beating about bush and I am surprised that everybody listens to him. Very strange."

    Exactly my sentiments. SR is a sleazy, two-faced bigot who has a(fake) degree in incompetence and stupidity. In short, I don't like him very much. Mercifully any ship he boards is bound to sink, so I am pleased it is JI. Though I would like him to help sink some other parties too.

    It's a mystery why a dinosaur like SR is being courted by TV channels, could it be for his comic appeal? They say laughter sells best where there is a clown in evidence.

  • You never know, with all the fake votes, he may have a chance with the new voters list and the incompetency of the provincial government.

    P.S. For me he got too outspoken in the Musharraf regime, had he kept his trapped shut, he may survived.

  • ^ Sure pal, just like he had a chance to win with massive establishment support in 2008 and again in the by-election of 2009. What does the competency or lack thereof of a Provisional government has to do with Sheeda Tully or him being a viable and electable politician?

  • All the main competitors now will be looking too defeat the PML-N in Punjab because the PPP has blown it big time, but the perception also is not favourable for the provincial government as they also have not done anything, just like the PPP, so people have seen through this milli-bhagath of both parties, so if he can play on that, who knows what will happen, it's all up for grabs.

  • Nope, a weasel and a dirt bag like Sheeda Tully can't play on anything. It might be up for grabs but one thing's for sure; the only thing tully will ever grab from now on would be a Cohiba cigar and nothing else.

  • He maybe a dirt bag but it's not like his competitors are saints!!!

  • There is no nobility in politics Aftab, jo jeeta....woh Sikandar ;)

  • And what if Ns with Ch.Nisar came to Lalhaveli and say SR we need u.

    Please help us and go with us.....

    then how u justified then.....?

    so dont fly high NS has lose all most everything now and if he wants to keep this stupid game keeps on then u will NS with Microscope....

  • The trouble with Nawaz and SR is an identical lack of intelligence, credibility and integrity.

  • Sheikh Rashid won all the elections under the banner of Nawaz Sharif. In 2002 he claimed that he will gift both the seats to Nawaz Sharif. He won both the NA-55 and NA-56. He kept the NA-55 for himself and in 2003 by-elections for NA-56 he tried to bring in his nephew under PML-Q. He was routed. Routed again in 2008 then in 2010. Begged to join Nawaz Sharif in 2011 APC but after receiving no green signal he is back to old tactics. Now Reema getting married he is trying to become Jammatiya. His Lal haveli became famous only because of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. But later on Lal Haveli was beaten by Lal Masjid convincingly. Zalimo Qazi aaraha ha