PPP, PML-N will join hands soon, claims Imran Khan

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    LAHORE – Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief, Imran Khan has claimed that PPP and PML-N fearing the growing popularity of PTI will join hands soon, however they can’t defeat the PTI.

    Imran further claimed that there was no place for the ‘opportunists’ in the PTI and he would prefer only those politicians who would stand with him for bringing a change and not join him to pursue their personal agendas.

    He made these claims while addressing the PTI organisers belonging to Lahore, Nankana Sahib and Sheikhupura.

    He alleged that both PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N chief, Nawaz Sharif were corrupt and they have no moral authority to rule.

    He added that both the PPP and PML-N, now make bids to stop the tsunami of PTI with muscles, however the masses power was with the PTI and both of the so-called forces could not stop the PTI. Imran while saying that several political figures were joining the PTI, ‘I want to make it clear that the diehard and founding party members have always given priority and high place in the party’.

    He said that reaching at the power corridors was a ‘must’ for solving the issues of the masses and he along with his ideological cadres were moving in the right direction to get maximum support from the people to get power. Imran maintained that the popularity wave of the PTI would sink the ‘Titanic’ of the PML-N and PPP and next government would be a truly reflects the ideals of a welfare state.

    PTI chief claimed, “I am a principled and upright person and nobody can buy me or frighten me. I fear only Almighty Allah, who has the power to give life and take it away”.

    Meanwhile, Imran Khan has left for Morocco on Friday to participate in a five-day session of World Economic Forum.

  • @asif86

    Absolutely right!

  • Looks like this poor bloke is missing Jemima too much...o yaar es bhudday da wyaa kara dyooooo!!!!!

  • @all of them above,

    This guy is absolutely passing gas as usual.

  • Take him and his saying seriously, they are driven from the revelation aala-hazrat-peeran-e-peer hazart molana haroon ur rasheed al-maroof chahca khuppi... who gets it from hatif-e-ghaibi directly connected to GHQ

  • @NOONers

    What if it turns out to be right. Would you stop supporting NOON ??? Or would you simply change the 'pkpolitics' ID ;)

  • Imran khan is wrong. They have already joined hands and it is very evident if you watch the tv shows where ppp & pml(n) team up against pti.

  • @insaftak,

    If Imran rather give a thought of organizing his own party and making statement regarding the development work he have in plan, people might start taking him seriously, but whenever he opens his mouth, either he is abusing or criticizing... he can't even complete his sentence without criticizing...


  • @khanamer,

    Bro, forget about criticizing others; the dude can even conduct inter party elections whereby showing it to the whole wide world that he is different from the rest. Change, what change?

  • @sid,

    That is true, a man who claims to control mighty ISI and Military of Pakistan, cannot control his own party and almost every month either there is some person leaving or some sort of issue within the party, not to mention, the person who cannot manage to handle/conduct election at the party size of PTI, how can he manage the country size of Pakistan...

    or maybe he don't have to manage the country, his pals at rawalpindi might do it for him while he act as their front man...

  • @khanamer,

    Bro, kindly do not insult a political party by equating it with an internet cafe'. Its high time that people realized that the guy is a complete phony devoid of any logic, political acumen or intelligence.

  • But PPP and PMLN are already sleeping Partners! Aren't they?

    Friendly opposition?

    Meysaaq e Jamhooriyat?

    Issues like

    Raymond Davis

    Operation Abbotabad

    Zulfiqar Mirza Allegations of treason against MQM and Altaf

    Electricity crisis along with power rental corruption

    Crisis in Railway

    Crisis in Steel Mills

    Crisis in PIA

    On going Army operation in North

    Allowing continued DRONE attacks

    Latest: Treason allegation against Haqani and Zardari



  • ^ What the heck has Imran Khan been doing all along except for meeting Kiyani and Pasha covertly, having a book written with the help of Humayun Gohar, campaigning for his ex-brother-in-law in UK, continiously skipping on child support payments to Tyrian White...the list goes on. If the above issues are freaking critical, why didn't he sent this government packing through mass street agitation...why blame NS for this?

    Nonsense of the highest pedigree.

    Who was responsible for restoration of Judiciary...PML (N)

    Who forced the government to roll back NRO.....PML (N)

    Which party vociferiously campaigned against RGST...PML (N)

    Who has raised the most vehement voice against military establishment's role in Pakistani politics....PML (N)

    You can't be wearing the dark shades of bias all the time,.

  • @S73

    You probably have forgotten it so i though I should "help" you ;)

    • Who kept on supporting the corrupt government...PML (N)

    • Who is primarily responsible for Raymond Davis release...PML (N)

    • Who is the product of the military establishment...PML (N)

    • Who did not want to restore the judiciary (Hint: Wikileaks) but only supported it because of public pressure and AFTER their provincial government being challenged...PML (N)

    Hope it helps recalling the past :)

  • I do not think they will join hands any time soon because the fiaso with the issue of demo, gives them an golden opportunity to start the zardai go movemnt. After 30th October the zardari go movement got lost somewhere, let's see what happens, let's see how mmuch advantage they can get out of this.

    Unless The IK factor has hit them so hard that they will not be able to take advantage, and the effects could take them back to the lap of Zardari.

  • PML-N is a party of change, for example: two weeks a go they were saying that the director of both jalsa in Lahore & Karachi on 30 october is Zardari & now they say Establishment is stabing both N$ & Zardari by using Imran Khan, thats what they call change!

  • QUOTE ..."Who was responsible for restoration of Judiciary...PML (N)

    Who forced the government to roll back NRO.....PML (N)

    Which party vociferiously campaigned against RGST...PML (N)

    Who has raised the most vehement voice against military establishment's role in Pakistani politics....PML (N)"

    Oh bhai!

    PMLN was against the long march and was not actually initially part of the Long March. Let me remind u that Punjab govt at that time actually said that, they wont facilitate the long march. It was quite later when Nawaz shareef jumped into the bandwagon of Lawyers (as usual)

    In fact it was PTi and JI ONLY who supported the lawyers movement from the first day. All other hypocrites and opportunistic worms joined later.

    Also, shall we try to remember who actually attacked the High Court??? Remember the famous incident?


    NS went out without serving any sentences for his corruption or treason. He went out to KSA with all his families to KSA under the NRO. So he did enjoy the benefit of NRO and didn't have to stay in JAIL for 10 years (Unlike Zardari who despite all his corruption had the balls to stay in jail)

    Raised voice against military establishment?

    Did Nawaz raised his voice against DRONE attacks (not for over a Year >>> plz check the news papers or archives of Discuss)

    Did Nawaz raised his voice against the army operation in FATA, SWAT for all those years? He kept criminal silence and in fact never dare to visit Peshawar or swat during or after the operations or not ofr any bomb blasts victims.

    I do respect your rite of views but lets not try to twist the ground realities. NS is a twisted character just like zardari and Altaf and are threat to this country.

  • "PMLN was against the long march and was not actually initially part of the Long March."

    Nevermind their evil intentions, if PMLN did not give call for long march, all those "pehlwans" of JI, PTI etc were not able to do anything. Judiciary was restored only when PMLN spearheaded the cal under bold leadership of Nawaz Sharif.

    BTW, great PTI leader had fled to Islamabad to avoid being seen in the March.

  • @GT,

    Yes, PMLN HIJACKED the long march for its vested interests. But now, it has been fully exposed. Now PTI has gained a position whereby PMLN cannot hijack any future movement against this corrupt government.