Who Cares about Rallies When Afridi is on a Roll

  • Many ignore PML-N’s Faisalabad rally to watch Pakistan’s cricket team battle it out against Sri Lanka

    Say PML-N has nothing ‘consequential’ to present to them while Afridi ‘makes us happy’

    LAHORE - Choosing to watch Shahid Afridi hit Sri Lankan bowlers for boundaries all over the place in the one day international between the two countries in Sharjah on Sunday, people overlooked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) Faisalabad rally, dubbing it to be the ‘usual waste of time’. Ironically for PML-N, as soon as Mian Nawaz Sharif commenced his speech, Afridi came on to bat. For many, the choice was clear. “Sunday is a day to relax and to be entertained. Who cares about the rallies when Afridi is on a roll,” said Chaudhary Murtaza Asif, a student.

    “Afridi makes us happy. What has Nawaz Sharif done for us except give us things to worry about,” said Mutaki Awan, an O Levels student.

    Interestingly, in a poll held on Facebook that asked “What is more important to watch today?” and offered “Pak vs Sri Lanka Match” and “PML-N Jalsa” as options, a whopping 94 percent selected the match as their answer while only 41 opted for the rally.

    Facebook statuses and comments on different pages showed that the people were more interested in watching the cricket rather than the rally. Citizens were of the view that PML-N should have arranged the rally on some other day. “There is nothing special in PML-N’s rally. They hold it every other day,” said another young boy, who runs his own website, Ali Ashraf.

    Some, few and far between, chose to watch the rally on TV. A die hard fan of Mian Nawaz Sharif, Ali Sheikh, updated his Facebook status to “well spoken Mian Sahib” after Nawaz Sharif said he had spent 10 years in Saudi Arabia for Pakistan.

    Many were of the view that after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s successful rally in Lahore, every party had started the ‘stunt’ of holding rallies and they had nothing consequential to say. They also said PML-N was trying to copy PTI’s rally by playing music and copying the stage and the seating arrangement.

    Khan’s page, Jaagutho, updated its status to, “PML (N) jalsa a total “copy cat” and “me too” approach. Hope they can also copy the integrity and declare their real assets.”

    Facebook users also shared the video of PTI’s show at Dhobi Ghat ground and said the crowd was much more enthusiastic and fervent in Imran Khan’s rallies.

    “I don’t understand what Nawaz Sharif wants to achieve by holding these public meetings of patwaris,” said Zeeshan Iqbal, a student.


  • Anyways....afridi is an irresponsible and immature person.

    He must not be made captain again.