The role of National & International Establishment

  • why only national establishment is criticised ?

    what about American establishment The Mother Of All Evil ?

    why corruption king N$ is silent about Americans ?

    is it just a coincidence that N$ is on the same page as Zardari & Americans when it comes to Pakistani establishment ?

  • When the time comes, Uncle Sam will also be criticised. For now, we have to get our own house in order first and bury those facilitators in our national establishment who are working diligently to further the satanic cause of USA.

  • who was behind gen Musharraf The Puppet ? You criticise the puppet but not the director who is pulling the strings of puppet ?

    is it lack of ability to see behind the wall ?

    or just simple hypocracy ?

    why our ears never hear a word against American policies by corruption king Nawaz deal $hareer ?

    we all know he (N$) is very good at making deals !