Rola kiyun paya??

  • So what is the purpose of all the "Rolas" and rallies by Pml-n?

    As I understand from statements of NS:

    • it's about "Go Zardari"

    • Present government is the "most corrupt" in history of the country and it should leave power now

    what are practical steps by pml-n for removing this most corrupt government? why don't they resign first? when will they resign and stop this "rola-bazi"?

  • jou shikwa imran khan PMLN k baray may har wakat kertay rehatay they .. mun-garhat ilzamat... yeh rola uska Jawab-e-Shikwa tha..

    Imran khan nay jou koam ko baywakoof bananay ka mission shoro kia hoa tha.. her media channel per aker ilzamaat ki barish ker k apnay vote banana shoro kiay thay.. is ka be to bandobast kerna tha na bahi jaan..

    her cheez ki aik hud hoti ha.. PMLN bohat dair tak khamosh rahi aur soacha k Imran Khan sahab ko akal ajay.. Lakin Imran Khan sab ko izat ziyada pasand nahi shaid..

    issliay PMLN nay jawab daina zaroori samja.. aub chalain supreme court?

    ager PMLN punjab say nikal jay tu PPP say ap kia expect kertay hein.. wo PMLN say behter ha.. jou thora relief PMLN walay Punjab k logoon ko day rahay hein wo be jata rahay?

    secondly PPP is not supported by PMLN, Government may PPP k allies hain MQM, ANP and PMLQ.. If you know what is government..

  • u got it wrong mr. pakstar, u got it utterly wrong this time

    noon leaders did not say the rally is to respond to pti or IK

    the rally was about :

    • Go Zardari

    • Corruption

    • Inflation

    • Electricity

    Go check your party banners & read them carefully

    & plz don't bring this illogical argument that if pti takes away votes of pml-n then ppp will come back

    and @ "jou thora relief PMLN walay Punjab k logoon ko day rahay hein "

    this is exactly the problem of pml-n - yeah bus "thora relief" he day sakti hai - coz it has its "own stuff" to take care of (like sugar mills etc.)

    ab hum pakistani "thoray" pay sabar nahi karain gay ... humain apna poora poora chaheya aur apnay mulk ki poori taraqqi chaheyay --- jis kay liayay sub say pehlay NS type filthy rich logon say tax lay kar gareeb awam per lagana hai

    & if u may also know what is government: as pml-n resigns from parliament, new elections will be inevitable

    & what is pml-n waiting for - dhamki to kai dafa di hai resign karnay ki ---- per kia karain "iqtidaar" ka nasha kuch aaisa laga hai kay awaam aur pakistan to jayay bhaar mein magar apni aayyashi chalti rahay

    ooper ooper ka drama hai pml-n ka

  • chalo achi baat ha apko samaj agai k rally kyu nikali gai thi:)

    Samajdar liay ishara kafi hota ha

  • per bara afsoos hoa jo aap ko nahi pata tha kay aap kay "sher" rola kiyun daal rahay hain

  • Who told you that if PMLN will resign from NA, the government of PPP+MQM+ANP+PMLQ will collapse ?

    PPP + MQM + ANP has sufficient seats to run government even without PMLN sitting in National Assembly. The only constitutional way to get rid of PPP Govt is Vote of no confidence !

    wow you know better yeh? OK then explain if PMLN resigns from National Assembly, the PPP's Govt will be collapsed automatically as per your statement. Can you justify your argument in accordance with the constitution of Pakistan? give appropriate reference of constitution.


    javed chaudary's suggestion at 0.06

  • After resignations, he asked NS to appeal from PPP against PPP Governament for new elections. What a joke.. Bahi please be serious.. yeh tu is nay mafrooza Garha ha.. PPP asay government say bahir anay wali lagti ha apko?

    There is no such provision in constitution, that is why Javaid Choudry could not and did not refer to any constitutional act or law to justify his argument.

    mafroozay ka koi kia jawab day..

    ager ap kanon jantay ho tu bahi tell me where this constitutional provision of such act is written?

    Javaid Choudry just crafted a Mufroza of Apeal from PPP against PPP Government. Its just funny.