Nawaz Sharif acting as government

  • RAWALPINDI, Aug 9: Despite reservations shown by bureaucrats over the intervention of unelected politicians in administrative affairs, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday chaired an official meeting on the uplift of scenic Murree town, grilling many for failing to complete development projects.

    Bureaucrats in provincial government are quite perturbed over summoning of official meetings by a political leader who holds no public office. They confided to this reporter that the intervention of non-elected politicians in administrative affairs was beyond any logic.

    Sources said Mr Sharif was briefed about the construction of roads, parks and civic infrastructure in Murree and Jicagali and about the feasibility of the Rs4.4 billion water supply project.

    When Information Secretary PML-N Senator Mushahidullah was asked as to how could an unelected politician convene an official meeting, he argued that there was no harm in chairing such a meeting. He gave the example of Indian National

    Congress president Sonia Gandhi who used to preside over official meetings.

    “I have already told you that Nawaz Sharif attaches great importance to Murree. The government officials are answerable and he (Nawaz) must ask about their performances,” he said.

  • A country where a :

    • President acts as a head of a certain political party instead of being a head of the state.

    • Certain political party claims sovereignty over the largest city of that country.

    • Large swaths of its territory is being controlled by the non-state actors.

    In such a country anything and everything is possible.

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    Nawaz tou drama hay drama