Hate speech by Aamir Liaquat, once again!

  • Aamir Liaquat has once against resorted to hate speech, bigotry and religious discrimination.

    Both Express News and Aamir Liaquat must be banned or at the very least fined with a hefty sum.

    Aamir Liaquat has questioned patriotism of religious minorities in Pakistan once again and called a specific religious group traitor.

    I urge everyone to send email to Express News and register their protest.

    Qadriat murda bad!!!!


    read last paragraph.

  • Here is the Express news contact information.


    I sent an email and I urge everyone to do the same.

  • Mashallah, contact us mein abbas athar kaa email address hee ghalat hai...

    Hudd hogaee..

  • This post is deleted!

  • جیسی روح ویسے فرشتے

    اس کے آخری ڈرامہ کے بعد بھی لوگ اس تو سنتے ہیں تو اس میں اس سے زیادہ احمق لوگوں کا قصور ہے.

  • Dusky,

    Ladies iss kee dramay baazi se impress ho jaati hein.

    Aap notice karein oss kee dua,ain aur programs kay topics bhi aksar aisay hotay hein jin mein auratoo kaa interes ho.

    Aisay log bohot dangerous hotay hein.yeh log qaadriat phaylaa rahay hein.

  • Him and his brother both are con artist, they scam people in disguise of religion. And irony of situation is, some people knowing he is scamming give him a free pass just because he represent same school of thought as theirs.

  • @bsobaid

    You can argue about Aamir Liaqat's act best to your understanding, I dont know if he is right or wrong. If you think he is wrong you have every right to criticise him or raise your concern but why you targeting the fiqah such as "qadriat murda bad" this is un-fair and unacceptable, it leads to Firqa-wariyat.

    keep your criticism to the point and within its subjected scope.

  • My information is that Mansoor Ijaz has left Qadianis and returned to mainstream Islam for some time now.

  • "qadriat murda bad"

    I guess he is condoning the mentality not the "fiqah". Beside, is their any fiqah by the name "qadriat"?

  • @Dusky

    yes it is sub-fiqah of Ahl-e-Sunnah wal jamat. Such as Qadri, Naqshbandi, Chisti etc.

  • Dont get confuse "Qadri silsala" with "qadriat".

    He was referring to the murderer to Taseer, Mumtaz Qadri.

  • well qadriat clearly refers to qadri silsila as suniyat refers to Ahl-e-sunnah wal jamat.. if someone says Suniyat murdabad , its mean he is refering to Ahle sunnah.

    One must use these words carefully.

  • i didn't see anything wrong in the last paragraph -- and just to remind the threadstarter that Qadiyanis refuse to live as a minority -

  • I know no. of ex-Qadianis who have quit their ex-ideology and joined the mainstream.

  • @pakstar, you dont know he is right or wrong....this is why i say down with qadriat....

    It just shows the amount of hate sitting in our hearts and minds. The merchants of hate have long acquired our society for pajeros.....

    After all this hate and ignorance, i wont blame qadyanis.....

    Aamir liaquat ko nazar band karoo

    Qadriatt ko khatam karoo

    Qadriatt murda baad

    Amn zindabaad

    Pakistan zindabaad

  • @ali,

    Yes they refuse to live as minorities. They just hide their identity and practice their religion in hiding for fun.

    Actuallyqadyani will be thankful if they are allowed to "live" even as a minority by pajero merchants of hate.

  • Being Muslims, we are the followers of Rahmat Al Lil Aalameen SAW. We are hence obliged to treat the entire humanity with goodness.

  • @bsobaid,

    Although I dont like this AL. But the last paragraph you are referring to contains no such thing which can irritate an ordinary muslim. However a Qadiani or their sympathisizer will be easily irritatd. I think you are not both of them.

  • @pakistani, your words dont match your name.

    What this fake doctor said should be highly offensive to each and every pakistani.

    His filthy and non.sense words are nothing but hate and ignorance.

    The responses here also show the extent of hate that has spread in our society like a cancer by pajero merchants of hate.

    I,d also request you to review your response or you should be ready to accept the notion of, iam khan and i am a terrorist!