A parliment with members not meeting 62 and 63 - Is it good for Pakistan?

  • A parliment with members not meeting 62 and 63 - Can it ever be good for common people of Pakistan?


  • siphai bahi,

    u have reminded me of Qazi Hussain Ahmed. Yeh tu uss kaa baaja thaa aap ko kahan saay mila ?

  • @ S Aadmi,

    Forget about whom I remind you.

    Answer me, if the parliment is not made up of members who do not meet this criteria, do you expect any good for common Pakistanis.

    "he is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate, honest and ameen, there being no declaration to the contrary by a court of law;"

  • Sipahi sahib

    I think it is not good for Pakistan but then those who elect these memebers who dont meet the criteria of Article 62 and 63 shall be blamed.

    By the way how many of us ordinary Pakistanis can meet the requirements of Artcile 62 and 63?

  • Fulfilling 62 and 63 does not mean person is a "good samaritan" either. I have dealt with people who perfectly fulfill the qualities under 62 but they happen to be biggest jack@ss at personal level.

    Their is no guarantee either that if you select people with such qualities they will bring any betterment for Pakistan or people of Pakistan.

  • @hypocrite

    Question is not the criteria of who is electing members.

    My question is why those who do not meet the criteria are allowed by election commision and higher judiciary to be on the ballot paper or at least allowed to take oath in parliment.

    Most of Pakistani electorate might not meet the said criteria but there are enough capable Pakistanis who meet the criteria. Unless, corrupt are removed from the ballot paper those people meeting criteria can never be elected. Usually, people meeting that criteria are not that well known and do not have machinery to get elected.

  • It is about time to apply articles 62 & 63 on all members of parliment, even if it affects most of the parliment.

  • just read through article 62/63 in detail and tell who will decide that who fullfills it ?

  • @SA

    Independent Election Commission prior to election and Supreme / High Court before & after Election.

  • Siphai,

    First EC & Judiciary need to be complaint with article 62/63 ?????

    here is article 62

    ) he is of good character and is not commonly known as one who violates Islamic Injunctions;

    (e) he has adequate knowledge of Islamic teachings and practises obligatory duties prescribed by Islam as well as abstains from major sins ;

    (f) he is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate, honest and ameen, there being no declaration to the contrary by a court of law;

    So , in hindsighth , if a person is not convicted , he posses all these values . Right ???

    Otherwsie what is / could be mechanism to evaluate these ????

    One thing is callled 'Lafhazi'. These articles / subarticles are just Lafhazi .

  • Good people can disagree with strategy to achieve this objective.

    But the primary objective should stand, that those who do not meet the criteria as spelled out in 62/63 should not be allowed by the Election Commission and Higher Judiciary to be on the ballot paper or at least be allowed to take oath in parliament.

    A parliament with members not meeting 62 and 63, cannot be ever good for common people of Pakistan.

  • How ECP works, who set up this, who keep track of ECP who will make ECP as independent body....? without free ECP how election would be free?

  • Solution is that ECP honestly implement 62 & 63 and rest of constitution and then independence of ECP has to be closely observed by Supreme Court.

    Unless Pakistanis trust Supreme Court and ECP, Pakistan has no peaceful solution.

  • Dishonest and corrupt (both financially and morally) politicians would leave no stone unturned in making sure current status quo continues so does their lootmar and exploitation of last 65 years. for them, damn 62 and 63.

    Political father of Nawaz Badmash Gen Zia once threatened to rip constitution of Islamic Republic Pakistan. Nawaz and other like-minded badmash are following the sunnat of Amir al Momineen Gen Zia.

    Who wants CHANGE? Please discuss.

  • @Sweettruth

    "Who wants CHANGE? Please discuss"

    Definitely not tycoons, most if not all of the well known people in power, politicians, industrialists, generals (retd. or serving), landlords, rich business persons, drug / land / other mafias, etc. They have prospered with the current system. These people represent a major hurdle to any change.

    But, it still leaves more than 2/3rd of Pakistanis, who want to lead honest and peaceful life. They want change to bring honest leadership to exploit resources of Pakistan for the betterment of not well-to-do masses. Unfortunately, they do not know how to achieve their objectives.

  • @sipahi

    Well outlined!

    Your points are valid and crystal clear. Wealthy tycoons invest in corrupt parliament members and this gang has been looting Pakistan for the last 64 years.

    The real contest is between 95% oppressed awam and 5% wealthy elite.

    I have been calling for an Arab Spring for long time in Pakistan. This is the only solution to save coming generations of Pakistan or they will have same looters and same system with Bilawal and Hamza.

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