Speech of Abul Kalam Azad about separation of Indo-Pak

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    I would appreciate non bias, non religion bashing comments from intellectually mature people. Please don't use this thread for Jinnah Bashing but just to the point discussion please.

  • he has been proven true by 'time'

  • Khan sb logically he was right and now after 65 years whatever he predicated is proved now. Today problem is that we still living in denial, its the time for reality check.

  • @khan sahib and paki consultant

    .. is this the same abdul kalam azad who failed to win his own seat in 1946?.. look it s very conveinent to see something from just 1 angle.. what about teh "HINDU PANI MUSLIM PANI ", solgans ? and just one teeny question .. what is the state of muslims in india today ?.. saif ali khan and shabana azmi could nt rent flats in mumbai u know that ?. and another question .. what would an incident such as babri masjid provoked in a UNITED INDIA >?.. quaid saved the sub continent from a civil war if u ask me .. and khan sahib i dont think any 1 over here is intrested IN "JINNAH BASHING"... but u seem to want to provoke it ..

  • Gunnerz30

    Thanks for your view point.

    a) While there was Muslim rule in India, it was okay to live in a united country, but with Hindus ruling India, it was difficult.

    b) Why cant East and West Pakistani's live together. Why so many killings of East Pakistanis were carried out by West Pakistani based forces. I believe the religion was and is still the same.

    c) What is stopping Shabana Azmi and Saif Ali khan from leaving India and coming to Pakistan? Why they have lived there for so long.

    As long as we have hawks on both sides of the border, these two countries will not prosper. Poor people wil keep on suffering just becuase of these hawkish elements which sadly still exist in 21st century.

    On a separate note, I am wondering if any of the respected bloggers know if Quaid -e - Azam Jinnah sahib ever participated and won any election.

  • @ hypocrite

    u will never find me defending the killings in east pakistan and my friend i guess u should ask them saif ali khan and shabana zami .. and for u re very kind information .. Jinnah sahib (Quaid-e-azam). fought 7 elections and won them all .. i want peace with india at all costs but if any1 is going to disagree with the creation of pakistan i will defend it .. and if someone is going to try to ridicule Quaid-e-azam i will take it as if that person has tried to insult my parents

    kind regards..

  • Gunnerz30

    Thanks for the info on Quaid E Azam Jinnah sahib. I honestly didnt knew that.

    Asking a question and ridiculing anyone are totally difeerent things.

    Since your brought up Shabana sahiba and Saif's name, I asked, assuming that you might know something.

    Yes and I do disagree with breaking of India. Muslims could have been much more powerful in a united India than now.

    I wish if Nehru was not as stubborn and short sighted as he proved himself in 1946.

  • Problems that arose in Pakistan stemmed from inability to get rid of feudal s land holding and army's continued interference in civilian rule.

  • @ hypocrite

    i dont mind debate but many in pakistan try to ridicule quaid and that boils my blood.. and just think about it from this angle.. NEHRU was representing the hindus if he couldnt gove away the just demands of the muslims to a party which btw got 87% of the muslim vote in 1946 how do u think others proceeding him would have acted ,, congress broke the lucknow pact .. refused the 14 points and u know very well how stuborn they were during the proceedings of the simmon and cabinet commison remeber QUAID was made a muslim leader from the ambassador of hindu muslim unity as a result of the stupidity and short shightedness of the congress high command .. there is a lot more on the issue i can provide you but i guess reading jaswant s singhs book would help you if u have nt read it ..

  • Khanseena 1 sahib

    I absolutely agree. Based on what I have read from multiple sources the feduals and army hijacked the whole process and the ordinary folks got short changed.

  • how do u think others proceeding him would have acted

    Gunnerz30 sahib'

    I dont know the answer to this very valid question, however I do know what has happened in last 64 years and what Muslims got and dint got by having their own country.

    I like to understand different view point on any topic, as it helps me understand the situation better and try to have as much information before I can form my opinion. I do though change my opinion if required and if I am provided more logical and fact based information.

  • As I have happened to meet many muslims from India. When we talked about the creation of Pakistan and their state in India today, you know what do they say? They say you guys are LUCKY that you are living in Pakistan.

    The current problems of Pakistan or even if we say Pakistan is in problems since birth, does not validate any argument that creation of Pakistan was wrong. The problems here are due to wrong system which people are yet trying to accommodate. In this world, Pakistan is the only country which came into being on the basis of an ideology of Islam. We got freedom but yes we need more time to be united and work as nation. If you analyze the history you will find that 64 years is not that big time span that people should start worrying that God forbid the creation of country was wrong. We shall insha Allah become a united nation and all our problems will be eradicated.

    Iqbal said in a verse:

    "Sabaat aik taghayer ko hay zamaaney mein"

    So the change is to come .. today or tomorrow.

  • His point of view is correct but only from the Indian Muslims perspective.

    We hold a different view. Majority of Muslims is this country find it unacceptable to live under a majority non-muslim government. For us worst kind of Muslim leader be it Zardari is better than a Hindu ruling us.

    The clause in preamble of our constitution

    "..Sovereignty over the entire Universe belongs to Almighty Allah alone, and the authority to be exercised by the people of Pakistan within the limits prescribed by Him is a sacred trust.."

    is enough to rule out any political statement or academic debate against creation of Pakistan.

  • Good point Rohail Taqi

  • Does anyone know this speech is even real??

    I read in a newspaper (ummat) that cable operators are getting paid, allegedly by MQM, to run this complete anti-pakistan speech.

  • I am sure that all those who are being enamored by this inane rant of Abul Kalam Azad, have never actually spent any time in India.

    Please do spend a few months in that hell hole of a place and then you'll realize how fortunate we are to be living in Pakistan.

    Incidentally, this is the same Abul kalam who allegedly kept a whiskey bottle with him while writing his tafseer of Quran and was drunk most of the time, as narrated by his secretary Humayun Kabeer in his book.

  • ITs unrelated but we have a family friend who have close relatives living in India. He told me stories of India when he last visited 5-6 years ago.

    The guy stayed at his relatives in India. He knew about some other relatives living in the same neighbourhood. He paid them a visit and had dinner with them.

    The guy came back and told his hosts about his visit. His hosts took the news as if an earthquake just occured...Apparantly, the guy himself and his hosts are syed but the relatives he had dinner with were non-syeds. For his host, it was izzat khaak mein mill gaee situation. The host said that the non-syed relative will taunt them for having a syed had dinner at their place.

    The guy was as shocked as probably you are at the moment and tried to talk them out of this non-sense, but all fall on deaf ears. The hosts were pretty devastated.

  • Ado,

    Yes there are stories about Azad but this is also true that he was renowned scholar and was well-respected all over the muslim world.

    Shah Muhaddis Dehlavi, Azad, Abul aala sahab Moudoodi and Suleman Nadwi are probably the most widely respected, renowned and recognised scholars that this sub-continent has produced.

    Its funny that other moulana hazrat and their followers who sort of have monopoly over religion in this part of the world such as Moulana Ilyas, Abdurrasheed Gangouhi, Ahmed Raza Khan, Thanvi are hardly known outside of sub-continent.

  • @ADON

    Like you and other folks belong to dominant class haven't made it hell hole for the rest of Pakistanis. That exactly was the point, he was trying to make and his foresight was bang on. What are we doing now: slitting each others throats, that is exactly what he was afraid of. The man was a genius, I would pay my homage to him for being genuine and true leader. He was to me in the same category as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar and Liaquat Ali Khan.

  • The leaders of those days were the people of character and calibre on both pro and anti separation sides. Maulana Azad's views are not agreeable to most of the Pakistanis,however, he was not a man of low character or calibre.