Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Bowl delivered to Chechnya

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    Ironically, this link was sent to me by some one who was banned here from this site. Please watch and share

  • and He replied that if you love me then you should act more upon my teachings

  • First we have no proof of authenticity of that Piyala. This playboy Ramzan Kadyrov( same last name like Tahir ul Qadri) is a naqhsbandi sufi shown in the video carrying the "Piyala" is a Russian puppet and mass murderer. It is nothing more than a PR stunt. Even if we assume it to be real piyala that does not mean anything.

    Let me share one incident from time of Omar RA. Prophet SAS used to lean against a tree trunk part placed in Masjid nabawi during Friday sermons. After the death of Prophet SAS some of the Sahabas RA started kissing and venerating the tree trunk. Omar RA ordered that trunk to be cut and removed.

    Who can claim to love Prophet SAS more than Omar RA. He was afraid that people will start drifting towards Shirk and Bida and he wanted to stop innovation creeping into the Ummah. There is no significance whatsoever of that Piyala even if it genuine.

  • Great video. Thanks for sharing. It went directly on my FB page :)

  • @Abdul Rehman:

    I respect your views and understand where you are coming from but call me an illiterate, for me any thing related to my Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him carries a lot of weight for me. I am not one of those people who will worship graves or go to mazars and ask for their help but I can not resist to kiss anything related to our Prophet.... Just like we all kiss Hajar e Aswad which is just a stone from Paradise!!!!!

  • It softens heart.

    Love needs no proof and love never harms anyone.

  • Just like we all kiss Hajar e Aswad which is just a stone from Paradise!!!!!


    Agreed for Hajre Aswad example but not for that Piyala. Sahaba RA saw Prophet SAS actually kissing the hijre aswad but they never saw him kissing the piyala. I never heard that.

    Remember another incident from Omar RA. Once he was in front of Kaaba with Sahaba RA after the death of Prophet SAS. He addressed the Sahaba RA and said "I am kissing this stone becuase I saw prophet SAS kissing it otherwise blood of a single Muslim is more sacred to me than this stone". He was alluding to the fact that there is no significance for any artifact or structure except the life of a Muslim. Blood of our brethren is flowing all over the world due to unjust wars especially these days and we ought to focus our attention on preventing that.

  • @AbdulRehman

    Brother, I didnt say that our Prophet kissed the Pyala. I am saying that out of mere respect and love for him, i would have kissed the Pyala. Don't u feel the urge to touch the outside "Jali" of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in masjid Nabvi? Its the love and respect which wants you to touch anything which is related to him. We all have different views about Saudi King but do u have any doubt that he has worked a lot in extending the facilities for all the Haji's and extension of the Harram Shareef? So may be the Chechnayan leader is the biggest evil on the planet earth but than the Pyala belongs to our Prophet and not him.

    Anyway, I wont go into debate, but If you think its a fake Pyala than u r free to stick to your views.

  • @AbdulRehman:

    ارے بھائی ہم ان لوگوں مے سے ہیں جو لیلیٰ کی محبت میں اس کے کتے سے بھی محبت کرنے لگتے ہیں، یہ تو معملا ہی کچھ اور ہے.

    باقی رہی بات رمضان کردوو کی، تو بھائی اس کی کون سن رہا ہے ؟ بات تو نسبت کی ہو رہی ہے.

  • i hear you both khan sahib and AR.

  • @Abdul Rehman

    It took tears in my eyes after watching this video.. yes For Munafaqeen and Mushrakeen there is no value of any belongings of Prophet PBUH but for any real Muslim the belongings of our Holy Prophet are as Holy as Hijre- Aswad or other Holy things belongs to our Prophet PBUH.

    If I take your logic of Hazar Omar R.A then why Hijar e Aswad is still standing .. go there and tell them your DALEEL / Fatwa. Hazar Omar R.A said that at right time because that was the time when people just came out of darkness. They used to worship idols and trees etc.. so He feared that may be after Prophet PBUH they will go back to old routene. that is why he stopped.. To my understanding he never meant that those things are not precious or had no value.

    YOU ARE ABOUSLUTLY WRONG in accusing others for shirk and Biddah.. If you ever go to Hajj , stand there, don't kiss the Hijre Aswad, don't Kiss Rozay ki Jali of our beloved Prophet PBUH and also stop others doing that..

    replied to one question, Prophet PBUH told Sahhabas that they can kiss graves of their parents from Head side..

    anyway.. your ignorance isn't wroth replying in much detail.

    Allah ap ko hidayat day.

    I don't see who was in video , I only see the Piyala bowl of our Prophet and the way those people have celebrated. Its marvellous.

    regarding Chechniya and Russia.. that was not the topic of the video. Talk with reference of the video.

    If you don't like this video.. don't watch it. it does not make difference for love to Our Beloved Prophet PBUH..

    The top rated Youtube comments on the video are as below;

    "I Have never seen such a Loving protocol ever in my life..Salute from Pakistan to Chechen Muslims for demonstrating great love to belongings of Beloved Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H)."

    Ya Rasool Allah PBUH.. we love you and every thing which belongs to you..

  • both of the parties are right here.both dont want any harm to islamic values and promote islam only,to kiss the bowl and stopping ppl to not to think only piyala is enough alternate of sayings of prophet.....

  • Sufisoul: how come both parties are right when one clearly rejects to pay attention to the belongings of our Prophet PBUH as ordinary things..

    "There is no significance whatsoever of that Piyala even if it genuine."

    Means you agree with that statement?

    If so then at-least keep me on the wrong side then!

    Because I think that is not just a Bowl that is Bowl of Blessing for those who understand.. Why to Kiss Hijre Aswad? just for nothing.. ? do you think so.. I think kissing Hijre Aswad Washes our sins.. so do respect and kissing this Piyala.

  • koi aisi behes jo islam ko intellectual grounds me koi faida nahi de saky....nahi kerna chahiye...koi faida nahi is ka.....

  • intellectual grounds for non muslims and muslims r differnt.

    From Muslims aspect of intellectual debate, is topic ki bohat ehmiyaat hey.. Hij r Aswad ko Bosa daina sawab ha ya guna? aur ager Sawab ha tu phir Hazoor PBUH k Pilyalay ko Bosa daina kasay GUna ho geya??

    Ap isay fazool behas samaj rahay hain.. logoon nay is ko itni ehmiyaat di ha k .. is per shirk aur Bidah k fatway likhay hoay hein..

    Hak ki baat ko buland rekhna chahyey.. werna sab Jhoot ko sahi samjanay lag jatay hein..

    yeh be intellectual behas hi ha.. fazool baat nahi..

  • aap 2no jis baat pe behes kr rahy ho.aur behes jidhar le gaye ho.wo theek nahi.....

  • Its just a relic(if it isn't actually fake) that might just hold sentimental value coz it was supposedly in use of prophet PBUH. Kissing it and hoping for sawab or praying from it hoping that it's prophet's bowl so we should start praying from it and hoping that our prayers would be answered just coz this relic is associated with Prophet is simply preposterous.

  • "I think kissing Hijre Aswad Washes our sins.. "

    When someone utters such non sense then it is certainly innovation. First of all is it because you "think"? It could be waswasa from Shaitaan of what you "think". You talk about daleel. Give us a daleel and not what you "think". This statement is absolutely baseless and is bida which leads to shirk. Shirk is only sin which will not be forgiven.

    The problem is that Bida is worst than major sins. When you do major sins like murder or adultery there is a guilt feeling that you did something bad and your conscience and natural instinct will keep coming to and you do repent in most cases but the problem with bida is that you continue to do that until you die without thinking it is forbidden and without any repentance.

  • Abdul Rahman: why people kiss Hijre aswad which is in Harm Sharif.. just for nothing.. ?

    people getting brain washed by wahabis propaganda financed by Saudi Arabia.

    now watch and tell me if he is lying and there is no such Hadith?

    Don't be among those who are after Mullas and does not really understand the preaching of Islam.. Follow Wali Allah's way , they united muslims and Islam spread like a wildfire.. Read their Books..

    Why Iblees became Shaitan after refusing to do Sajdah to Hazrat Adam A.S? Those who did sajda Became pious and who did not do became SATAN.. where is your logic here?

    May Allah Give you Hadayah. Amean..

    p.s: Hadees refered in the video Bukhari Hadith 975 and 976 , 977