Clean Politicians--Badlta haai aasman ranga kaisay kaisay

  • I have some observations regarding the clean politicians hovering around these days.

    Yesterday , four/five key members of mush regime joined PTI in a press conference with IK.

    a) These clean politicans were part of mush regime and voted for mush to be elected in uniform whereas IK went in SC alongside Qazi Hussain Ahmed to block mush bid for re-election. NOw , i want to understand that who was wrong then and has either of these told nation and apologized for that ?

    b) if i remember correctly , IK was one of the movers for no-confidence motion against PM shaukat Aziz when SC declared the privitization of Steel mill null & void. 'Mr.Clean' Awais Legahiri was incharge minister at that very time . Just wondering who was right and who was wrong ?

    c) Now , KM Qoosori , FM of mush for 5 long years is also joining PTI. Knowing Mr.Qasoori ( a very clean and uprgight man ) i m sure that he would never disown the forigen policy he was heading / representing from 2002 to 2007. So , is it IK who has accepted that his stance on FP was wrong ?

    Someone needs to ask these questions to IK .

    i m being reminded of an old story.

    In 90's Mian Azhar was governor of punjab and he took very staunch stance against Mehdi Bhatti ground of Hafizabad to the extent that he was ready to resign from governorship. In 2001 when kings party was being formed, same Mian Azhar had to go to hafizabad and welcome Bhatti ground in Q-leauge.

    Badlta haai aasman ranga kaisay kaisay :)


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  • Just searched the web and found that Mr.Clean Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari was minister of privitization at the time of steel mill deal (Awais Leghari).htm

    Further he was also telecommunication minster when PTCL was sold to eitisalat of UAE and privitization agreement had to be re-written multiple times :)

  • Moderator,

    I think thats a different topic . Here i have pointed to specific policies and persons related to that.

  • @Sharif Admi,

    This drunkard Owais Leghari also oversaw the sell-out of KESC which at the time was one of the most controversial privitization of a government corporation. It was sold for a mere 22 Billion rupees.

  • i didn't know of KESC . Leghari was definately privitization minster when steell mill was privitized.

    Just waiting for any of IK followers. May be someone knows better than us and mr.leghari is a clean person :)

  • آنجہانی پرویز مشرف کو بھی عمرانی سونامی میں جگہ ملنی چاہئیے۔

  • @SA

    Once again selective memory? Being a Noon-Goon you are unduly "worried" about the new people in PTI. You need not to be "worried". We will take care of them and will never allow them to make dirty games as happens in Nora league, because our top leadership is CLEAN and when the top leadership is clean then it is very difficult to make dirty money as often happens in Nora league. Imran has proved in every occasion that he knows how to pick and choose a team which can deliver. First time he did show the whole nation how to do it during his playing days, The same team which was clean under him went on to indulge themselves in match fixing, because there was a leadership it?

    I also understand your concerns to some extent, because you don't know better. Your top leadership is CORRUPT TO THE CORE and and even fair leaders will get dirty by joining your party (Nora League). It's a family owned party where people of integrity will never become leaders until the whole family is wiped off the map. Nalaik Sharif is the mafia leader, little brother Shadibaaz Sharif is next in line, Mini Shadibaaz is third in line and Maryam "school meiN chutti" Nawaz is also being integrated in the party as a leader.

    Why is it not possible for leaders like Javed Hashmi to become the leader of Muslim League. He could bring much credibility to the party. Why it can not be someone like Saad Rafique? If you want to save your party then you have to opt for leaders like JH and SR - otherwise the Ninosaurs are destined for extinction....just a brotherly afdvice. The choice is of course yours!

  • When the fan club runs out of arguments, they resort to three paragraphs yap yap yap.

    Hahahahahaha....the likes of Legharis, Tareens, Ghulam Sarwars and Bosans would definitely deliver....crap is what they are gonna deliver just like they did during Ustad Tabla Master's days. Two thumbs up to Lota Khan for selecting a team of sugar horders and feudals.

    Inquilab Khappay!

  • ^^It is for everyone to evaluate your and my post.

  • SC.

    Bahi , aap ko kiss naay kaaha kaay mein PML_N kaa aadmi hoon. Mian i opposed NS when he was at top of his popularity on 28th may 98 after the nuclear explosions.

    Instead of making claimms that your leadership won't allow to do so why not u answer that how come same leadership has accepted the guy who was privitization minister at the time of steel mill privitization ?? there was nothing wrong in the privitization of steel mill ?

  • @SA

    Sorry if I made a wrong statement.

    Re. privatization. I am all for it, but of course the state MUST NOT sell the property for peanuts.

    Re. clean behavior. Unless a person is a prime mover on corruption there is a good chance that people can deliver under a clean leadership. This is often seen around the world. More often than anybody else Pakistanis are a good proof for this behavior. We all indulge in corrupt behavior in Pakistan - more or less. If nothing else then we give bribe to have work done. The same people can work under the law in other countries because those countries don't have a corrupt system from top to toe. I am sure you must have witnessed this phenomena :)

  • Agar Awais Leghari neat and clean hai tu phie pore Pakistan mei koi corrupt hai he nahe.

  • SC

    Who questioned about privitization ? i m also for it.

    Bahi question was

    Whether steel mill privitization was a clean deal ?

    If yes,

    then why IK moved no confidence motion against shaukat aziz on the basis of SC verdict in steel mill case in 2006 ?

    If no,

    the privitization minster of that time was responsible for misdeeds committed in the deal ? And now how come same privitization commission has become clean to join PTI ?

  • @SA

    In Pakistan there are many hands involved in such cases. I am not sure that particular minister is the victim. Maybe you are right. I genuinely don't know. If you have any proves then please share them. I am all for accountability for ALL across party lines, and I have always maintained that ALL parties will have corruption cases sooner or later. The question is what the party leadership does when such cases occur.

  • ^^^ When it comes to your internet club, you look for proof to be convinced otherwise you are willing to crucify someone on the basis of mere hearsay and innuendo if that someone belongs to the other side....not a very convincing argument.

  • SC

    Steel mill case was a landmark case in which honourable supreme court of pakistan declared the deal null and void because of it was a shady deal . Awais leghari was give charge of privitization days before this deal and this deal was done under him.

    Because of the same SC verdict , in 2006 , IK himself , along with other oppostion moved a no-confidence motion against PM shaukat aziz.

    Under the parliamentary system , cabinet as a group is responsbile for all decision made by the executive but in this paritcular case its not concept of collective responsible of cabinet rather Mr.Leghari himself was minster incharge . So he is / was directly responsible for the thing.

    Hope u understand.

    Bahi, its good that u support someone but don't do it blindly .

  • @SA

    "Bahi, its good that u support someone but don't do it blindly ."

    Fully agree, my friend. If we give absolute power to anyone it will be a disaster. I just want a change. I want to test Imran Khan. He is NO angel, but compared to the current lot of rulers he wil do much better, inshallah. My belief is that in ceratin accounts he will fail, on other accounts he will do decently and in the rest he will do a amrvellous job. Not because he is a know-all type, but because he is good at team selection. He proved it in cricket, SKMCH, Namal College and Flood relief.

  • SC Steel Mill Judgment.pdf

    For your reading , above is the text of SC verdict in steel mill case.

    My point is that IK is showing hypocracy . He claims that he was against mushraf foriegn policy but accepts his foriegn minister.

    Shouldn't it riase eyebrows.

    On clean side, Awaais leghari is prime example . What kind of clean politicians r these ?