Pagal-e-aalla Punjab, proving to be mentally retarded.

  • In Last 12 years and specially in last 4 years, PMLN is blaming establishment and ISI for their political role and interference in civil matters.

    Yesterday, Prime minister Yousaf Raza gailani made one historical speech in National assembly, and told establishment that they have to obey constitution and parliament. He told further, that state in state will not be allowed.

    Most Noon league leadership support prime minister on this statement but there is one Pagal-e-Aalla Punjab, most of the time he act like retarded person. He find this best opportunity to get close with establishment on this occasion. He is condemning This historical statement and supporting establishment and ISI for their political role.

    Everybody knows his past secret meetings with establishment.

  • Please don't write the word 'Allah'. It is being read as the name of God. An appropriate spelling may be 'Aalaa'.

  • Just a month or two ago the same PM declared on the same floor of the same national assembly that all state institutions including the army and the agencies (ISI, IB) etc are working under him in full harmony.

    Now what the hell has happen in just one month that he now thinks that army is creating a state within a state?

    Has the memogate changed the whole game plan overnight?

  • @Shahji,

    What do you think about the most duffer Chawal-e-Azam...sorry, Wazeer-e-Azam of our country? And I'm sure that you are over the moon at the intellectual level and eruditeness of Kachar-e-Pakistan, sorry, Sadar-e-Pakistan.

  • Farooqi sahib very valid point.

  • karim

    The way ISI chief has gone abroad to see an american without anybody's permission has shown that ISI and BAHDUR FAUJ was just doing drama . They needed a shelter after being sheikh got exposed in abbottabad. Thats why they were pretending to be within constituional limit. As soon as they got a chance they started violating the constitutional boundaries again.

  • Then why the PM lied to the nation that he was in full control of both the civilian and military establishment earlier?

    Why did Gilani changed his colors just because army took a stance on the memogate?

  • karim@

    Prime minister is head of democratic government, He was trying to improve relationship between institutions. That is why, he was more friendly in past on these issues.

    But now, he tooks principle stand on this matter, does not matter it is because of memo gate or what else reason. Every person who believe in rule of law, and Parliament supremacy, should support Prime minister.

  • But doesn't that so called "principle stand" of our PM comes right after the memogate scandal?

  • Noon league can keep their stand on memogate issue,against government, but to supporting establishment on this speech is really shameful and strongly condemnable.

  • I think enuff is enuff...all the democratic forces should rally behind PM, for the sake of democracy and civilian rule...accepting each others mandate...Why make a martyr out of PPP...they will lose the next elections based on their performance this time...

    On the other hand I think it is a very shrewed move from PPP and President ... this is the win win situation for them .... either they are the heroes who stood against the military establishement ...or they will be accept political martyrdom gladly....

    MNS has given a new lease of life to PPP for sure ... the establishment has trapped MNS....

  • siddiqui

    Many interesting new nicknames are emerging on the forum,,i.e. Ilzam Khan, chawal e azam,,etc.. However, abusive nicknames are to avoided, so 'paagal e aala' is not an appropriate one in my opinion too.

  • Hussain Farooqui@

    I really believe that Shabaz Sharif is mentally retarded. specially, after this statement, i have no doubt about that. we can argue level of his retardness but it is reality.

  • Di anyone - apart from the local trolls - doubt that we indeed have highly UNRELIABLE Pagal Butt?

    Btw.: Did the media get compensation for the microphone?

  • @msyedh

    i think these kind of names should be avoided ... it is a political discussion we have to try to be politically correct in our assertions...there are so many ways to say the same thing ... name calling is definitely i sign of weakness...if one cant win an argument thru logic..that is what they resort to ... personally i do agree with the contents of ur post

  • ایک جوش ہوتا ہے جو انسان کے اپنے اندر سے نکلتا ہے جسیسا کے بھٹو کی تقریروں میں ہوتا تھا

    اسی طرح یوسف رضا گیلانی نے کل کی تقریر ظاہری جوش میں نہیں کی مگر اندر کا غصہ اور الفاظ کی مار کہیں زیادہ تیز تھی

    شہباز شریف کی بظاھر جوشیلی تقریریں بھٹو کی کاپی کرنے کو کوشش ہیں پر یہ صاف ڈرامے بازی نظر آتی ہے ، اس میں یہ دکھانا مقصود ہے کہ خادم علی بہت جوش میں ہیں

  • Can someone elaborate on this issue?

    The people who are shouting like made men have themselves a very dirty baggage!

  • @scand.

    They should explain their positions too for sure ... the judiciary should not take sides...

  • @Scand,

    And as usual you would claim that you have a copy of the "memo" written in 1999?

  • @S73

    It is you who have yet another problem. You provide your innocence.........any explanations or still in mode of denial?