Tehrik-e-Istaqlal decides to merge into PTI

  • Know is the establishment behind this.Asghar khan was known as an anti-establishment politician.


    LAHORE – Tehrik-e-Istaqlal Pakistan has decided in a meeting on Friday to merge the party into Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), while a ten-member committee will hold talks with Imran Khan to finalise the modalities of the merging process.

    A meeting of the TIP with Muhammad Akram Nagra in the chair constituted a ten-member committee for taking part in the merging process of the party into the PTI.

    Muhammad Faazal Bhatti would lead the committee, while Akram Nagra, Ali Asghar Khan, Muhammad Hanif Goraya, Ghulam Sarwar Qureshi and Malang Khan Sanakhel would be among his members, while the party leadership has given the mandate to party founder, Air Marshal (r) Asghar Khan to nominate four senior party leaders to be included in the body.

    Meanwhile, PTI central leadership while rejecting the reports of joining hands with APML founder, Pervez Musharraf said that PTI believes he should come back and face all charges filed against him in Pakistani courts.

    They rejected the reports that party leader, Khursheed Kasuri met with former dictator in Dubai on behalf of the party.

  • Does TIP still exists?

    Jabs have been hurled at PTI for winning one seat in 15 years and I wonder how many seat TIP has won in last 15 years.

    On a lighter note the past election results for both parties makes it a merger of equals.

    I hope this time this new strengthened party (TIP+PIT) wins some more seats.

  • 0+0=0

  • HOnest ppl like Asghar Khan supports PTI.

  • After getting clean bold by SCP in "Judicial Commission for Election Rigging", Pasha Party Pappu Burgers are well disturbed. Ample seen in their comments and manufactured photos, where abusing almost all including Judiciary. CJP Nasir ul Mulak will be abused in vulgar after his retirement on 16 August.

    Now a new theme is launched, what SCP did on Asghar Khan case?

    Well what ever incomplete evidence given in front of SCP, when PML N was in opposition, SCP ordered for further probing through FIA and Government to produce Challan against culprits. PPP remained in power more than 2 years after it, but could not do anything as no evidence exist.

    Asghar Khan who was part of Perviaz Musharraf and now in alliance of Pasha Party. So Pasha Party at times shout on it.

    What is reality of Asghar Khan Case and how it was created!!!!

    NS was ousted by General Kakar and President Ishaq in 1992 with close collaboration of BB. Since NS refused to step down initially and later linked President Ishaq resignation, it disturbed General Kakar.

    General Kakar ensured PPP to when election and BB become PM after all out rigging. PDA was made with PPP, Asghar Khan Party and Gullu Qadri Firqa to fight elections against NS. Next was to weaken and hurt NS. To weaken PML N, PTI was founded by funding Pappu Niazi.

    Now how to hurt, Asad Durrani was lured in. He is corrupt in character. He was also behind plane crash of general Zia ul Haq. With pressure from General Kakar and than establishment PPP Government registered reference against IJI. Asad Durrani who was pressurized to give affidavit in this regard. Prime aim was that Aslam Beg and NS were than common enemies of BB and General Kakar, both must be hurt to extreme.

    Asad Durrani later enjoyed key post in civil including ambassador during PPP regimes. No initial evidences, case was reopened during Perviaz Musharraf later tenure. Who all knows staunch enemy of NS, however main proceedings held during PPP Government.

    Asad Durrani could not produce substantial evidence with all out support from PPP Government in assistance like legal team to prosecute and arrangement of witnesses. Later FIA did investigate issue as pr SCP directive but again no legally admissible evidence was found.

    Asad Durrani, Asghar Khan and Hamid Gul all are part of Pasha Party and close aides of Pappu Niazi now. Hamid Gul also assisted Pasha Party in recent dharna. CJP Nasir ul Mulak was dubbed own man by Pappu Niazi, why he did not pursued the case as all characters are in lliance with him!

    Read benefits taken by Asad Durrani from BB and PPP Governments, itself enough to prove his corrupt attentions and reality of Asghar Khan case.

  • asghar khan is ultra secular.i mean anti religion.and all such people,s fit well in PTI.well.even shireen mazaari and her daughter passionately supported homosexual marriages recently.this is PTI for you.

    also pti is best place for irani sect,qadianis,gohar shahi and Yusuf kezab the new false prophet,s followers.

    this is why I am sure that PTI will rule Pakistan next if democracy and nation still survive after 2017 .ie