NA 113 - Sialkot-IV

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  • Hi Guys,

    Any one has any info in this constituency? I know Malhi won by rigging but whats the scene this time?

  • Malhi won in 2002 Bcoz of Q league (Establishment Party)...

    Murtaza Amin Won in 2008 on PMLN ticket but in fact he won being gaddi nasheen...pehly us k baray b gaddi ki waja sy hi jeet'ty rahy hain...But in coming elections PMLN ny aik new bandy ko apna ticket dy diya hai jo k itna famous b nahi PMLN k chances kam ho gaye hain...PMLN pehly sirf Gaddi-Nasheen ki waja sy hi win karti thi..

    PPP never won from this constituency...

    Now a new candidate aa gya hai Col Sultan Sikandar Ghumman from PTI...He is an educationist. us k apny schools hai aur achi goodwill hai us ki...

    Ab next elections mein PTI & PMLN mein muqabla ho sakta hai..Bcoz PPP kbhi wahan sy jeeti nahi & Q league ko ab koi pochny wala nahi raha...

    PMLN ka candidate new hai & PTI ka thora strong...acha muqabila expected hai dono mein...

    But ager awam mein jayein to her doosry gher mein PTI k supporters mojood hain...

  • @NonStopleo

    Thanks for sharing this info. I have friends who belong to Sialkot and they all support Imran Khan.

  • Why PMLN will not like to award ticket to murtaza Amin?


    doosra ghar tu kia aor 2 seats b le lain phir baat karna

    imran apnee seat khud b haar jaey ga like in previous elections.

  • logic@

    I think, PTI can win more than 20 MNA seats in Punjab but not more than 40.

  • well i have friends who support PMLN :)

    no one can defeat PMLN in Sialkot & Narowal.

  • i agree with logic.

  • My whole family Maternal and paternal is from sialkot and adjoining districts and i can tell yu anybody who knows issues and barederis in these areas knows it , it is going to be PMLN NEXT time too.

  • @HR,

    So be ready to be proven wrong. PTI will defeat PMLN in both Sialkot and Narowal.

    I have no met a single genuine Pakistani who supports PMLN.

  • Noon league will get 200 NA seats in the next assembly and than instead of 112 deaths, there will 112 million deaths in Pakistan due to fake medicine, dengue, doctors strike, suicides by youngsters whose life is ruined because of botched exam results, accidents of faulty Peeli taxis, accidents on Motorway because of bad design and construction. PMLN would also change the name of Sialkot to Safdarabad in the honour of the great Khawaja Safdar aka dictator Zia's lapdog.

    But it's okay PMLN will have the majority in the parliament and Nawaz Sharif will become Mughal Azam and provide free langar for his supporters in prime minister house and Raiwand.

  • 'I have no met a single genuine Pakistani who supports PMLN'

    Typical. Anyone who is not inline with me , is not geniune .

    Pathetic and unfortunatley its not confined to a particular party (although this gentleman seems from PTI) , its our national psychye. Pretty unfortunate. We as a nation are not ready to tolerate any difference of oponion.

  • SA,

    It was a befitting riposte to the hyperbolic BS of the erudite member HR. Fellow from PTI didn't really lynch him, he gave him a befitting reply, that's all. Not sure, where did you pull out "difference of opinion" and tolerance bla bla.

    There are no holds barred in politics, as they say, everything is fair in love and war, (war being an extension of politics by other means).

  • Qaisar,

    Don't u think that its a sweeping statement which this gentleman made ?

    Some 8/10 million people voted for PML-N last time and calling them non-genuine pakistanis ? What does that mean ? Kiya , pakistaniat kaa theeka laay liya giyaa haai ?


    There are no holds barred in politics, as they say, everything is fair in love and war, (war being an extension of politics by other means)


    Politics is not war. Its expressing one's oponion and convincing the masses of one's oponion and once masses speak out , accepting the verdict of masses. Thats politics, its not war where one goes on fighting till the other party surrenders.

  • SA,

    Yes, Pakistani voted for PMLN (FYI 6,781,445 votes not 8/10 million). But that was back in 2008, but now after so many scandals, bad governance and sheer idiocy of "Bhoompu" bros. A lot has been changed since then (at least to me) I don't know how someone in their right minds can vote for these goons.

  • Qaiser Nadeem

    I totally agree what u said and to me thats fine.

    Lets say , in next elections , 1 m vote for ppp and 1 m vote for pml-n , would it be justified to call them non-genuine ?

    Thx for correcting my number , i was using the number just for example.

  • @Pak1stan1

    <<I have no met a single genuine Pakistani who supports PMLN. >>

    Who issues certificates for GENUINE PAKISTANI? You or is there any institute other than NADRA? whoever is in line with you is good and whoever is not is either Kafir, Munafiq, Zandeeq and not a Pakistani... tell us alot about the mentality of PTI and their supporters...

    One question BTW, if PTI ever comes to Power, what will they do with the NON-GENUINE PAKISTANI?? Gas Chambers? Mass Extinction or have they invented a new way???

  • NA-113, Syed Murtaza Amin, son in law of Syed Iftikhar aka Zaahrey shah, a known drug dealer. Zaahrey shah was himself MNA and always got N-league ticket. When Musharraf brought the amendment of BA degree then his son in law Murtaza Amin was given N-league ticket. Anyhow he got defeated but in the election of 2008, he won the seat. They are from "Aalo Mahaar" a village on Daska/Sialkot Road. Their past is very much known to the public that they were drug dealers (Heroine farosh).

  • @Zulfi...

    Your relatives there & you are giving statement but I myself am from the same constituency. NA-113 (PP-130). This is constituency covering City Daska & its adjoining areas... No one is supportive to these drug masters any more when they have a new option to choose now. Only Criminals & bad character people are going to support PMLN.