The official spokesperson of PTI on science and technology has fake phd degree

  • The official spokesperson of PTI on science and technology dr farid malik has a fake Phd degree.shame on pti that they are deceiving nation .

    dr farid malik is official spokesperson of PTI on science and technology. You can see his profile on official website of PTI by clicking on the icon "spokespersons"

    According to his profile on PTI website, he did phd in Materials Engg. in 1988 from Union Institute Cincinnati ,Ohio USA.

    This institute does not offer MS or PhD degrees in engineering and Physicsl sciences like physics,chemistry, math, biology etc cuz it is distance learning institute as can be confirmed from its website

  • If you can prove it, you can forward the case to PTI scrutiny committee and they will oust the said person.

    I mean you might be mistaken as well. He would have a professional track record, in which case the fault lies with the overall profession of medicine in Pakistan and the checks and balances on it than with PTI.

  • This seems true, as Union is preety much like open/online university and they do not offer any Master or Ph.D programs in science.

    Here is the link to the university academic program offering page.

  • Ph.D. is Ph.D., whether fake or real.

    I thought that was universal truth!!!

  • dear pakistani84 , There is no question of gathering any proofs.

    Union university and institute

    © MMXII | 440 East McMillan | Cincinnati, Ohio USA 45206 | Ph: 800.861.6400, 513.861.6400

    Its website clearly shows that it do not offer ms or phd programs in engineering and natural sciences like physics,chemistry ,math and biology etc.

    Is it not irony that a PTI speaks of bringing change in pakistan and speaks of lack of vision in other parties but it itself hires a fake phd degree holder as its spokeperson on science and technology.

    From this , the delivering capability of PTI to the nation can be guessed.

    If imran can appoint a fake phd degree holder as pti spokesperson on science and technology then what moral ground he has to criticize zardari for appointment of incapable persons at important positions.


    2005-To date -- Professor Operations Management FCC University Lahore.

    2002-2005 -- Chairman, Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Islamabad.

  • The Union had a Ph.D. in Art and Sciences. Learners could have a concentration in whatever field they wanted. They just set a plan for self study and later formed a committee consisting largely of adjuncts from other institutions. Later, after the crackdown, they had to limit the concentration areas to three, and change the name of the Ph.D. to Interdisciplinary studies. They also introduced to other, non-research focused doctorates (education, psychology).


    This is the dumbest most retarded thing allegation yet by Noora League. His degree can be easily verified but what else can you expect from taodies whose own leader is a BA fail.

  • why r u lieing. The union had phd in arts and sciences but not in engineering and natural science like physics,math,chemistry can be confirmed from union website and ur source.

    So dont wrongly defend ur masters.Only dogs defend their masters wrongly not humans.

  • Can you read Dabba Doctor USA?

    The Union had a Ph.D. in Art and Sciences.

    If it wasn't sciences like Engineering,Physics, Chemistry etc than W.T.F was it? PHD in Janitorial services?

    Expecting an intellectually honest response from Noora league is a mistake!!!

  • Haa haa

    Good stuff..

    Hawaii inquilaab aisay hee hotay hein...wo kia kehtay hein kay..

    Itni naa barha paak daamni ke hikayat....

  • PTI Friends,

    In BioData on Leadership Page, for Farid Malik

    Spokesperson Science and Technology

    Dr. Farid Malik


    Summary _________________

    Over thirty years of technical and management experience in the corrosion, materials, engineering and high-tech industry in U.S.A & Pakistan. Four U.S patents and several publications.

    it refers to FOUR US PATENTS, but I could locate only one patent.

    Please see the following sites:$.INNM.&OS=IN/malik-farid$&RS=IN/malik-farid$

    If it turns out that he has only one patent and he has included 4 patents in his Bio-Data, do you think it is "corruption"???

  • @General Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Butt kay Sipahi,

    Did you know that patents have an expiration date?

  • @Qaiser Nadeem,

    Expiration of Patents does not remove them from the list of patents issued by USPTO.

    Who you are trying to fool?

  • IK ki mujhe kuch samajh nahin arahi.. jo thodi buhat popularity thi IK ki wo IK ji khud hei kharab kerrahe hai..!!

    All this acts of PML-Q2 (PTI) proving that PML-N is far better than this so called political party!!!

  • For QN;

    Sciences are not considered engineering in anywhere in the world although engineering is applied sciences. Under social sciences you may find anthropology, archaeology, criminology, economics, education, government, linguistics, international relations, political science, sociology, geography, history, law, and psychology.

    Besides Union Institute offers:

    Degrees Available

    Ed.D. - specializations in Educational Leadership (Pre-K thru 12) and Higher Education

    Ph.D. - concentrations in Ethical & Creative Leadership, Public Policy & Social Change, and Humanities & Culture

    Psy.D. - concentration in Clinical Psychology

    There is no where it mentions that it offers PhD in Materials Engg.

  • Was Farid Malik scrutinized by SCRUTINITY COMMITTEE of PTI??

    This speaks a lot about that committee.

  • Nawaz Sharif Kay Sipahi,

    Scrutiny committee scrutinizes the new entrants who wish to run for public office!

    You couldn't find those patents don't mean they don't exist. They could be under a name of company that he owned/worked for and he is one of the owners etc!!


    Union changed their degree programs. BTW, my university offered "Bachelor of Science in Engineering" degree and technically Engineering does fall under science.

    Regardless, if Noora league thinks they have found something against PTI than send their intellectual extraordinaire Abid Sher Ali to US so he can verify if Farid Malik's degrees are real or not.

    Later, the Union Graduate School was dissolved and the Ph.D. program was restructured. Formerly it had been a Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences. A new Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in good standing was established, and the former Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences is no longer accepting students. The new program offers three areas of concentration. The former program allowed students to choose any area of concentration they wished. Before the program was dissolved, the OBR required that the concentrations be limited to six.

  • BTW, here is contact info, if you are so concerned than contact him and find out:


    But obviously that doesn't suit your agenda so you keep blowing air.

  • @Qaiser Nadeem

    If Farid Malik name is not on the patent, he does not have a legal right to include in his resume.