[OPINION] Chief justice Iftikhar Ch. is destroying constitution and system.

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  • I agree 100%

  • "woh qomain tabah hojatin hainn jis main agar koi ghareeb admi chori karay to uss ko saza di jati hay aur agar koi ba-asar jurm karay to uss ko chohr diya jata hay" hadiths Nabvi (saww)

    " jab koi qom buraye ko buraye kehna chohr deti hay to uss qom per un main say bad-tareen logon ko hukamran bana diya jata hay, qom ke naik log du'ain mangtay hain magar un ki du'ain qabool nahi hotin" hadiths Nabvi (saww)

    "Kufr ka nizaam qa'im reh sakta hay magar zulm ka nizaam nahi" hz Ali r.a

  • It is hard for me to distinguish between a politician,s statement and ch. Iftikhar,s statement.

    Is he running a parallel government or what?

    *Adlya karachi kay awam kay saath hein.

    *Hukoomat awam kay tahaffuz mein nakaam hochukee hai

    *Martial law kaa raasta rook diaa

    *Jahan problem nazar aayeegee wahan action lein g ay.

    *hukoomat guarantee day kay qurbani daynay walay ko bartaraf nahi kia jaey gaa


  • After reading about this non.sense observation by pco judge i can only think of one thing is that ch. Iftikhar urf aamil jaali raseed baba is trying to namak halal and proving him before qurbani daynay walay as his humble servant and proving his suitability for bangladesh model.

    Pco judge should have resigned after reinstatement but he is iqtadaar kaa bhooka.

  • pacemaker@

    Woh qomain bee tabah ho jaati hain jin ke judges ka apnay liay insaaf aur ho, aur dusaroon ke liay insaaf ka Pemaana aur ho.

    Judges khud jo chaay kartay rahain unain koi na puchay, un ke saary pechaly gunah maaf.

    Woh qomain bee tabah ho jati hain, jin ke judges aik dictator ka role play karnay lagain. Dusary institutions ke mamlaat mein madaklat karain. aur khud ko har law and rule se bala tar samjhain.

    Woh qomain bee tabah ho jati hain, jin ke judges dictator ka roop dhaar kar constitution ko tabah karna shuru kar dain.

    Apnay har hukum aur khawash ko qanoon aur constitution se bala tar samjhain.

  • @msyedh....ever thought what your own contribution toward humanity is? I am sure you will be nominated for Nobel PEACE prize if someone unearths your contribution, right?....lollzz..

    The easiest job in the world; criticize others!!!!

  • BS obaid,

    Maybe you don't realize yet, but the constitution only applies to this gov't when it benefits them. LIke when Gilani the rat needs some confidence measures, when the most corrupt gov't in the history of world is in power the constitution is used as an excuse. When it comes to protecting peoples lives and rights this gov't thinks of the constitution as a piece of paper like the memo.

  • Is the constitution a real issue?? or issues are self generated electric & gas crises, rampant corruption, nepotism, destroying industry, increasing unemployment n crimes........

    This country (banana republic) is now at verge of collapse not due constitutional issues but because of economic crises collapsing institutions and other malpractices.

    Slam to people who r weeping for constitution...........

  • Compliance of the constitution is the answer to lack of self generated electricity, gas, rampant corruption, nepotism, unemployment etc.

    The constitution of a nation is its supreme law, wherefrom the powers of government are derived and wherein the rights of the citizens of that nation are outlined.

    Constitutional litigation raises fundamental questions about what the constitution permits and forbids the government and citizens of a country to do.

    A pervasive element in the judiciary's role at every level is the protection of each person's Constitutional, human, civil and legal rights. The judiciary also has an essential role in protecting us from the wrong-doing of others, protecting the weak from the strong, the powerless from the powerful as well as protecting individuals from the unwarranted or unlawful exercise of power by the State. Moreover, the judiciary plays a crucial role in securing domestic tranquility by providing a structured institutionalized forum for the resolution of discord and dispute and the vindication of civil and criminal wrong-doing.

    Just think why we are facing electricity and gas load shedding, unemployment, nepotism etc..

  • Problem we are facing, as highlighted by rehanahd, are mainly due to bad governance.

    Good governance signifies the way an administration improves

    the standard of living of the members of its society by creating and making available the basic amenities of life; providing its people security and the opportunity to better their lot; instill hope in their heart for a promising future; providing, on an equal & equitable basis, access to opportunities for personal growth; affording participation and capacity to influence, in the decision-making in public affairs; sustaining a responsive judicial system which dispenses justice on merits in a fair, unbiased and meaningful manner; and maintaining accountability and honesty in each wing or functionary of the Government.

  • SultanAliKhan@

    I am not elected or not paid from government funds. So my humanity is not important here. Every Pakistani have full right to criticize to any authority for wrong doing, who is paid by government, from tax payer's money.

  • rehanahd@

    I am agree, that there may be some inefficiency of government in gas and electricity shortage.

    But we should be honesty when we criticizing government. This is not short time issue. It needed long time planning. Past governments did not make long time planning and In result, we are facing this problem now.

    This government took notice for electricity shortage from very beginning but Chief justice Iftikhar Ch., some dirty players and hyper media blocked this government to solve this issue. There were some minor irregularities in rental powers and other projects. But it was stupid thing to block this attempt, just because of these minor irregularities.

    There was intentional motive, behind this blocking from politically motivated judiciary to fail government on this issue. Chief justice want to fail this government in every issue for personal revenge and to help Noon league for their future politic.

  • Agree with what many here say. Constitution is not the issue, paani bijli is the main issue.

    So suspend the constitution and have amreeka come rule us.

    Iam sure they can provide bijli gas.

    I fail to understand how anyone can defend this pco judge here. He is not a judge, he is an attention and power hungry politician. He is ruining judiciary of pakistan. His own performance is dismal and lower courts are the biggest problem of awam, if you disagree then go ask anyone who had any experiance with justice system.

    Asking prime minister to give in writing that he will not fire jurnails is a joke. He is surely a curse and causing irrepairable damage to judiciary.

  • Now, this is more than attention and power hunger. This PCO judiciary is directly involved in politic. It is hard to reject that they are establishing judicial dictatorship in Pakistan.

  • Syed, ch. Iftikhar is solidifying his position as a kammee kameen of jurnail and tempting them to implement bangladesh model so ch. Iftikhar can become prime minister or a president.

    He used to beg musharraf for that.

  • i am more concerned the way he has been apointing judges of his own choice. It would have impact in the years to come.

    Some judges have not been promoted (a PHC judge recently resigned in protest) and some judges have been promoted out of turn (Justice Ijaz nisar to leave Justice Kh Sharif as CJ LHC) .

    These actions are in gross violation of al-jehad trust case and will have long term impcat even after retirement of IMC.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @msyedh: The point about you not having been elected is "irrelevant". You have the "power" to;

    (1) make decisions

    (2) take actions

    in your personal life.

    You "use" "that" "power" to "support" those who "push for" "continuation" of "injustice", "perpetual" "continuation" of "injustice" within our ranks.

    You are "guilty" of that "repeated" "crime".

    I "claim" it is your "crime", since I have good reason to note, you "know" what is right and what is wrong, yet still you "choose" as well as "act" to persist in supporting that which is wrong.