Aafia Siddiqui diagnosed with Cervical cancer &Fear of multiple sexual abuse

  • KARACHI - Pakistani scientist Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving 86-year imprisonment in a US prison cell, has contracted cancer and allegedly become pregnant as a result of sexual abuse during her confinement.

    Talking to The News Tribe, her sister Dr Fouzia Siddiqui said she had come to know through Pakistani Consul General in Houston that Aafia had been diagnosed with a cancer. She added that earlier there were reports that the Pakistani scientist had become pregnant due to alleged sexual abuse during imprisonment. However, the Pakistan Embassy has not playing its role in either confirming or rejecting the reports.

    She said that former Pakistan ambassador to US Husain Haqqani was called back the next day when he told us about the condition of Aafia.

    She quoted Pakistan Consul General Aqil Nadeem as saying that he was requesting the jail authorities for providing medical facilities to the Pakistani scientist.

    Fouzia said keeping in view the reputation of the Roswell jail and the nature of her sister’s disease the request was insufficient.

    She urged the Pakistan Embassy to arrange a team of physicians comprising doctors from jail as well as from private sector for Aafia.

    Fouzia said that newly-appointed Pakistan Ambassador to US Sherry Rehman had assured her all possible help before leaving for America to take up her new assignment. However, despite making contact with her, the envoy has not given any response in this regard.

    Speaking about the reports of Aafia’s alleged pregnancy, she said that her family was told about it after the Pakistani scientist showed some symptoms in the women jail.

    Fouzia appealed to the US and Pakistani authorities to arrange a telephonic conversation of her mother with Aafia.

    Earlier, British journalist and human rights activist Yvonne Ridley had declared the long punishment of Aafia as just ‘one step away from death’.

    Talking about attitude of Pakistani politicians being adopted on the Aafia issue, Fouzia said she would not believe in their statements until and unless her sister returns to Pakistan. She complained that the politicians had only exploited the Aafia issue just to gain political mileage.

    She said that Aafia had been provided substandard food at jail, which led to health problems as she had complained of it during her earlier telephonic conversations.

    The News Tribe, a UK-based bilingual news website has approached Pakistan Ambassador to US Sherry Rehman through an email to get her point of view on the issue but received no response till the filing of this news.


  • I would like to know the views of those bloggers who are very sympathetic towards american govt/western deaths in Afghanistan and see the justification in imprisoning a woman on false allegation while at the same time, support Raymond Davis release by the spineless and eunuch civilian and army leaders of pakistan.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Seedhi seedhi ham sare loago'n ki baighairti hai. Aur kia hai (in urdu).

    I just wish a "jamaat" of Muslims, members of whom "were" "well educated" about Islam, as well as "practiced" Islam. I wish all members of that "jamaat" of Muslims would come together in order to "chart out" "ways" for "us" to "go forward" "with" in this regard.

    I just wish there was a "jamaat" of Muslims ready at this point in time. We "would" "teach" those non-Muslims a lesson with respect to their treatment of a member of our collective with this vicious disrespect.

    I just wish.

  • Bhai Khan Saheb

    Our rulers since the regime of Zia have been selling the national interests for their self interests. Army generals and political mullahs made billions out of the American aid that poured into our country for so called Jihad. We are still paying the cost of those 60 billions which poured into our country as peanut prices for beating a superpower. The Afghan war destroyed our country both internally and externally.

  • and still we put our faith in people who are the byproduct of Afghan war lord supporters ... Zia and USA touts.

  • Hamid Mir Latest tweet says he spoke to Fozia Siddiqi and she confirmed that Aafia has cancer but reports of sexual abuse and pregnancy are all false.

  • جہادی ونگ ڈاکٹر عافیہ کی ممکنہ کینسر کی بیماری کو پریگننسی میں بدل کر جذبات کیش کرنا چا رہا ہے

  • NS ki govt mai, in fascist liberal brown slaves kai baray mai in hi kai aik amerkiee akaa nai kaha tha kai yeh pakistani tau 10000 mai bhi baich dain.

  • Inshallah when PTI comes into power we will try our utmost to bring her back. Our prayers are with u sister aafia. Just hang on there we need to save our country from these status quo crooks, then we will try our utmost.

    If these status quo leaders had used there brains they should have at least exchanged RD for sister Aafia.

  • "If these status quo leaders had used there brains they should have at least exchanged RD for sister Aafia. "

    yeh ghairat aur himmat kai kaam hain; you were expecting too much from british colonial brown slaves.

  • Don't know why all of u guys r interested in this convicted criminal ???

    There are thousands of pakistanis serving jails abroad. Has pakistnai government ever spent 2 million $$$ on providing legal team to any of them excpet this 'MUJAHIDA SISTER' ????

    She is in prision and will get treatment as per jail manual. Pregnancy report has already been denied ???

  • May be government can request her transfer to pakistan on medical grounds and allow her to spend the rest of term in a pakistani jail.

  • why so bsobaid ?

    There are thousnads of pakistanis in overseas jails ? Why her? Already due to fear of 'GHAIRAT BRIGADE' , govt spent 2 million $$ to provide her legal aid.

    Did she asked pakistani nation or government before participating in criminal activities for which she has been convicted ?

  • That is true shareef but the circumstances around her arrest makes her a mazloom before many pakistanis despite her alleged involvement in dangerous crimes.

  • bs,

    Till when we will remain slave to 'GHAIRAT BRIGDADE' ? We have to make calls.

  • True.

    It is even harder to make any demands in this case considering she is an american citizen.

    I dont know man...her name came in very serious and dangerous crimes.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @bsobaid: None of the crimes she was accused of, were ever proven in the court of law.

    She is innocent as proven by the proceedings in the court. No charges against her were ever found to be "credible". The court sentenced her even after coming to the conclusion that she had committed no crime.

    Illegal/Unjust decisions, actions by the court of that "nation state" does not make the "accused" a criminal.

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  • '

    he court sentenced her even after coming to the conclusion that she had committed no crime.


    Can you provide the copy/link of judgement which says this thing ?

  • hariskhan

    What i m ? Muslim or not ? only Allah or myself have knowledge of that . When prophet PBUH and his companions RA didn't had this knowledge , who r u ? aap par 'VAHI' aati haai yaa aap ko khud hii 'KHUDAA' honey kaa dawa haai ???

  • "her name came in very serious and dangerous crimes."


    And what is that "Dangerous Crime". U.S army raped her repeatedly and held her captive at army camp. only "Dangerous Crime" she did is she tried to escape from the hell.