Pay Bribes To Health Department And Feed Any Garbage To Public

  • The officials appointed by the health department are paid salaries and facilities from the public money. They are nothing more than mere burdens on the public. They move out regularly on official visits and just do the job of collecting bribes from one place to another.

    The scam of fake medicines in Punjab is not any new story in our society. Just that this scam has come to surface.

    I wonder if there is any govt. existent here to take care of the poor and helpless public.

  • At present ministry of health in Sindh specially Drug Testing Laboratory are being handled by sister of Mr.Asif Ali Zardari, Uzra Peechu, her son Shahid Peechu who is also nephew of Zardrai has been appointed as a Deputy Drug controller, in Sindh all competent drug Inspectors such as Najmus Saqib, Muhammad Amir,and Aslam Jan Khattak have been transfered on the first day of this corrupt government and replaced by Zardari family cronies like Bouzdar,Suresh Kumar,Tanveer Alam, these are recoganized corrupted officers and have been penalized by court of laws.Their job is just collection of bribes and money from Pharmaceuticals.That is the reason that Pharmaceutical Industry is now very relaxed in Karachi,because they just pay money and no one ask any thing about Good manufacturing practices or safety of drugs being manufactured by them, monthlies of Drug Testing Laboratories and Drug Inspectors are fixed.In such scenario one can only expect and forcast disaster and nothing else.

  • Drug inspectors and food inspectors are merely bribers whose sole job is to collect bribes from pharmaceutical companies, food industries and restaurants.