Khatmal Express to luxury train

  • Karakoram Express



    Pakistan turns back the clock with luxury train travel

    The luxury service – complete with flatscreen TVs, wifi and lavatories that would put some British trains to shame – was launched today in an effort to turn around the dire fortunes of Pakistan's railways, and restore it to its former colonial glory.

    More than that, the story of the railway's decline mirrors that of the country itself, and the Business Express, with its mix of public and private enterprise, is being championed as a new model that could revive Pakistan's moribund state sector.

    Waiters in waistcoats and bow ties served afternoon tea as passengers boarded for the 800-mile, 18-hour journey.

    Even Pakistan's Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, facing contempt of court charges, turned out to see the train off. He managed a smile as he welcomed The Daily Telegraph to a berth.

    "No I'm not travelling, I'm just here to see you off," he said with a quick handshake before moving off and avoiding any mention of his legal troubles.

  • This is commendable step. Railway should be treated as one of the transport mode. Private secotor need to be involved in running and managing the affairs. That is one way of reviving the ailing railway.

  • We dont need Business experss train in Pakistan; those who do travel due to business reason they use PIA or other pvt facilities.

    What we do need

    1- Commuter train in karachi, lahore, sailkot, faislabad, etclinking industrial areas with major working class areas

    2: Daily fast experess train from Karachi - lahore-Pindi- Peshawar and Queta

    connect major hubs / cities with bus system.

    This fancy name train would do any good to masses of people.

  • In typical Pakistani fashion, this train service is already in trouble. The contractor who was suppose to deposit daily 3 million had not deposited any money for the first week.

  • At the moment, where Pakistan Railway is at the brink of total collapse requires a cash flow. The answer could be to run more freight trains. Obviously it will be economical, efficient and reliable transportation mode than road transit and aircargo.

    As EXP has mentioned of more inter-city railway, it with the help of subway trains can help reduces the city road bottlenecks in Karachi, Lahore and other cities.

    One thing for sure, it will break the neck of truck and minibus mafias if done right.

  • expakistani..You are expecting too much from Bilour(passenger train). ye bhi ghaneemat hay.

  • How come this private company already owes government 1 1/2 crore? Even when you rent your house, you get a deposit worth a year.

    This to me looks like "sweet heart" deal with corruption. Someone needs to investigate.

  • @iamsowise

    O bhai i didnt vote for Blor or Nawaz Sharif, i dont expect any thing from them at all... Yeah to Allah ka azab hey aap logon ke burey kamon ka.

  • Luxury train in Pakistan???? no kidding, ritht???

    hmmmmmmm that is a novelty and wonder how long that will last???

  • ^^^ Not for long SAK! I would take Daewoo Express Bus Service from Karachi to anywhere in Pakistan any day of the week, provided you have time on your hands. But between travelling by air and by train, this is the most economical and comfortable mode of long distance travel.

  • If you gether both clips and do simple maths, than something is fishy here:

    Total Passenger Capacity = 500 Nos

    One Way Fare = Rs 5000

    Total Revenue Generation @100% Capacity =Rs 2.5 million

    Howcome business group agreed to pay daily 3.2 million Rs while at present Ticket price they can generate mere Rs 2.5 million?

  • Good point GP.. another million kahan say aay ga plus staff salaries,Fuel,maintenance aur phr profit?

  • There are reports that the new scheme launched with the support of private sector is going to collapse.