Iran says can hit U.S. interests worldwide if attacked

  • Iranis are united as a nation. Their politicians and army generals are very loyal to their country unlike our shameless politicians and shameless army generals. They don't have any people like Yahaya Khan,Niazi and Tikka Khan in their army. Iran will be like a death trap for the United States.

  • HF Bhai,

    This is all drama. Not a single Iranian soldier has died in last 70 years in any confrontation with US or West. They could not defeat Saddam and invited US to get rid of Saddam to grab power in Iraq. They are doing the same in Syria and will do the same in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are only good to kill civilians as I have mentioned in the other thread about Israel attacking Iran. Just beware of Iranian treachery that has stabbed the Ummah in teh back so many times in history.

  • @Abdul Rehman

    Have to agree with you. This drama is going on since the 50s. Iran and US confrontation is just a verbal disguise. All US did is attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc which happened to be sunni states. One should not forget the history of shia and their backstabbing against Muslims.

    I am pretty sure US or Israel will never have a full fledge war with Iran, instead they may attack every sunni country which could be a real threat for them.

  • One Iranian official said last week or so that they will also attack any country providing its land for attack on Iranian soil.

    I think he was referring to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    There are chances that Pakistan will provide its facilities if any such attack occur. NATO already has control of many air bases in Balochistan.

    It is interesting that establishment is so keen to have NATO and Amreeka vacate Shamsi airbase but not the other airbases in Balochistan and elsewhere.

    Shamsi mein aisee kiaa baat hai jo doosroo mein nahi?

  • @Abdur Rehman and SyedHussain

    Are you guys starting a shia-sunni confrontation here on pkpolitics pages? Sectarianism is the biggest cause of muslims.

  • Tension is serious developing in our neighbouring country and the threat (of military confrontation) is real and dangerous.

  • Iran and Amreeka/NATO have a strategic alliance on Afghanistan and Iraq as their goals converged on these two issues, but such alliances are on case-to-case basis.

    I dont necessarily agree there is an understanding between the two on nuclear issue or on Israel, so I can see some confrontation taking place but it is unlikely that US will involve directly at first.

    Chances of any armed confrontation are still below 50% but tensions can definitely escalate, specially if Iran tries to block Strait of Hormus again. Iran tried that last month but it had to back out within a week or so.

    One reason preventing west and amreeka to take action against Iran is Iran's clout in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, the so-called Shia crescent.

  • It is US war criminals that have made sure that balcance of power is shifted in MidEast and hence their treacherous silence. The whle world came together in removing Baathist thug Saddam who happened to be a Sunni and the whole world is silent spectator when the same Baathist Alawite thugs is conducting genocide. Iran facilitated the US occupation and could not dislodge Saddam and invited Uncle Sam tio do the job, This is not rocket science to understand.

  • @Abdul Rahman

    Your opinion is nothing but shia-sunni confrontation; get a life. Pray peace not war in our neighbour. Have you forgotten highly negative effects of Afghan fasad on pur country?

  • Things are pretty serious down here, Israel is hell bound to attack (tactical strikes they call it) and Iran have Hizb ullah in their pocket to hit Israel back... now with the neighboring states getting more Islamic govts incorporated specially Egypt, Israel is running out of friends... The removal of Syrian regime and to put someone friendlier is not because they have love for Syrian people and they care that the Syrians are deprived of their rights, it is because Syria is strong ally of Iran and can provide all the logistic support to Iran in case of war.

    On the other hand, when Iran says it can attack any country that provide any kind of Support to US, it does not mean that they will attack Pakistan or they are pointing finger at Pakistan, currently, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and to some extent Saudi are providing Americans with all the support on the ground in Arabian/Persian Gulf and thats what Iran meant, it would foolish of Iran to get into military confrontation with the country like Pakistan, whereas it is very easy for Iranians to takeout these small arab states...

    The other day there was a news based on the opinion of one European ambassador that says Pakistan will be obliged to support Iran in case of US vs Iran Confrontation... India is also not willing to have another war in the neighborhood nor does China or Russia want another country turned into a war zone.

    So let us see how things proceed by End of April.

  • Time will tell who is going to attack whom.

    If we learn anything from history, it is clear that from the days of Saladin to Saddam's Iraq, Iran has always stabbed the Ummah in the back. During 500 years of Ottoman Caliphate until 1923 , Iran had numerous wars against Ottomans. Ottomans could not muster their full strenght in confronting the combimed might of Europe due to Iranian meddling on their Eastern front.

    And West has made it clear that they want to see a Shite "crescent" hence their total silence and complicicty in Baathist Alawite thug genocide in Syria.

  • AR - I like your argument , what about Saudi Arabia , how can west Pacify SAudi's concern about iran , obviously SA is one of the buddies of US in midlle east

  • The difference between Saudi Arabia and Iran is just that earlier cooperates with America openly and the later does the same secretly. Iran and America have secretly been coalition partners in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • The thing to appreciate about Iranis is their patriotism and loyalty to their country. I wonder why we have failed to develop even some degree of patriotism and loyal to our country. America is hesitant to attack Iran. America easily ravaged Iraq and Afghanistan then started up a series of insulting Pakistanis by continual drone attacks, but Iran is strong enough to defend its honour.