How to end corruption?

  • To save many from stating the obvious...assume a relatively honest prime minister is in power.

    He/She is now looking for ways to end corruption from society, businesses (both retail and institutional), government institutions, specially the corruption that directly effects general population such as bribery for services.

    Suggestions please.

  • bsobaid bhai, you dont watch TV? simply join PTI and it will lead to end corruption in 90 days (it could well be 10 minutes).

  • wohi tou pata chala raha hoon..kay kaisay???

  • This is the real question .

    در حقیقت ہم کرپشن اور بد اعمالی کے ایک جال میں جکڑے ہوے ہیں -میری رائے میں جو شخص احتساب کی بات کرتا ہے یا وہ احمق ہے یا جھوٹا - جہاں پولیس ،ایف آئ اے اور نیب ٩٠ % سے زائد کرپٹ لوگوں پر مشتمل ہوں اور جہاں کرپشن کا خاندانی نظام رائج ہو وہاں احتساب کی بات کرنا حماقت ہے -ہمیں پہلے ایک آل پارٹیز کانفرنس جس میں فوج عدلیہ اور انتظامیہ شامل ہوں منعقد کرنی چاہئیے جو ایک این آر او سب کے لیے تیار کرے اور اس کے بعد آئندہ کرپشن کو روکنے کی کوشش کرنی چاہئیے . .

  • @bsobaid

    In order to end corruption to start with, it is necessary for Pakistan to get a PM with qualities similar to the person discussed in this video.

  • Get rid of corrupt political mafia families!

  • @Obaid bhai, aap ney $billion question poocheh lia hey, my take on this issue is as follows:

    1)Parliament need to do legislation for death penalty for anybody involved corruption / kickbacks / bribery for a amount lets say >10 lacks.

    1. Life imprisonment for >2 lacks and <10 lacks

    2. 5 years jail term for >50K and <2 lacks

    3. Invest heavily in capacity building of whole police and judicial system.

    4. Existing police force and structure need to be disrupted and dismantled .

    5. New civilian law and order force need to be formed without any contamination from existing force. University educated young men to be hired ,trained by very best in the world. This force must be highly resourced. This experiment can be started from small town, city and can be spread to entire country.

  • Pace and sipahi,

    I have made it clear that an honest prime minister is in power. Let me make it further clear by saying his cabinet ministers and other important members of his party are also honest. Now make suggestions.

    Please dont repeat what we all know and have said and read million times that zardari gilani kyani shareefs are all chor....just imagine none of them or their families ever existed.

  • Ghost,

    Great answer...keep the coming...

  • To end the corruption, we need to end the "Culture of corruption" where corruption becomes "laanat" and not the "way of life".

    Culture is formed by elite of the country and drills down to masses hence elite life style need to reflect it.

  • bsobaid

    A good thread amongst the threads related to corrupt politicians!

    Corruption is now so deep rooted in our society that it is really very difficult to uproot it. We need a leadership of very high calibre and character to uproot such a deep rooted corruption.

  • If you go into history there was no corruption charges against any Prime Minister till 1988 but corruption was there . And it is very easy to blame bloody civilians but Army ruled more than civilians and there was more corruption in those era .

  • Limited corruption is existent even in the most disciplined countries like China and Japan. In our country, the rates of corruption have crossed all tolerable limits.

  • Few Steps taken into right direction will start reducing the rate of corruption:

    1. Spending by the candidate on his election campaign, remember he and his donors are investing this money for some reason... limit it.. force candidates to not to use wall-chalking, posters at all and only a limited use of banners... this is one example,

    2. Bring the level of inflation down, that is by decreasing the price of electricity, fuel ( mainly diesel) and other basic utilities, half the time, a man is forced to use his position to make money because if he doesn't then he may not be able to provide food and shelter to his family

    3. End this system of allotting plots and other assets to journalists and politicians and others...

    Above are few measures only.... in order to end corruption we need to attack the root cause of it... the other root cause among many others is greed.. well there is nothing much can be done about that... but lets try to reduce the corruption by not forcing people to commit it in 1st place

  • khanamer

    Rightly pointed out to expenses incurred into election campaigns. Politics is at a time highly risk-able but a highly profitable business. Heavy investments are made with large nos. of supporters. Those heavy investments are then required to be recovered and supporters to be benefited for their efforts. These are one of the major causes of corruption. Soon after taking reins into hands, a new govt. begins to recover heavy investments with exorbitant profits and induct their corrupt supporters into employment of government departments.

  • ^^ Not only that, then these donors/investors force the govt they have financed to articulate policies suiting them the best, be it foreign policy, monetary policy or a mere tender.. this is how they take it out..

  • khanamer

    These are primary reasons for failures of democracies in Pakistan. Corruption in politics is existent everywhere; at tolerable limits in disciplined countries and intolerable limits in indisciplined countries. The problem with our country is that corruption has crossed out of all tolerable limits. The general public is suffering from unbearable pains of corruption.

  • دریا کے باہر بیٹھ کر لہروں کا نظارہ اور ہوتا ہے اور لہروں میں پھنس جانا دوسری بات .پاکستان میں کرپشن کا ایک تند و تیز دریا بہ رہا ہے کسی عام صورت سے اس پر قابو پانا نا ممکن ہے

  • Guys, impossible is an Opinion. Ending corruption is not rocket science. BS Obaid assumed a team of honest and capable leader is in power so what actions they would take to end the corruption? Pls suggest some practical steps.

  • Do you have any name ?

    Puppets of establishment and dirty 'Lotas' can not help.