Who was Khalid Shahensha?

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    May be its not much relevant today, but just want to share with you about Khalid Shahensha (The famous suspect and chief security guard of Benazir).

    I knew personally him and his family since I was teenager and he was full fledged don in Azizabad. He was Son of famous butcher Mr.Gaami whose shop was located at Azizabd#3 bus stop. His whole family was running butchery business except him as he never liked the very nature of business. He formed his own gang of street criminals and started doing small scale robberies. His famous accomplices were Shuja, Bhayya, Aslam khan. He was caught several times by police red handedly. His misfortune that same time MQM was gaining popularity and he happened to be at the heart of MQM i.e Azizabad. To safegurd his interest he joined PSF and PPP. Famous PSF leader Najib became his friend. Mr.Khalid shahenshah forwarded message to 90 that he is not intersted in any Punga with MQM and wont interfere in their affairs. The gang of Shahenshah developed some rivalry within and killed one of there ownaccomplice i.e Aslam Khan.

  • Both Shuja and Shahensha were involved in Aslam Khan's murder. He than ran away to USA and established himself as exiled PPP leader and started his own promotion to a level that he got provincial assembly ticket from Azizabad on behalf of PPP in 1993. He spent millions of Rs in his election campaign and every pole in Azizabad was covered with his posters and banners. Result of election, as expected was super defeat as MQM decided to take part in election and every child of Azizabad was aware of his character.

    Then for very long time he disappeared from the scene and I heard about him after assassination of BB.

  • It was surprising for me how come such proven don reached to very near of "Daughter of east" and "Shaheed Rani". Just wondering how many such dos are around and very near to our political leaders.

    You might be wondering how do I know this much detail, off course I lived and grew up in Azizabad.

  • wont interfere in their "nefarious and brutal" affairs.

    Yea and while this gangster went on to became Benazir's guard and was subsequently gunned down,his 'batch mate' from Azizabad, Gangster Altaf BI fled Azizabad and went on to became "respected British Citizen" rather then being gunned down in similar fashion like all other gangsters who are usually eliminated by their own types..

  • @Docotor, you have so many threads to spit your venom, better stick to this thread and share your count of Mr.khalid Shahenshah or any other similar story.

  • @GP

    I am simply saying that gangster khalid Shahenshah would have been better off and would have been alive today if he too would have fled and immigrated to Canada and would have operated and controlled the affairs of his criminal syndicate here in Karachi 'securely and safely' from his hideout in Canada just like his 'batch mate' Altaf Bi carries out his affairs from his hideout in London with such "perfection"..

  • His wife and kids are living in USA, according to my information couple of guys in USA investigated by FBI just before his death.... his under cover activities were linked with Dawood Ibrahim.

  • expakistani

    Was he too US national?

  • No he was green card holder...his family is. In fact most of his in laws are US citizen

  • GP: You missed his drug mafia connections during earlier PPP governments, that's where he made the most money and also come close to Mr. President:) If you know Aman, you know what I am talking about;) Also, he was hand picked by Mr. President to guard BB on her return to Pakistan. Infect Mr. President assembled the whole team and brought them to Dubai under the leadership of Khalid Shenshah to guard BB.

    About Aslam, well that was unfortunate of him. What happen to him was more of "shah sa barh kar shah ka wafadar", Hasan killed him in an emotional outburst/internal confrontation. Aslam as a whole was a much better person then Shuja (shah jee) or Khalid gammi.

    Man you took me wayyy back in memory lane...

  • His harketein are indeed suspicious but he was the security guard...may be his wierd gestures are part of his job.

    Secondly, chief security guard aik badmash aur don ko hee banayaa jaey gaa...pichlee galee walay sabir bhai ko nahi....

  • Obaid bhai you can not trust one's life with a badmash who has a history of sealing his services to the highest bidder. In this equation he was more loyal to someone else then the cat he was guarding:)

    His biggest fault was, he knew too much, way more then his capacity, also happen to be the weakest link in the conspiracy.

  • Witnessing the nefarious acts and gang-like methodical lootings of those currently at the helm of affairs in Pakistan, Shahensha's deeds appear innocent by comparison.....I wonder if there ever were or still are good people in Azizabad???

  • What Azizabad has to do with those who are "methodical lootings of those currently at the helm of affairs in Pakistan"??

    Your question about Azizabad: Most of my mates from my old neighborhood are very educated, successful professionals in different walks of life. Good or bad, very subjective... one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist;)

  • @Dusky...I didn't mean any disrespect to any or whole of people from Azizabad, and I am sure the majority from that area are nice people....it was perhaps frustration on my part that got the best of me.....

    The thread depicts as if there were only gangs operating in Azizabad and only the fittest survived, or so was the impression I got.....hence my question which in a way was a taunt pointed at the author of the thread....

    Having stated that, I still in all sincerity,do apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings....I admit I should not have said it, although I didn't mean the way it came out.

  • @SAK: No offense taken.

    It's the nature of the beast. It's like living any where outside Karachi, movement you mention you are from Azizabad, people automatically assume you must be diehard mqmer.. and one can't help the ignorance:)

  • @GP

    ^^^It was surprising for me how come such proven don reached to very near of "Daughter of east" and "Shaheed Rani"^^^

    Why wonder buddy.. if zardari can become her husband, why shahenshah cant be part of inner circle :)

  • lolzzzz@anasyounus.......good valid point you raised!!!!

  • Oh, this thread attracted some interest.

    @Dusky, Your knowledge about the whole story is superior than me, must admit. Agreed Aslam was relatively better and kind hearted person.

    @SAK, For your info Azizabad is a locality of middle class educated people. Its population would be ~1-1.5 m. and is full of good people. Please visit once.


    You have valid point.

  • Zardari marriage to Benazir was most unmatched and biggest fraud marriage in political history.

    This marriage cause big lose to the peoples of Pakistan and PPP. We lost most bright and able leader in the hands of gangster Zardari and his corruption.