Should CJI take Suo Moto action against Wheeda Shah? ??


    I think that if we as a nation ignore this then we deserve

    the kind of rulers that we have been suffering from.

    I cannot find the words to condemn this action of Waheeda Shah. Do these people think they own the public? I think if anybody can understand the shame that this woman who was assaulted felt, then that is CJI. CJI suffered the same way by moshe and that mistreatment became the spark that ignited the lawyers movement.

    CJI should take suo moto action and make an example out of this Waheeda Shah.

    The media should pursue this matter until it reaches the closure it ought to.

    I think the election commission should also, in the light of this event, draw up measures that can stop this kind of thing happening on polling stations even if that means having constant video surveillance of every polling station in the country.

    If Waheeda Shah is allowed to get away we will never brake the shackles of these 'Wadaire', 'jaageerdaar' and 'chouhdries'.

    I'm also wondering where are all those NGO's that were defending Veena Malik's right to "art"? Where is PPP's women empowerment? Where are all those NJO's that ridicule Islamic values such as hijab but are nowhere to be seen when the honour of a woman really is attacked.

  • The kind of frustration I am feeling since I watched that video of her slapping those helpless ladies, I was hoping for CJ to take Suo Moto notice on it and send her where she deserves to be, 'behind the bars' instead of assembly.. but I know its very 'unfair' on him to expect him to take suo moto notice on every thing and thn face the constant criticism about Undue Judicial activism.. so if he doesnt take a notice I personally will not hold it against him...

    Its about time, we the public and Media to take her on and make sure we keep enough pressure on government/Ecp/courts to make sure she gets what she deserves...

  • Waheed shah should be arrested over charges of assault and fraud and for presenting false information about his gender in election forms.

    Zardari aur ns se ne sirf false tax returns show keay thayy laikin waheed shah in donoo se chaar haath aagay niklaa

  • I have created a FB Cause Page "Put Waheeda Shah Behind the Bars", please join in,,

    But this is only one way to show public resentment on it, we should also keep emailing TV anchors, journalists, political parties, NGOs to keep a constant pressure and also to make sure the safety of those Womens who were abused..

  • Why Noon leaguer want to involve This PCO Chief justice in every matter to advance their dirty politic.

    Election commission already taking action against her. Already FIR has been registered against Waheedah Shah. Her result has been hold till investigation. I hope she must face law for her crime.

    We want to see this PCO Chief justice to issue warrant against Nawaz Sharif and others, whom used government funds to defeat PPP ,Benazir and occupy Punjab in 1988 and 1990.

  • There is no reason to ask CJI to take Suo Moto action.

    These are just symptoms, we need to take care of root causes of problem.

    All of those who are complaining about abuse given to the polling officers, have you raised the issue with the leadership of your party of affliation?

    You should be demanding action from your leadership in support of polling officers and against the woman who was declared to be elected for Sind parliament.

  • Yes sue moto action must be taken by SC, as soon as possible

    And not only this but a severe action should be taken by HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS, and concerned also by women right activists,

    I wonder where is Asma Jehangir, so called human rights fighter who has laud mouth and tangue against every religious party and has mania to attack, SC and and its judges, can not she see what is going on under her nose with her fellow woman.

  • @msyedh

    Why Noon leaguer want to involve This PCO Chief justice in every matter to advance their dirty politic.

    Shah gi, dogar bhi to PCO judge tha do martaba ka. who to

    PPP ko bara acha lagta tha.


    but I know its very 'unfair' on him to expect him to take suo moto notice on every thing and thn face the constant criticism about Undue Judicial activism


    There is no reason to ask CJI to take Suo Moto action.

    If EC is already taking action then it's fair enough to say that Suo Moto is not required But I don't think this is a trivial matter that does not warrant it as this undermines the whole upcoming election, if EC does not make an example out of this woman. This is not a slap on one woman's face but a slap on the face of the whole nation.

    Spahi G, I agree with you that major political parties should take that up and use this to put mechanisms in place that will put a stop to such things. Mechanisms, not just laws that can't be enforced.

  • Probably he will take but what happened to maltreatement of CJ and his wife and brother judges in 2007. Where is that case or burried becasue UNIFORMED ANGELS involved ?

  • case registered against Waheeda Shah on order of EC. This is a good start. However, this polling station according to the news report by Jang was in a police station. In my opinion the officer present and the officer in charge should also face disciplinary action.

  • اگر ہر کام کیلئے عدالت عظمیٰ کو ہی پکارنا ہے تو حکومت اور حکومتی ادارے کیا دانے بھوننے کیلئے ہیں

    بجائے اسکے کہہ سب لوگ حکومت اور حکومتی اداروں پر دباؤ ڈالیں کہہ وہ اپنے حلف کی پاسداری کرتے ہوۓ قانون کی پاسداری کروائیں ، پتا نہیں ہم لوگ کیوں چھوٹے راستے کی تلاش میں رہتے ہیں

    ہر چھوٹے چھوٹے کام کیلئے عدالت عظمیٰ کی طرف دیکھنا حکومت کو آوٹ سورس کرنے والی بات ہے جس سے ہمیں اجتناب کرنا چاہئے

    ف ج

  • @FJ

    تو کیا ہم زرداری، گیلانی یا رحمان ملک سے توقو رکھیں انصاف کی. اور کیا اس طرح کا حملہ فوجداری مقدمہ نہیں بنتا؟

    اور پھر اس سے بڑھ کر یہ معاملہ پورے نظام کا ہے، کسی معمولی نو ئییت کا نہیں

    اب یہ ضروری نہیں کہ چیف جسٹس صاحب اس کسے کو سپریم کورٹ میں ہی لیں آتے. مقصد صرف اتنا تھا کہ اگر الکشن کمیشن اس پہ کوئی اقدام نہ اٹھاۓ تو اعلیٰ عدلیہ متعلقہ محکموں کو قانونی کاروائی کا حکم دے دے . مگر پائی جی تسیں تے تپے لگدے ہو

  • پيپلزپارٹي کي رہنما وحيدہ شاہ نے کہا کہ ميڈيا کي ميں شکرگزار ہوں جنہوں نے مجھے اتنا ہائي لائٹ کيا چينلز پر خود کوديکھ کربہت اچھا لگتا ہے اوربہت خوشي ہوتي ہے


    یعنی اب کوئی تھپڑ کھانے کی تیاری کرے