What is the current political situation of ur Constituency?

  • i m posting a thread to know the current political situations of diffrent Constituencies of all over pakistan.i am starting from my distt Mianwali Constituencies NA 71 and NA 72.

    NA 71= yay halqa imran khan ka purana halqa hy magar ab yahn se imran khan complete out hu gea hy due to shabaz sharif extra excellent work during 2010 floods.yahan per es waqat pp k malik amaad khan MNA hen ju k next election men PMLN k candidate hun gay..in current situation EX DISTT NAZIM of mianwali HAJI OBAID ULAAH KHAN SHADI KHAIL is leading with a very close margeon with malik ammad khan and imran khan..so next genral election men buhut zabrdast fight hu ge between pmln and azaad candidate..

    NA 72.yay halqa minawali city ka halqa hy former sheer afghan bhe yahn se larta hy ju k es waqt 3rd number per hy..current situation men pmln k humair hayat rokhari buhut agay ja raha hy due to his awesome works through out his Constituency.us ne yahn per buhut zeada kaam krwaeay hen and on 2nd number is recently joined PTI inamullah khan niazi ex MNA of pmln.yay halqa city ka halqa hy so yah per imran khan and nawaz shaif buhut maqbool hen so yay fight buhut he zabrdast hu ge one of the best fight from punjab Constituencies...

    so briefly what is the current situation in urs Constituencies? thanx

  • thanks for starting a good thread

  • @ farhansaeed

    why u started from NA-71 u should start from NA-1 peshawar any way its a good thread. u talked about imran failure in NA-71 but imran khan ko yaha say koi khuab main bhi nae hara sakta rather in both mianwali constituencies PTI is favourate.

  • @ ali brother

    ur taliking about 2002 us waqt ke situation buhut diffrent the u dont know local politics of here minawali NA 71.ab yahn per sub change hu gea hy..well NA 71 is not about city areas yay halqa villages and towns per hy jab k imran ka vote bank mianwali city men hy not here.yahan ke awaam after flood buhut change hu gai hy for imran khan..brother yahn per shabaz sharif ne ju kaam kea wo buhut zeada and buhut zabr dast tha.and one of heavy candidate is obaid ullah khan shadi kahil ju k imran khan se 2002 men 9000 votes se hara tha..am from mianwali so i know best about ma halqa.. NA 71 se pti ko phol jao ab..

  • @ farhansaeed

    jesay ap mianwali say ho in same way waha k log he hamain imran khan ke popularity ke khabrain detay hain anyway elections main pata chal jaye ga.

  • Ali@ wo ap ko mianwali city ka bata rahay hun gay not of NA 71 ju k imran ka halqa tha..ju band during worst ever flood aik dafa na aey awaam us ko vote day ge?brother mianwali ke awam imran se vote k through badla le ge.

  • @Frahan

    • How many times did you say IK visited his constituency during floods?

    • I heard IK collected the most chanda for floods when compared to any other organisation for floods. Do local people not know this?

    • IK also set up model villages, model schools, modern houses all over the flood area from the chanda, which has been copied by Noon League leaders.....Are you suggesting none set up in Mianwali? Cant be true??

  • Lhr@ brother mianwali ke awaam ko apna dukh aziz ha cause imran khan ne flood ka aik rupaya nai lagaya.yahan ao and see the work of CM PUNJAB spacially modal villages and pher watan cards and still CM PUNJAB buht concentrate kr rahay hen.mianwali ke awaam kbi nai pholay ge.well 24 march ko yahan imran ka jalsa ha ju k NA 72 mianwali city men ha.we r talking abt NA 71 jahan flood aya tha.

  • @Ali Bhai

    Kahin yeh awam PTI ke sath hath na kar dain...... If you remember Ch Shujaat was told he had full support all over Gujrat but he lost from his own constituency. Same happened to SherAfghan, Kasoori and many more.....even Peer Pagara lost in 88 elections despite the whole area belonging to his mureeds (Hurs) - who would even lay their lives for Pagara but did not vote for him.

    Please jaldi pata karwain Mianwali ke dostoon say kaheen hamarey IK key sath hath na ho jai.....

    I cant bear the thought if IK looses from Mianwali because than it will be very difficult to become PM and than it will be very difficult to bring Inqalab and CHANGE.

  • Only point one percent is chance for IK in NA 71 mianwali is that k pmln ka ticket sitting mna malik ammad ko mily and wo ubaid ullah shadi khail ex dist nazim k votes toray then buht rare chance hu ga for ik.but still shadi khail is hard to dafeat.us ka home work etna best ha k he is working on every single polling station of NA 71.and imran khan to 2002 k baad yahan aya he nai..in 2002 he elected due to pmln sead adjustment..brother es halqa ke situation change hu gai ha.

  • @Frahan

    You have not answered any of my questions? It seems you do not have answers and you are misguiding us.

    what CM is doing is really bad and it is political bribes

    1. he should NOT distribute watan cards to FLOOD VICTIMS

    2. he should NOT set up model villages for FLOOD VICTIMS

    3. he should also NOT concentrate on this area and FLOOD VICTIMS

    ......because it is IK's constituency and IK needs to win from this area on both seats (Not just one seat)

    But PTI is not scared ....because when Sooonami comes all these model villages, watan cards, sastey tandoor and CM's concentration....will be blown by Soonami. Have you seen pictures of Soonami when it hit Thailand few years ago....If not i suggest you see them and show them to Mianwali people

  • NA 69 KHUSHAB..umar aslam awan ex MNA PTI and sumaira awan PMLN.yay neck to neck one to one muqabla hota ha.last tym umar awan azaad tha and 400 votes se hara tha.now this time he is in good position.but sumaira awan is famous here for his work scheams..or yay most tym apnay halqa men rehti ha.plus pmln ticket es dafa es ko jita sakta ha.but will be great fight..inshallah

  • @Ali Bhai

    Please kuch karain...Mianwali sey information mangain....yeh @farhansaeed345 to buhut dara raha hai...Iss ki baton main bhi wazan hone ke boo a rahi hay...

    Haaaeee agar yeh sach huwa to phir kia bane gaa....please jaldi pata karwain or batain ke IK ney Mianwali main 1) kitne model villages banai or 2) kitne ghar banwae or 3) floods ke doran woh wahan kitne din rahe?

  • Lhr@ imran khan yahan two seats pe khara nai hu sakta and na he hu ga cause inamullah ko bhe adjust krna ha on NA 72.and shabz sharif ne humanity ke waja se etna concentrate kea not for political banifit.he is CM PUNJAB yay us ke duty ha and ehsan ka badla ehsan hota ha..mianwali ke awam ne imran ko chance dea and he wasted that..u dont know the location of NAMAL uni..just 89 stu are ther from 5 years.no quta for local mianwali peoples..uni is in mountains far away from city.no transport..still we vote for him?

  • And for ur information rumors yay hen k imran khan yahan se khud nai lar raha he know the actual situation of mianwali NA 71.acha decision ha agr har gea to buht bura effect hu ga.wo lhr and peshawar city se lar raha ha.in lah only khawaja sad rafique can dafeat him.peshwar se wo buht asani jeet jaey ga..

  • @farhan

    • even if IK doesnt stand from NA71 he will still win!!!

    • as regards Namal being far away it doesnt matter because when IK becomes PM after next elections he will arrange for a air conditioned bus service to Namal or air conditioned chair lift as it is in mountains. PTI has got good brains like Mr Kasoori with international connections to help install such facilities

    and my friend you havnt understood the meaning of the message of CHANGE by IK....eg IK can CHANGE the location of Namal and bring it inside NA71 or NA72 when he becomes PM

    • Lastly dont worry about Kh Saad Rafique because soon he will be joining PTI as announced by PTI previously....Now either JH or SMQ are working on him

  • Lhr bhai@ buht zabrdast ya Hahaha its all about change and he will c the change in NA71 on polling day result inshallah..

  • Agr kh saad rafique pti join krta ha that will be the end of pmln in lhr..he is the brain of pmln in lhr.and listen i promise u he will never join pti.wo to marvi ko bhe pti se bhaga k le aya and u know his next target is from multan sikndar hayat bosan..he is joining pmln soon.may be after nawaz jalsa in multan around 30 march.

  • I can just imagine Imran "David Koresh" Khan himself going through these posts and having a cardiac arrest after every comment.....hahahahahahaha


    Wrong brother, in 2002 elections it was Ayaz Sadiq who on PML N ticket gave a sound hiding to Ponka Khan from Lahore. Interestingly, Ayaz Sadiq was in PTI before the 2002 elections and joined N-League on the eve of the elections. I believe that if Tanqeed Khan somehow musters support and contests from Rawalpindi, even the likes of Hanif Abbasi and Malik Shakil Awan would check mate him by wide margins. But then again, against Imran Khan I would even consider Raja Riaz to be the winning stallion from Faisalabad...but that's just me


  • And i challanged u all pti suports shah mahmood election azaad ya pmln k ticket pe laray ga.save it..and u will c that..