To PTI Members

  • Dear PTI members

    Don't lose heart under any circumstances. Say "NO" to lies and baseless propaganda against Imran Khan because truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Imran Khan is the only hope we have right now. All others are beneficiaries of PUBLIC MONEY. The country has had a consistently poor ranking at the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index with scores of 2.5 in 2011, 2.3 in 2010, and 2.5 in 2009 out of 10. In 2011, Pakistan ranked 134 on the index with 42 countries ranking worse. And it does not end here. We have energy crisis, issues of poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, extremism and so on

    The person who can change the fate of this country is Imran Khan.

  • The person who can change the fate of this country is Imran Khan.


    So Be patient and keep your focus on kicking out Sharif Family and Bhutto-Zardari Family from Pakistan Politics.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VOTE FOR CHANGE VOTE FOR IMRAN!!!!!!!!!!

    At the moment Imran is the only hope to get rid of Sharif Family and Bhutto-Zardari Family.

  • lagta ha uncle psha k baad kaam ab duaon (prayers) par chala giya ha; kia hoa agar amir muqam nahin aya to; ch ameer hussain ko aap kuch nahin samjhtay; us ka dangal ho ga dangar doctor k sath; mumtaz bhuto k paon para hoa ha ilzam khan, chance hain fikar na karain

  • Lol! Just realized that this thread was opened a week ago and no one, not even the Ilzamis bothered to comment on it.

  • chalain siddiqi bahi kuch main aur aap hi help kar daitay hain;

  • @siddiqi

    آج کوئی جلسہ نہیں ہے تو آصف بھائی نے سوچا پرانی اسائنمنٹ مکمل کر لیں

    :) :)

  • Lol Easygo Bhai, ab Asif Bhai say yeh poocha jai kay aglay jalsay tak kiya hum isi kism ki hawai baatein sunnain gai?!

    Asif Bhai,

    Right now, Cancer Khan is the only hope of Asif Zardari to get rid of PML-N and NS. But you could be rest assured that Asif Zardari will himself be marginalized but as for your leader; he'll be crooning "Kinnay Kinnay jana Marvi day ghar" with Abrar-ul-Haq after he ends up boycotting yet another election.

    Which leads to another question and you being an insider of PTI might help me out here. What is the use of party elections when the top slots of President, Vice President and President Youth Wing have already been handed out by the secretive CEC of PTI? Would the elections for these positions take place again at the time of elections? If not, than why the CEC could not wait until proper party election so that office bearers could be elected across the board, including the chairman himself?

  • Chalo acha hay.. party elections say pata chal jaye ga keh 'bhaan mati ka kunba' kitnay pani main hay.

    In fact this will be the true test of PTI and of those bigwigs who did not join the party for nothing.

  • Don't use bad language because it badly affects our image!

    What? Shouldn't the reason for not using bad language be the fact that it's not ethical or simply it's bad?

    Why everything has to be "nafa" or "nuqsan"?


    I don't steal not due to the fear of getting caught but because stealing is bad!

  • These thieves have been tried and tested many times. IK has the neeyat to do good for this country, he is by far the best option we have.

    Let me make it clear if there was no IK or PTI then I would not be interested in these talk shows or politics of Pakistan.

    We have someone that wants to do good for our country than why not give him a chance. I am sick and tired of these status quo lieing and defending there wrongs


  • vote for change ; vote for chauhdry ameer hussain ha ha ha

    u correctly written "i am sick"

  • Vote for Change, vote for Imran Khan, the only honest and corruption free political leader in Pakistan.

    Vote for Nawaz, vote for money laundering, nepotism, corruption, incompetence, General Jillani, General Zia, Mian Sharif's BA failed stupid son.

    Vote for Zardari than you need a lobotomy.

  • vote for change; vote for hazrat tamman

  • "I am Sick of all the lies

    I am sick of all the corruption

    I am sick of friendly opposition

    I am sick of Zardari and the one responsible for allowing him to come Nawaz Sharif

    I am sick of the hallat in PUNjab and Sindh

    I am sick of Noon League and PPP, or both are twins in crimes against the people of Pakistan

  • if u r sick then go to dr. firdus ashiq; aap jaison ka sirf woh ilaj kar sakti ha

  • Try to convince yourself and vote for anyone

    But but but just do vote

    Don't limit the passion to criticise the opponents only

  • Vote for Inqilabi Daku of Raiwind Raiwind who stole $1.2 billion from poor Pakistanis and stashed it abroad. Vote for an inqilabi "Adam Khor" lion who killed 135 people in Punjab with fake medicine and countless others with dengue.

  • vote for change; vote for shah mehmood ghaznawi

    qaisaer bahi aaj aap ki sari galion ka stock check ho ga; daikhtay hain ke chnage walay lotay ziada hain ya aap ka galian; shahbash

  • qaiser bahi bus; abhi to next bari pasoori ki thi