MQM - Champion of Bhatta Khori in Karachi

  • Altaf Hussain/MQM protested against Bhatta

    Altaf Hussain is an amazing liar... he is in Government both in Sind and Federation and he is protesting against himself? if you want to get rid of Bhatta khori leave government and then protest... but why would he...

    he is a blood sucking mosquito and cannot survive living out of dirty water....

  • CHOOR machae SHOOR

  • Hahahahahaha....MQM and what it perceives its brand of politics to be so freaking intelligent!!

    Its called Running with the Rabbits and Hunting with the Hounds.

  • Newest black mailing

    MQM boycotting Zardari's annual assembly speech tomorrow.

    After a day of threats in Sindh Assemblies.

    What is MQM up to this time???

    Does MQM want release of its workers arrested last year after target killing spree?? or something else?

  • اصل میں اب اے این پی اور پی پی پی بھی بھتہ خوری میں شریک ہو گئی ہے ، آپ کو تو پتا ہی ہے کہ شریکا اور شریکے کا دکھ کیا ہوتا ہے

    اصل دکھ اس بات کا ہے کہ اب بھتہ میں کمی ہو رہی ہے اور دوسرے کھلاڑی بھی میدان میں آ چکے ہیں

    ف ج

  • True said FJ.

    This is as if people of Karachi are 100% halal chicken broast up for grabs and desperate hugry eaters are fighting over it.

    Very sad indeed.

    I dont understand what is the solution here??

    Now please dont come up with brilliant solutions like CJ should ban MQM, Lyari gang, ST, ANP...

  • May be he is the solution..haahaahaa

    aaya mein aayaaaa

    sab kay diloo pay chaayaaa

    meray deewanay logoo

    tohfa mein pyaar kaa laayaaaaaaa

  • If MQM was doing Batha khori they they wouldnt even let it publish in news paper....

    this work is done by some outsider / lyari gang etc; Asking for Bhata from traders and small shop owners were not MQM work style since 1998.

  • MQM

    PPP's Liyari Amn


    Sunni Tehreek


    These are biggest bhathakhors operating in karachi. Its ironic that whenever traders announce strike or protest against extortion these same political gangs who are themselves culprits start 'supporting' trader's strike call and show 'solidarity' with them..


    Biggest Bhathakhors MQMAltaf & SunniTehreek support trader strike against Bhatha(Apr 2011)


  • MQM is declared Bhatta khor not even in Pakistan but in Canadian Court as well

  • MQM is protesting against bhattakhors because its own share has reduced because of stiff competiotion from other parties like ST,PAC,ANP etc.

    Some traders have started giving bhatta to MQMs rival parties in karachi.

  • Zardari talked with absconding Pir Altaf Bi on the phone, as usual plunderer's IG Rehman Malik was asked to rush to Karachi to pacify the blackmail gang. As is normally the case with this hypocratic mafia gang,they will most likely attend the joint session tomorrow.

  • @patri

    Care to share the links for the declaration! Oh yeah don't put a link newspapers published from mississauga by incompetent farigh log.

  • to all mostly punjabi friends,

    MQM is not behind bhattakhori at all.... all the religious parties are quiet, all the other groups of karachi are quiet.... only MQM is taking the stance for the business community and staging walkouts.

    this home minister is a complete FAIL, raza haroon has said this clearly. he knows exactly who bhattakhor are but will do nothing.

    Now, Community Policing is on the rise... people of karachi need to take matter of security into their own hands. this is the only solution. have your own damn city police and bring local govt back for god sake.

    will MQM leaving govt solve bhattkhori problem? will MQM leaving govt solve crime issue?

    answer: NO, even more people will die like last time, and rangers will come to stop deaths after 2/3 days like katti pahari and let the terrorists get away easily.

    solution: make your point heard in assembly and MQM is doing that.

  • Used to MQM took Bhatha with guns. But after so long time, peoples of Karachi are used to for this now. And they don't call it or believe it Bhatha. Now MQM and these peoples call it Chanda for MQM.

    Now many other groups want to establish their Bhatha empire in Karachi same like MQM. But MQM does not want to share Karachi Bhatha empire. This is one other reason that these peoples accept MQM as Mafia godfather and Karachi peoples expecting that MQM will protect them from new invaders.

  • MQM is not behind bhattakhori at all.... all the religious parties are quiet, all the other groups of karachi are quiet.... only MQM is taking the stance for the business community and staging walkouts.

    Hazrat, hum bhi yahan moujood hain....yeh mat bhoolyay. itna bara jhoot hamari moujoodgi men aap kaisay bool saktay hain !!!

    Kun aur kab tak logoon ko baywaqoof bananay ki koshish kartay hain aap ?? loog ab bohot kuch jantay hain !!

  • بات صرف اتنی سی لگتی ہے

    کہ حصہ داری کی وجہ سے ریونیو میں جو کمی ہو گیی ہو گی

    ایم کیو ایم چاہ رہی ہوگی کہ صدر کا خطاب سننے کا معاوضہ لیکر پوری کر لے

    :) :)

  • Yaaro seedhi se baat hai,

    Kutte ko kafi din se haddi nahi mili. Aur ab uski haddi bhi koi aur ley jaye to woh bhao bhao tu kare ga naa.

  • Yeh Haddi bhee ajeeb shai milay tu 5,000 miles duur bathay howay

    bhee bhonkna shoroo kar detay hain.

    Shaid Karachi ki "Haddi" ki taseer hee bari achi hai :D

  • While you all see the funny side of of the Issue; MQM's protest on 'Bhatta Khori' but I dont think most of you are aware of the 'Ground Reality' in Karachi and the "Real Issue" that exist in the OLD City business centric areas of Karachi of which local businessmen, shop owners are protesting against.

    There are groups mostly aligned with Liyari Gang War groups and Peoples Aman Committee who are harrasing businesses in old city areas asking them "Bhatta" at times in MILLIONs depending on the kind and size of business threatening them of dire consequences to them, their family and their business itself in case they don’t comply with their demands.

    While Most Businesses/Shop owners are very much tuned to MQM style of "bhatta", which was to ask thm for a small amount (Rs 500 or so) every month (this is not as frequent occurence now a days as it used to be, not sure why?) or Some amount in the name of "FITRA" for Khidmat-e-Khalq around Eid Days. (Although this itself is not something we like to pay) BUT giving away Hundreds of thousands and Millions in some cases at once is what is causing businesses great deal of pain/Issue.

    It seems that these groups know that they only have "4 Din Kee Chandni" so they wanna grab as much as they can in shortest possible time.

    Even in worst of times of Karachi, these Old City areas, Kharadar, Jodia Bazar and other adjoining areas were far more peaceful and good for business compared to other areas but now these are fast turning into scary places to run business.

    And I cannot even for a second belive that this is happening without the support of Sindh Government specially local PPP leadership, they have given free hand to these people. I know the area very very well so I know that this Issue can be fixed very very easily if someone is willing to do so.