I will drag zardari&co in streets-Shahbaz sharif Emotional

  • yeh Sharif biradaran khaslatan ghatya khandan se taaluq rakhtay hain. Kabhie Zardari ko ulta latkanay ki baat kertay hain aur kabhi sarko mein ghaseetne ki. Asghar Khan ke saath waqt ne jo kiya shayad uski goonj inke kaan mein bhi par gayi hoti tou kuch tameez ajati.

    Aur baar baar Zardari ke liye Ali Baba chalees chor ka istara istimaal kerne walon ko itna bhi nai pata ke, Al Baba aik acha aur naik admi tha jis ke dushman chalees chor thay.

  • Ah...go zardari go time again :)

    Wonder how long it will last this time..

  • secularists

    When Ali Baba went to jail on corruption charges there he met his 'chalees chor'(jail mates). Since then they're all working as a team,looting and plundering together..

  • Jo party iqtidar ki Katir Madar Millat ki tauheen karay, us pey lanat hai. Zardari ko serkoon pey ghaseetnay say pehlay 1.2 billion ka hisab dou jissay loot ker uk, Saudia aur Swiss bankoon mein Jana kiya hai.

    maaN ko iqtidar ko khatir baich kay Kehtay hain daikho hum siasat Kay kitnay Bharay mahir hain

    Muslim leagiyoo doob Kay mer jao!

  • @doctor:

    Ali Baba is a good character, not a bad one. Plus do you approve of such language used by Muslim Leaguers? Inko chotay soobon se aye syasi leaders se itni nafrat kyun hai? Zara Kyani ko ulta latkanay ka bhi tou bolain?

  • @d0ct0r: "When Ali Baba went to jail on corruption charges there he met his 'chalees chor'(jail mates). Since then they're all working as a team,looting and plundering together.. "

    No wonder the corruption king aka Nawaz Sharif vow to support "Ali Baba" for five years even if his "chalees chor'(jail mates)" back off their support for him...

  • Dusky

    Look who's talking.. Sympathizer of flip-flop opportunist mafia gang which for one minute leaves the coalition when petrol prices hike then in the same breath rejoins govt when price increases even further,"protests" against govt(which ironically itself too is part of)on an issue where ironically it itself is major root cause and after phone call by Ali Baba to absconding MQMized pir hiding in London and IG of plunderer & terrorists Rehman Malik's visit to karachi,these criminals again start showering praises on 'chor chairman' . Same circus continues to be repeated every few days

  • agar loot maar ka hasab karna ha kar lo, ya voting karani ha karwa lo.

    Nawaz Sharif na seraf Zardari se bara corrupt chor ha, balkeh us kee luti dolat sab ko UK, Saudia aur Pakistan mein nazar aa rahi ha. Zardari ne bee luta ha. laken us kee koi bari loot swaai swiss account ke kaheen nazar nein aa rahi.

  • Shabaz Sharif aik jahel, metric fail leader ha. es ne apni jaheli degree apna asar o rasukh istamal kar ke apni sabqa government ke doraan hasal kee. ES ne college ka mun bee nein daikha. yeh seraf apni behoodah aur abnormal harkatoon kee wajah se towajah hasal karta ha.

    Aur woh seraf es liay chief minister ha, keyunkeh Nawaz Sharif party par control rakhanay ke liay yeh post apni family ke paas rakhna chata ha.

    Shabaz Sharif jesay abnormal aur jahel person jis ke puri family morally handicape ha, se esi tarah kee ghatia zaban kee umeed kee jani chaye.

  • **

    Zardari visits his French chateau as floods rage


    President Asif Ali Zardari visited his familys stately home in the French countryside Tuesday, as critics in his flood-ravaged homeland slammed his European 'joyride. A French air force helicopter deposited Zardari in the grounds of the Manoir de la Reine Blanche (Manor of the White Queen) for a two-hour stopover in the 16th-century chateau, built for the widow of King Philippe VI.


    ..But while the family is popular in Normandy, many back home in Pakistan are angered by Zardaris decision to spend a week in Europe at a time when monsoon flooding has killed 1,500 people and affected 3.5 million more.




    Some demonstrators held up shoes to pictures of Zardari, while others held placards reading, “1000s dying, president is holidaying”, “Thousands killed, millions homeless, what president is laughing for?” and “Are the Zardaris enjoying England while Pakistan drowns?”


    Same zardari and his wife all these years kept on denying that they owned surrey place and ignorant people like you kept on believing them but when ex dictator hastily sold off that property for peanuts,Zardari not only admitted that he owned that palace but also have now transferred the money that govt of pk got after disposing off that property to his personal accounts..

  • Zardari itna bura lagta hae tau apnay MNA ko resign kyun nahi karatay?

  • Kahan yeh chand canals par mabni ghar, aur kahan looti hui dolat se banaya gia Asia ka sab se bara raiwind mahal.

    Aur kahan 3 billion dollars kee busines empires jo UK, Sadia, USA aur Pakistan mein modood hein. aur sab ko nazar aa rahi hain. Yeh dolat Pakistani bankoon aur dollar account se looti gai thee.

    Nawaz Sharif family 3 billion dollars 49 suite casoon mein chupa kar saudia le gayi thee, aur ab dunia bhar mein appni business empires qaim kar lee hein. aur aayaashi kar rahay hein.

  • "yeh Sharif biradaran khaslatan ghatya khandan se taaluq rakhtay hain."

    You mean those who made their fortunes through hardwork are ghatya, but those who loot and plunder are high ones! "Sharam tum ko magar nahin aati!"

  • @d0ct0r: Rather then answering the question, you as usual started the mambo jambo here and there. Let me put the question again, this time in plane words for you to comprehend and reply:)

    Question: In your words, if president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari is "Ali Baba" and people around him are "Chalis Choors" who are busy in looting the country get the unconditional support from the main opposition leader Mian Nawaz Sharif of PMLN (who famously said, he will support Zardari even if chalis choor around him back off) for his tenure in office then what is the difference between the two?

  • Gujjar Talwar@

    About 10% business Sharif brothers own is with hard work. Other 90% business is with stolen and corruption money.

    I give you poofs, if you want.

  • "Other 90% business is with stolen and corruption money."

    It is all cheap propaganda. Sharifs made their fortunes through hard work. If they had any stolen wealth, Musharraf would have squeezed it out. They are an example of Pakistani success and a symbol of hope for every aspiring Pakistani. They would have been even richer if they had not diverted their energies to politics.

  • They made deal with Musharf and run away. If They did not run away then they had to face for all their crimes and corruptions. But saudi king save them from all their crimes and corruptions.

    Mian Mohammud Sharif and other brothesr divided their business in 1992. Other brothers grow their business very little but Mian Mohammud sharif business grown 1000 time more than other brothers. Because his sons were in power,

    They stolen money from government funds, from banks and put in their business empire. That is why their business was grown 1000 times more than other brothers.

    As business point of view other brother should grow more business because they were doing full time business and no politc. But Sharif family business grown 1000 time more, even they were busy in politic, because they were using government funds and corruption money.

  • "They made deal with Musharf and run away."

    Totally absurd argument borrowed from Ilzaam Khan. Nobody wants to be banished from his home, let alone the whole Sharif clan. They had too much at stake in Pakistan. They withstood Musharraf's excesses. That is why Pakistani masses respect them and support them.