Pakistan Welfare State Report - Insaf Research Wing - PTI

  • Insaf Research Wing (IRW) of PTI has released anaother of its report, this time on the topic "Pakistan - Welfare State - An Analysis of the Creation of an Islamic Welfare State In Pakistan"

    Appreciate any feedback, comments and Critical Analysis you guys may have on the report as brain storming and scrubbing is the process that usually improves policies and plans.

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    "I have also shared on this forum a study by Insaf Research Wing (IRW) of PTI about Welfare State Concept for Pakistan."

    I had browsed through that lengthy paper.

    It is more of research on what exists for welfare in the world and it also ,at a high level, issues of Pakistan.

    As I recall, there are no specific recommendations in the paper to make Pakistan a welfare state. That paper is not implementable.

    There is a need for detailed work, which specifies role and responsibilities of federal & provicial governments, private sector and individual citizens. A vision / mission statements with strategy to achieve welfare for those 50% Pakistanis who are in dire need.


    That Was a research Paper, that is why I called it a 'study'.

    Such research paperS thn become the basis for the actual policies. (This is also clearly mentioned in the Research paper itself)

    And while I shared it, I asked for 'Critical Analysis', (Which I didnt get any :( ).

    Anyways it is a worth considering Research/Study, If you have any specific comments about it, please do let me know, I am sure somehow I will be able to convey those to the authors/researchers.


    Policies (tadbeer) only provide details of "how" things will be achieved.

    Before policies (tadbeer), there is a need to articulate "vision", "mission" and "what" needs to be done. Identify "who" will deliver what component of the mission. Is there need to have partnership between government, private sector and people? What are essential players to achieve the vision? What are short term, midterm and long term goals? What resources are needed?

    I afraid going from this paper directly to "policies" will not achieve objective of welfare state. Just like one cannot have a good product just from a power point presentation.

  • انس بھائی

    اس ایک سو سترہ صفحات پر مشتمل کاپی پیسٹ رپورٹ میں اگر کوئی چیز پاکستان سے متعلق ہے تو وہ صفحۂ نمبر یہاں پوسٹ کر دیں تاکہ ہم بھی دیکھ سکیں کہ بابا نیازی کے انقلابی تیس دن میں کیسے پاکستان کو سوئیزر لینڈ بنا دیں گے

    بہت شکریہ

  • @Bawa Jee..

    I think you belive in inventing the wheel again and again for each car that is made... Knowing Success and faliure stories and their specifics always is the part of the process for developing any policy or plan... :)

    (Baqee aapne to 'Luch' hee talna hai; to aap apna kaam jare rakhen ;) --- (I hope you dont mind me saying this))

    Anyways, after discusing all those Models adopted by in different parts of the world over the years (with varying level of success), they have discussed Pakistan's case and shared what ever thier Short, Medium and Long term Reccomendations/planning/solution is..

    And again as also mentioned in the report itself, this is a "Research" work of one of the Think Tanks of PTI, it is not yet adopted as the official Party policy..

    I Shared it with the intention to get the ciritical analysis/feedback of you guys.

    I personally feel that dynamics of our politics should soon be turned towards Issues/Solution/Policies/Vision.

  • @ anasyounus

    And again as also mentioned in the report itself, this is a "Research" work of one of the Think Tanks of PTI, it is not yet adopted as the official Party policy..

    انس بھائی

    آپ نے تو مایوس کر دیا. میں نے عمران خان کے بیان (ہماری حکومت کے آنے کے بعد لوگ روزگار کی تلاش میں بیرون ملک سے پاکستان آیا کریں گے) کے بعد سے اپنا سامان بندہ رکھا تھا اور اسکی حکومت کا انتظار کر رہا تھا

    جہاں تک لچ لٹنے کی بات کا تعلق ہے تو آپ خود ہی ایمانداری سے فیصلہ کر دیجیے کہ خان صاحب کے اس طرح کے بیانات کے بعد لچ نہ تلیں تو کیا کریں؟

    :) :)

  • @anasyounus

    Other than my comment on general approach being taken to develop policies (see above), I question following as a short term solution for education.

    "Schemes to encourage children from poorer

    families to stay on at school (and this may

    include paying their parents and creating

    communal child care arrangements);"

    This sceme has problem in having enough funds to buy parents buyin. Paying parents is wrong approach.

    The solution has to be multiple pronge to establish value of education for both parents and students:

    a) Identify areas which need skilled people.

    b) Establish Education system - Schools / Colleges which teaches those skills.

    c) Make it compulsory and free education for 12 years of schooling. Provide nutrition for poor.

    d) Get better teachers with skills and provide good benefits. Setup Colleges which produces good teachers.