Will u like to come in politics to bring change

  • It is needed that honest and sincere young professionals come in to politics to bring change.History tells that one need not to be a celebrity to bring change. There is a political vacuum in Pakistan.Who is ready to enter in politics instead of cursing politicians?

  • I think its impossible to bring a change in that way. IK tried that for last 15 years, but could not succeed, and now he is taking electable ppl in his party. I don't blame him as the ppl don't vote you for your honesty, integrity and competency. They vote on the bases of baradaries, waraeraism etc. they want you to help them in any police/court cases etc. The other thing is you need billion of rupees to contest election, which very few ppl can afford, and those who can afford that, then come into power do corruption to recover that money and grab some more for next term.

  • 55 percent voters do not poll their votes in elections. they are mostly educated and are not under any influence. If only 20 percent of them are motivated to vote then change can be brought. imran failed to motivate this class cuz of his uturns and lack of clear agenda or program.i want to give it a try. just want to know some sincere professionals who are willing to enter in politics.they are not required to contribute anything financial.

  • @ abdulhameed

    میرے خیال میں یہ تبدیلی آ سکتی تھی اگر اقتدار کی ہوس عمران خان پر غالب نہ آتی

    اسمیں چند سال اور لگ سکتے تھے لیکن وہ تبدیلی ممکن تھی. ممکن ہے کہ عمران خان اقتدار کا ذائقہ نہ چکھ سکتا لیکن کوئی دوسرا اسکی پارٹی سے یہ سعادت حاصل کر لیتا

    دنیا میں ایسا ہی ہوتا ہے کہ پودا باپ لگاتا ہے اور اسکا پھل آنے والی نسلیں کھاتی ہیں. اگر باپ یہ سوچ لے کہ جب درخت پھل دینے کے قابل ہوگا تو میں دنیا میں نہیں ہونگا اور پھل نہیں کھا سکوں گا تو میں یہ پودا کیوں لگاؤں تو آج کرہ ارض پر شاید کوئی پھلدار درخت نہ ہوتا

    عمران خان نے اسٹبلشمنٹ کی غلامی قبول کرکے اور آئی ایس آئی کے جھانسوں میں آ کر وہ سب محنت خاک میں ملا دی جو اس نے پندرہ سال کی تھی اور جسکی وجہ سے ملک کا پڑھا لکھا اور نوجوان طبقہ اسکی طرف امنڈھ آیا تھا جو واقعی کسی انقلاب کا پیش خیمہ بن سکتا تھا اور اب پارٹی میں ابن الوقت لوٹوں کی شکلیں اور اجارہ داری دیکھکر ہر کوئی سمجھ سکتا ہے کہ عمران خان کس انقلاب کی طرف جا رہے ہیں؟

  • @Drusa

    bhai majority of our constituencies are in the remote areas, if you wanna motivate these ppl in all these remote areas, even then you will need a hell of resources, which i think will need a lot of time, funds and efforts.

  • @ Bawa Bhai

    Its very unfortunate that we don't have many options. Its choosing a bad leader(IK) from a lot of worst leaders(Mian Sb & Zardari Sb), choosing a less corrupt leader(IK) from the lot of most corrupt leaders(Mian Sb & Zardari Sb).

    Can you see anything else which i can't.

  • only time and efforts r issue at present.as per our talks, JI can provide its 200 to 300 registered members in 50 constituencies , tanzeem islami in 15 constituencies, minhaj ul quran in 25 constituencies and hafiz saeed jamat in 45 constituencies. These 27 to 40 thousand devoted members of these parties in 135 constiuenties are all employed and will be available for 2 to 3 hours daily for compaign for change in a systematic way with a radical program.

    Proper marketing and convincing companies can compel people to spend their money for the products. Why people will not vote if convinced properly for a bright future of thsir generation and pak.

  • @ abdulhameed

    بھائی جی

    معزرت کے ساتھ آپ سے چھوٹی اور بڑی برائی کے موضوع پر اختلاف کی جرات کر رہا ہوں. مقابلہ ہمیشہ ایک جیسی چیزوں میں کیا جاتا ہے

    آپ اسوقت عمران خان کا مقابلہ نواز شریف کی کرپشن سے نہیں کر سکتے کیونکہ عمران خان نے ابھی کسی بڑے ملکی عہدے پر فائز نہیں رہا ہے اس لیے اسکا کوئی مقابلہ نہیں بنتا ہے

    اگر آپ نے موازنہ کرنا ہے تو یا تو اقتدار میں انے سے پہلے والے نواز شریف کا اقتدار میں آنے سے پہلے والے عمران خان سے کریں یا پھر جب عمران خان اقتدار میں وقت گزار لے گا تو پھر اسکی اور نواز شریف کا کرپشن کا مقابلہ کریں

    ابھی یہ موازنہ فیئر نہیں ہوگا

  • @Drusa

    first problem will come when ppl will see the ppl from different old organisation supporting the same thing, so ppl will ask where is change, as it happened to IK.

    The other problem which i can see here is that, it would be almost impossible to convince these ppl you mentioned to support a single agenda.

    Our media as you know can destroy it very easily with their propaganda, if you don't give them favours.

  • the said parties r convinced on the agenda following agenda

    there will be 8 provinces in pak and each of these parties will be given a province to implement its interpretation of islam as experiment and after two years there will be referendum in that province if majority of people will support that system then it will continue . these four provinces will be a test case and after 5 years there will be referendum in country as to which of these four models they want to be implemented or none of these.For this these parties will support the new party without having any position in the new party. u imagine a new party consisting of professionals and all these mentioned parties support that party and ask their followers to vote for it.

    u know in usa different states have some different laws .for example gay marriage is allowed in some states while in other states it is not allowed.

  • for example if today syed munawar hussian, hafiz saeed, dr tahir hu qadri and tanzeem a islami provide their 200 to 300 hundred members in 135 constituencies to compaign for pti and above mentioned leaders ask the public to vote for pti for change then u can guess the hifh chances of winning of pti.

  • @ Bawa Bhai

    1. IK ne kafi bardi amounts donation me collect ki hy, or meray khyal me usne koi bardi gardbard nahi kari, so i think we should trust him in terms of financial matters.

    2. If we know that Mian sb did corruption after coming into power during last 4-5 tenures, then why should not we try a person who is relatively better, and who has a perception of an financially honest person.

    3. Can any media person say these words for mian sb or zardari sb?

    i. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBOyfgYdfl4&feature=related

    ii. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fmK7LPvTWA&feature=related

  • @ abdulhameed

    بھائی جی

    ایک ملک کے معاملات چلانے اور ایک ہسپتال چلانے میں بہت فرق ہے اور پھر ایک ایسا ملک چلانے میں جس کا بال بال قرضے میں جھکڑا ہوا ہو

    جو عمران خان ایک پارٹی کے معاملات خوش اسلوبی سے نہ چلا سکا وہ ملک کیسے چلا سکا ہے (دی نیوز رپورٹ)؟ اسمیں اتنی اہلیت اور سوجھ بوجھ نہیں کہ اتنا بڑا بوجھ اٹھا سکے اور نہ ہی اتنی بھاری زمہ داری اس پر ڈالنے کا رسک لیا جا سکتا ہے

    اگر کسی ادارے کو چلانا ہی معیار بنانا ہے تو عمران خان سے پہلے حق عبدالستار ایدھی کا بنتا ہے کیونکہ اسکا ادارہ کہیں بڑا ہے اور اس پر مالی کرپشن کا کوئی الزام بھی نہیں ہے. اسکے علاوہ اسکی دنیا بھر میں برانچیں ہیں اور تجربہ عوامی خدمت بھی عمران خان سے کہیں زیادہ ہے بلکہ اس نے اور اسکی بیوی نے تو خود کو صرف اور صرف عوام کے لیے وقف کر رکھا ہے

    کیوں نہ ہم عمران خان کی بجائےعبدالستار ایدھی کو یہ موقع فراہم کریں؟؟؟؟؟

  • just like him more than 17 crore people of pak have not come in to government so it does not mean they all are honest .

    a man can not be honest who can do ball tempering to win match . who can do gambling , who can say in 1996 that altaf is a revolutionary leader , who can make a landlord and peer co-chairman of his party, who has smuggler friends like goldy,

    who can request plot for cm declaring that he don have a home etc

    It is logical to conclude that a person will this history will break records of zardari if ever comes in gov.

    if u want to try clean man then vote munawar hussain of JI or pakistan falah party or mutaqbil pakistan party..

  • Nobody comes to politics here to bring change,those who want to bring change can only start as some party workers and then they get their butts kicked all their lives in the the name of party ideology, or if successful to secure a rank upper in hierarchy ,they be the part of same old putrid system.

  • @Bawa

    Bhai phelay apne kaha ke IK ki honesty abhi check hi nahi hui bcoz wo hakomat me nahi aya to me ne apse kaha ke wo financially corrupt nahi hy. ab ap ek totally dosri bat kar rahay hy ke IK ko government chalany ka koi experience hi nahi hy.

    1. Kia quaid-e-azam ko koi experience tha?

    2. Agar hum chahtay hy ke change ay to koi new banda hi layga na, bcoz purany to 4-5 bar govt. chala chukay hy.

  • @DRUSA

    he has not come into power, BUT he has handled billion of rupees and there is no major financial corruption allegation on him that proves his honesty.

    Ball Tempering:- They english guys lost the ball tempering case in the court.

    Gambling:- Do you think stock market is gambling, he did exactly the same(in a country where it is legal), so if you think its gambling then there should not be any stock markets in pakistan.

    Altaf:- If you are not bias then you will be able to take this point, that he has established a party where are all the middle class educated members are sent to the assemblies. Can you see this thing anyother party, so its a revolutionary change. There are some issues with Altaf as well like killings, extortion of money etc, which IK still oppose them.

    Peer co-chairman:- Suppose you r running an organisation and there is peer who is the most experienced person, what will you do with him? SMQ is an experienced politician, infact one of the most experienced in PTI.

    Smuggler friends:- Never heard abt that.

    Plot:- He was given that plot bcoz he was captain and man of the series in india where pakistan beat india, and he did not have a home at that as he was living with his father and he donated that plot to hospital. What about the person who authorized that plot?

    I guess JI was part of govt. in KPK few years back, did they bring any change in police, judiciary, health, education etc system? Did they change a single system?

  • i dont know why r u defending him? i hate all existing leaders .if i am a honest person then i will never request any corrupt politician to join me for change. and if a person beg and request corrupt politicians to join him for change then i can never believe that person as a honest person.this is what ur hero is doing requesting corrupt politicians to join him. also as far as ball tempering is concerned ,he has admitted in media that he did ball tampering. also people do corruption trying best to leave no proof. no independent firm has ever done audit of cancer hospital funds. in the absent of any income source , his life style is suspicious. there is no corruption proof against general akhtar abdul rehman who looted billions from funds given by usa for afghan jehad and so many other people also challenge that bring proof of our corruption.

  • totally agreed hameed bhai,

    Why shudnt we try a new person as a leader.i believe one thing,may b he also doesn't meet our expections still he wont be as bad as these tested plundrers are.

    Ik k hamayati aasman se nai tapke.ye inhi 2 partiyon se bezar ho k nikle hen aur yaqin maniey agr ik ne b mayoos kia to jo uska hashar ho ga wo kisi aur ka nai hua ho ga.baat sirf ek moqa daine ki hai.

  • @DRUSA

    there are very few options, and i think he is the best among the lot. the other options are proven corrupt and don't wanna change the system.

    regarding requesting corrupt politician to join his party, i would say there will effect of top leadership, if IK does not get into that, then he can check them as well. and another thing is that we should accept that in current political system, you can't win elections without electables, you might have seen another thread ( http://pkpolitics.com/discuss/topic/what-is-the-current-political-situation-of-ur-constituency ), everybody is talking about electables. so, no electables, zero election results, NO CHANGE.

    Regarding Akhtar Rehman(I guess JI was supporting all these generals at that time) corruption, that was ages ago, there was no free and vibrant media at that time, now its very hard to hide anything, i am sure if there would have been any corruption, it should have come in media, esp PMLN would not have spared him.

    I think his major asset is 6 bedroom house & 300 kanal farm in Islamabad, which he bought after selling his flat in uk, if he would have been corrupt he should have invested that looted money somewhere.

    i m not sure about his source of income, but guess he can earn for writting columns in intl papers, cricket commentary, lectures etc. but again i would say its very hard to hide anything from media and political opponents.